Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All Quiet On The Flushing Front: Trade Deadline Passes As Mets Stay Idle

The trade deadline ended at 4:00 PM EDT and while the Mets Eastern Division rival were saying 'No Mas' in dealing away 2/3 of their outfield, the Mets stood idly by and didn't make a move.

Surprised? I'm not. The Mets don't have much to deal from in the way of trades. Scott Hairston has had a good year, but would not garner the type of player that would make the Mets better, so Elvis felt he helps the team more than his trade acquisition would. As posted earlier, Tim Byrdak's trade value has plummeted, and Alderson wasn't willing to trade prospects or young talent which would in fact jeopardize the Mets future.

Earlier in the day, we saw the Phillies say 'Uncle' and trade away Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence; the Cryin Hawaiian went to the Dodgers and Pence went to Frisco, where the Mets might see him before leaving town.

So how frustrating today might seem to Mets fans, especially when there was so much activity in baseball, but in the long run, today's lack of activity might pay dividends down the road.

Mets trade dead line update… less then hour to go…

The Mets might have been able to move Tim Byrdak to the Redsox who were looking for a lefty.  No dice since it looks like Breslow is heading to Fenway.  Gaby Sanchez who has had a rough year with some time in the minors for the marlins has been sent to the Pirates. 

Cubs and Tigers are working on a deal. No not Dempster,  Soriano might be going to the Tigers while the Cubs still working on dealing Dempster.  Blanton of the Phillies is still with the Phillies.

T minus 50 minutes for trade deadline and T minus 7 hours for Mets and Brian Harvey….  

Mets midday deadline update… Hairston, Shoppach….

As we approach noon here on the east coast the Mets are I am sure enjoying the cool early morning in San Francisco after a 4 hour 10 inning win last night 8-7. Powered by Scott Hairston.  The Mets clutch killer against lefties is about the only thing I am sure the Mets are getting calls on.  The Mets don’t need to unload him since the return will be nominal. 

Catcher Kelly Shoppach might be moved by the Red Sox. He has 11 doubles and 5 bombs…too bad he cant play left field.  The Mets might be interested but other teams like the Nats are as well.  Pretty sure the price is too high for the Mets tastes. 

In other deadline news, Victorino is heading to the Dodgers as the Phillies start to re tool towards the future.

Update 1230...not much of a shocker...Pence to SF...not sure who gets axed in there OF...
NY Post

Trade Deadline Looms: Will Mets Make A Deal?

The MLB trade deadline is 4:00 PM EST today, and as things stand right now, the Mets most likely will won't make a trade.

It has been rumored that there is interest in Mets fourth OF, Scott Hariston, who only raised his trade value with two HR's last night in San Francisco, giving him 14 for the year. There was also alleged interest in the Mets lefty reliever Tim Byrdak. As of last night, the interest in Byrdak was nearly non-existent.

Should the Mets trade Hairston? I don't think they will. Although he is having a tremendous year for the Folks In Flushing, what will be the return on Hairston? Most likely nothing better than a mid-level minor leaguer, and the Mets don't need mid-level prospects, or at least not as much as to trade their #4 OF.

From the majority of reports it sounds like the Mets are interested in continuing building their minor league system and/or adding more relief help to their horrid relief staff. Their relief corps has been atrocious, but where I believe the Mets need the most help is behind the dish. The Mets need a #1 catcher.

The Josh Thole experiment in year three is failing. He was touted as a good hitter who needed a position. Then he was moved to catcher. Well, a .271 avg with 1 HR and 14 RBI is not enough of a hitter to offset his poor defensive skills. The Mets keep beating the Thole drum, but truth be told, I think it's nothing but hype. I do believe the pitchers hate throwing to him. We need to look no further than Pedro Beato and Tim Byrdak's public complaints of Thole's defense and pitch selection.

Who is available? Well, Geovany Soto was dealt by the Cubs to the Rangers. The Mets were believed to have had interest, but couldn't match up well with the Cubs to incite a trade.

The BoSox Kelly Shoppach is supposedly available, but he has only played in 42 games this year. He is hitting .261 with 5 HR and 15 RBI. Better stats than Thole in 29 less games. 29 less games than Thole who missed a few weeks with a concussion.

It would be nice if the Mets could land a #1 catcher, but chances of them being buyers is slim.

We will report any trades the Mets make, so be sure to check back throughout the day. See our noon update! noon update   3pm update

Source: MLB Trade Rumors, Baseball Reference

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Captain Kirk Beamed To Buffalo: Nieuwenhuis Demoted To AAA After Prolonged Slump

RA Dickey, the Mets new ACE, silenced the hot Arizona Diamondbacks with yet another tremendous performance by allowing only an unearned run in earning a 5-1 victory. With the win, the Mets ACE raised his record to 14-2. It was a tremendous outing by Dickey who has appeared, since the All Star Break, to be slumping. Not today, Dickey was back to his June self in baffling the D'Backs with his floating, dancing, hovering knuckle ball.

It was announced after today's game that the Mets optioned outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis to AAA Buffalo to accommodate the recall of Mike Baxter.

Captain Kirk has lately been acting like unintelligent life form by chasing bad pitches, and striking out an alarming 98 times this year. Mets hitting coach Dave Hudgens said:

"He chased some a little bit. He's got to learn to lay off that fastball up," Hudgens said. "It's a ball for the most part. They'll try some soft stuff down, and then they try to elevate fastball. It's just an adjustment he's going to have to make. They try that on a lot of guys, and you've got to be disciplined. It's tough, because you see that ball so good. It's close to your eyes and you see it good, so you react. You just have to learn to lay off it, because you can't catch up to it." 

It was a joy to watch the young outfielder play; giving his all in every play, but this decision has been in the making for a couple of weeks in which the rookies average dropped from around .305 to .250. The amazing thing still is that Bay has only .159 with 18 hits the entire season. Yet, he will get the start until there is too much pressure for the Mets to handle. Amazing what $16M will do.

Upon notification of his demotion, the honest Nieuwenhuis said:

"Right now I'm not contributing. It's something you want to do. It's something that you need to do. Hopefully I'll get it going down in Buffalo, and hopefully be back soon." 

I couldn't agree more; hopefully Captain Kirk will return to the USS Mets and assume a position in the outfield.

Source: ESPN

Speculation About Terry's "Bad News" To Be Revealed Shortly; Mets Lineup Vs. Diamondbacks

After last night's Mets win loss, Mets skipper Terry Collins said he has some bad news, but wasn't going to reveal it until this morning.

Adam Rubin and others have tweeted and reported that there isn't any indication as to what the "bad news" is. 

All that  being said, I will throw a couple of possibilities out there as to what the "bad news" might be:

  • Frank Francisco's set back last night due to the aggravated left oblique is serious, and the remainder of 2012 is in jeopardy.
  • Dillon Gee's blod clot/aneurism issue is more serious than originally expected.
  • Mike Pelfrey re-injured his his surgically repaired right elbow while going to like his fingers.
There could be much more serious issues than the few examples just given, but I don't think that is the case. If it were, Elvis would be making the comments and not TC:

  • David Wright's contract will not be extended
  •  The Mets have released/DFA'd Jason Bay

Adam Rubin has said he will  tweet the story as soon as Collins addresses the media, which should be within the hour.

Stay tuned...

Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Tejada-SS
2.  Murphy-2B
3.  Wright-3B
4.  Hairston-RF
5.  Davis-1B
6.  Bay-LF
7.  Torres-CF
8.  Thole-C
9.  Dickey-RHP

Friday, July 27, 2012

Harvey Wall-Banger!: Mets Rookie Rocks D'Backs In ML Debut


 Mets 3 Diamondbacks 1

The much awaited debut of Mets 2010 first round draft pick Matt Harvey was one to remember. The 23 year old Mets rookie pitcher had his Major League debut last night against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and when his night ended 5.1 innings into the game, the D'Backs were left scratching their heads.

Harvey set a Mets rookie record by striking out 11 batters in his first start, breaking the previous record of 8 held by none other than Tom Seaver and Bill Denehy, both in 1967.

Not only was the tall righthander mowing down Arizona batters, but he was also 2-2 with a double. Not bad, a 1.000 winning percentage and a 1.000 batting average. On this pace, he will be undefeated for his career and bat 1.000. Sure fire Hall Of Famer (relax, only kidding).

In our poll, 88% of our readers felt that Harvey should be called up. In all honesty, I was not one of the 66%. I felt from what I had read that Harvey didn't have enough command of his secondary and tertiary pitches to get Major League hitters out. Last night all of his pitches were working well and it showed. His fastball was clocked at 96 MPH.

According to Elias, Matt Harvey is the first pitcher since 1900 to have 10+ strikeouts and two hits in his debut.

Not a bad start for the kid, and it couldn't have come at a better time. The Mets have been reeling after losing all but one game since the All Star break. Might the Mets have caught lightning in a bottle with their #1 pick? Only time will tell, but he is off to a great start, and it's nice to have positive news concerning the Mets.

Source: Photo ESPN

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mets Are Not Quitters! Mets Look To Salvage A Game Against Surging Nats: Mets Lineup V. Nationals - July 25, 2012

Many people have been tweeting that the Mets have quit. Very untrue. Yes, they aren't playing well in losing 10 or their last 11 games, but this team hasn't "given up."

As Keving Burkardt so correctly tweeted this morning:

"Lots of you have tweeted me that the Mets have quit this morning. Please stop. BIG difference in quitting than in simply not performing."
A team that quits doesn't mount comebacks almost on a daily basis. The Mets usually tend to fight back although they fall short. A team that quits rolls over and plays dead. This team does not. They didn't Saturday against the Dodgers, they didn't Sunday against the Dodgers, and didn't Monday against the Nationals. All three games were losses, but the last two were in extra innings, and on Saturday they fought back only to lose.

The Mets might need a shake-up, and I think Elvis is sending a message by DFA-ing Miguel Batista and demoting Pedro Beato and Lucas Duda to AAA Buffalo. I'm sure the watch will be out for Kirk Nieuwenhuis also, eventhough I think he is still their best CF. It's not like Torres is doing anything. But, Captain Kirk has been slumping, and is striking out at an alarming rate.

Back to today; the Mets need to salvage today's matinee against the juggernaut Nationals. Anyone out there dispute that Davey Johnson is an ALL WORLD manager? I have always said there isn't a better skipper for a team of young players. He gets the best out of his youngsters.

Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Tejada-SS
2.  Valdespin-LF
3.  Wright-3B
4.  Davis-1B
5.  Murphy-2B
6.  Nieuwenhuis-RF
7.  Thole-C
8.  Torres-CF
9.  Hefner-RSP 

SourcesL NY MetsKevin Burkhardt

Monday, July 23, 2012

24 Hours...Winners Of Johan Santana No Hitter DVD

We are proud to announce the five winners of the Johan Santana No-Hitter DVD brought to you by A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions- Baseball's Greatest Games: Mets First No Hitter 

Rob from Northport

Stan from Lake Grove

Ross from Hauppauge

Jeff from East Meadow

Dave from Garden City.

All winners answered the following questions correctly:

Question 1:Who was the first pitcher for the Mets to pitch a 1 hitter?
Question2: Who was the first Met to hit for a cycle?
 If you didn't win and are interested in purchasing the DVD, it can be purchased here.
Congratulations again to our winners.

Harvey In NY, Spin Starting, Mets Take On Nats: Mets Lineup V. Nationals - July 23, 2012

Mets much heralded prospect is now in orange and blue; Matt Harvey has arrived in NY and is wearing #70.

The young righthander is slotted to start Thursday's game against the Diamondbacks in Arizona. Terry Collins said he wanted to try and diminish the attention and pressure on the kid, and felt that there would be less pressure for the 23 year old to make his Major League debut on the road. Harvey hails from Connecticut, and the Mets skipper believed that the attention surrounding him would be too much pressure, so it is best to start him on the road.

The hot hitting Jordany Valdespin will get a start tonight in RF in place of the slumping Lucas Duda. Duda's Defense has been abysmal, and only hitting .241 isn't going to cut it. So, Collins is turning to the hot hand and giving 'Spin' the opportunity to start.

Tonight's Mets lineup V. Nationals:

1.  Ruben Tejada - SS
2.  Jordany Valdespin - RF
3.  David Wright - 3B
4.  Ike Davis - 1B
5.  Daniel Murphy - 2B
6.  Jason Bay - LF
7.  Kirk Nieuwenhuis - CF
8.  Josh Thole - C
9.  Chris Young - RSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Friday, July 20, 2012

Santana & The Soggy Mets: Mets Lineup V. Dodgers - July 20, 2012

If the Mets get this game in tonight, it will be against the Dodgers. With the weather being absolutely cloudy and wet in NY, chances are there might be a future double header.

Tonight Mr. No-no will take the hill against the Dodgers, and hopefully Johan and the Mets can build upon the win yesterday that halted a 6 game losing streak. Now is the time for the Mets to put together a nice 6 or 7 game winning streak.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who is 2 for his last 20, will once again grab some pine. Bay can be one for May and play, but Captain Kirk can't slump at all. The kid needs to play, but the Mets skipper tends to think differently than yours truly.

Tonight's scheduled lineup:

1.  Ruben Tejada - SS
2.  Daniel Murphy - 2B
3.  David Wright - 3B
4.  Ike Davis - 1B
5.  Lucas Duda - RF
6.  Jason Bay - LF
7.  Andres Torres - CF
8.  Josh Thole - C
9.  Johan Santana - LSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dickey Needs To Be The Stopper: Mets Lineup Vs. Nationals - July 19, 2012

The Mets take the field this afternoon to try and avoid their second straight sweep, seventh consecutive loss, and a winless road trip.

TC could send no better man to the mound than today's starter RA Dickey. Dickey (12-1) is coming off a couple of rough outings, and he, like the Mets need to Wright right his ship.

Coming off a cluster of lousy losses, it has been difficult to watch. All that being said, this team is still interesting and fun to watch. We need look no further than Tuesday night's game where Jordany Valdespin hit a pinch hit 3 run shot to put the Mets ahead...only to have Bobby Parnell and then Hulk Hogan Byrdak blow the win in back-to-back innings before eventually losing on Beato's wild pitch.

Speaking of that wild pitch, I was screaming at the TV during the game. Thole is slow behind the plate, so with two strikes and the winning run on third, throwing two breaking pitches in the dirt. Personally I would have wasted a fastball in or, to quote Mex, "throw him the high cheddar." Instead, with a defensively challenged catcher, they throw pitches down in the dirt. Sorry, I don't do that unless I have a much better defensive catcher behind the dish (please not Ramon Hernandez) whom I know can block the ball. Could Thole have stopped the pitch? Yes, but it wasn't an easy play. More importantly the Mets need to fully comprehend Thole's deficiencies behind the plate..

Back to the present:

This afternoons' Mets lineup:

1.  Ruben Tejada - SS
2.  Andres Torres - CF
3.  David Wright - 3B
4.  Scott Hairston - RF
5.  Jason Bay - LF
6.  Ike Davis - 1B
7.  Justin Turner - 2B
8.  Josh Thole - C
9.  R.A. Dickey - RSP

Source: Adam Rubin (Lineup)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Win a copy of Johan Santana’s No-Han No Hitter on DVD

In light of a brutal loss how about something positive.
 It’s Trivia time! We have the opportunity to give away a couple of DVD copies of the Mets first and only no hitter thanks to the people over at A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions . Here is your chance to own your own copy of the DVD of Johan Santana’s no hitter that took place on June 1st. 
As of thursday at 10 am we havent had 5 winners yet!

The DVD is also available here if you are not a winner.
 The 1st, 3rd,5th,7th and 10th person who email the correct answers to both questions get a DVD. Here is the link to the 24hoursmetfan@gmail.com
Remember both questions need to be answered correctly: Staying with the theme of firsts..
Question 1:Who was the first pitcher for the Mets to pitch a 1 hitter?
Question2: Who was the first Met to hit for a cycle?

Good luck!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mets swept : Duda Injured.

The Mets were swept by the Braves after a 6-1 loss on Sunday.  Of course they faced a guy who hasn’t pitched in 2 years and shut them down for 5 innings.  Ben Sheets who has had more injuries then Jason Bay started his first game in the majors in 2 years and had a fastball topping out at 91 and baffling the Mets.  Johan held his own until to the fifth inning where the Bravos plated 6 and that was it.  No comeback against the Braves bullpen. 

The Mets now head to Washington where the Nationals who are 18 games over .500 and now we wonder if this is the beginning of the end for the Magic Mets.  The Mets have been pretty resourceful all year .  We have to wait until Tuesday night before the Mets can get that weekend series off their rear end mirror. 

Lucas Duda will head to NY to get his hammy check out that has been bothering for 10 days.  If he goes on the DL look for the Mets probably promote Jason Bay to take his roster sport oh yea..  Can you feel the excitement ?

Mike Baxter is starting his re hab and should be back soon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mets today: Finally a game! Gee surgery

Yes its nice to wake up knowing that our team will start there 2nd half run to the play offs tonight against the Braves.  Of course it was a downer to learn about Gee and the fact he had to deal with a serious issue in regards to the blood cot in his shuolder.  He is due to have surgery today in St Louis and will be able to stary throwing again in 6-8 weeks. 

Lots of chatter if the Mets will use this time to bring up Harvey.  Seems alot of fans are split on this.  I think they should wait.  It seems alot has been made of that Harvey relies on his fastball too much and the feeling is he will get lit up if he doesnt use his breaking pitches. 

TC doesnt want to rush the guy which is smart but if Batista does fail in his attempt the Mets might be force to see if he will sink or swim. 

Quote from TC from Newsday  When asked specifically about Harvey, Collins replied, "It's a remote possibility. I'm not ruling out anything."
Kudos goes out to the 7 line.  They were featured on CNN the other day. Check out the video   here  What to me is funny about it is hearing CNN money debating about it after the feature.  Love his Mr Met tatto on his arm.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dickey Doesn't Knuckle Under Pressure: Steals Show On Letterman

Mets All Star Knuckleballer appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman last night, and suffice to say, he was a complete success.

Some interesting points RA Dickey brought up was that a lot of the knuckle ball is about reputation. There isn't much respect until you can show that you can throw the knuckler for a strike.

Dickey also said he throws the knuckle ball approximately 85% - 90% and the other 10% - 15% is fastballs. His hardest knuckler is about 80 MPH and his fastball tops out at about 85 MPH.

The Mets righty said the slowest knuckle ball he's pitched was 58 MPH. The funny moment was he said it was like the old Bugs Bunny cartoon...One, Two, Three strikes your out.

Dickey showed the grip of his knuckle ball, using the finger nails of his index and middle finger just below the horseshoe of the baseball, and he keeps his wrist at a 90 degree angle and throws through the center of his body.

Letterman then had Dickey pitch to him, and the Late Night host had a blast. Dickey quipped, "I feel like I'm in a circus."

And lest we forget Bugs:


Sources: The Late Show With David Letterman, You Tube

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Now Mets sit idle until Friday. Bay starts re-hab.

All star game festivities are over.  Now we wait a year for the one in Citi Field. If you don’t have your season tickets the deadline past Tuesday so now you are like me and the rest of the fans and will pay through the nose to go.    Good times. 

The Mets now chill until Friday nights contest with the Braves in Atlanta the start of a 6 game road trip.  As of right now with Gee in the hospital with a blood clot, look for Miguel” Rubber arm” Batista to get the call.  Harvey is not on the 40 man roster and TC said didn’t want to have him start in a position to fail.  I guess the Mets feel this 6 game road trip is a big deal. If so why Batista? 

Jason Bay is down in florida and he will start his re hab there for a couple of days.  The Mets left fielder will then move on to buffalo . He might be back by the National series next week.  Also the Mets closer Frank Francisco is down there as well.   

Now we wait…  is it Friday yet?  

Per multiple sources-  LHP Josh Edgin join the team on Friday...Edgin was 3-2 with a 3.89 ERA in 35 games for Buffalo this season.

Monday, July 9, 2012

All Star Break 2012: Mets Mid Season Report Card

Long Island Metfan and I have discussed our Mid Season grades on the 2012 Mets. For the most part we are in agreement. Here are the mid-semester grades for our 2012 NY Mets

Starting Pitching:  

metsfan73: Back on June 1st, Johan Santana accomplished the improbably. The Mets lefty threw the Mets first no-hitter against the (then) offensively potent St. Louis Cardinals. Santana overall has been OK, having pitched a few clunkers too many, but overall has done a respectable job.
RA Dickey has been the ace going 12-1 heading into the All Star break. It is expected that once again Tony LaRussa will T-Off Mets fans by inserting Matt Cain as the All Star Game starting pitcher. Dickey had a tremendous stretch where he went  44.2 innings without allowing an earned run. Dickey has baffled batters with his knuckleball, whether it be thrown slow, medium or fast, high or low.

Dillon Gee and Jon Niese has done a respectable job, sometimes showing brilliance.  Gee has pitched better than his record, but has been prone to a poor outing every now and again. Niese, for the most part, has been solid, not including yesterday’s 7-0 clunker.

Chris Young has finished out the Mets pitching staff and has been a nice surprise after returning in June from the same shoulder surgery that sideline Santana for over a year. Young (2-2) is living up to his past by being a smart, gutsy pitcher. He knows how to pitch out of critical situations, and is a solid #5 starter

Grade: A

longislandmetfan: Gee and Niese early in the year. They have been outstanding..They are going  much father into games.   

Grade: A-

Relief Pitching:

metsfan73: The Mets relief staff is never any different; they are the same over-used and under-performing group from one year to the next.
Tim Byrdak has been terrific, but other than him and Bobby Parnell, the relief staff has been awful. Jon Rauch has already blown 3 saves this year. Rauch does accept responsibility for his performances, but he has been absolutely awful
Miguel Batista is showing his age (41), and has been inconsistent
Frank Francisco hasn’t looked better than he has the last two weeks, and that is because he is injured and Parnell has been closing. Terry Collins is too eager to use Francisco, even when he is off. Francisco reminds me of Armando Benitez; can be dominating and can implode.

Grade: D

longislandmetfan: Parnell and Frank Byrdak  have been the only guys in this pen you can count on.

Grade: D


metsfan73: The bench has played well when called upon, which has been frequent with all the injuries. Injured OF/1B Mike Baxter had been great (.323 10 RBI .392 OBP) until he suffered a separated collar bone making a No-No saving catch for Johan on June 1st. Baxter is starting rehab in Florida, and we hope he’ll be back soon.

Justin Turner has done a good job whether filling in at 3B, 2B, or 1B. He always comes to play, and has become the Mets mascot in providing the Whip Cream pie in the face to the star of each game.

Jordany Valdespin is looking as if he is coming into his own. He has hit well, but his fielding leaves a bit to be desired. I think he needs to gain better focus, because at times he seems like he’s spaced out. He has been playing real well of late, and expect to see him get more starts as the season progresses.

Omar Quintanilla did an outstanding job in place of the injured Ruben Tejada. Quintanilla played a solid defensive SS, and had some big key hits during Tejada’s absence.
Ronnie Cedeno has not impressed me. His defense is at times offensive,  and he hasn’t added much to this club.

Scott Hairston has been great off the bench and as a spot starter. He is tied for the team lead in HR’s (12), and is ready to play when called upon. I just hope the Mets don’t think he is an everyday player, because he is not. He is a solid 4th OF and spot starter.

Grade: B+

longislandmetfan: Baxter and Hairston have been nuts;  Valdespin … Nickeas stinks but you expected that; Turner has done nothing against lefties…

Grade: B+


metsfan73: Terry Collins has had his team prepared the entire season, and with his exuberance and the youth of Nieuwenhuis, Tejada, Davis, Duda, and Thole – the team never feels that they are out of any game. My one knock on Collins is his penchant for overusing his bullpen – which much of the time is unnecessary. He has this team believing in themselves, and he appears to communicate well with his team.

Grade: A

longislandmetfan:  Collins has this team playing the right way and they don’t give up.

Grade:  A

Mid-Season MVP

metsfan73: David Wright. Case Closed. Wright is batting .351, 11 HR’s, 59 RBI. Not only that, but his strikeouts have significantly been reduced, and he has hit like an elite player in the clutch. He has moved closer to the plate, and isn’t being fooled by the slider down and out, nor has he been afraid of the inside heater. He has worked hard (as always) and it has certainly paid off.

longislandmetfan:  Duh!

Mid-Season LVP (Least Valuable Player):
metsfan73: To me it is a toss up between Jason Bay and Jon Rauch. Neither has been worth their weight and are being paid well. Bay has become this generations Roberto Alomar. Most fans, myself included, are concerned about Bay’s return, and that’s not because of his extinct hitting skills, my concern is the Mets are winning without him, using Nieuwenhuis, Valdespin, and Hairston in his place,  all of whom have produced much more than Mr. Bay.
As for Rauch, is he hurt? If so, he should take time to heal, because he has been nothing short of disappointment. I like the fact that the guy stands up to the press and media and tells it like it is when he falters, but he needs to be more reliable as a late inning set-up reliever.
longislandmetfan:  Bay…nothing out of him when healthy and his $$ will force Collins to sit someone who deserves to be in lineup

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mets Show Heart In An 8-7 Loss To Cubs; Art Howe Would Be Proud

The Mets once again showed they are never out of a ballgame. On yet another a night where Johan Santana just didn't have it, the Mets showed life, heart, and resiliency in spite of the final outcome.

Former Mets manager Art Howe (2003,2004) would be proud because this team truly "Battled."

The Mets went ahead of the Cubs 2-1 in the third inning only to have Johan allow the tying run in the top of the 4th.

In the fifth, the doors fell off; the Cubs scored five times to take a commanding 7-2 lead, only to make it 8-3 in the 8th (Mets scored in the 6th) before the Mets scored again in the bottom half of the inning.

Down 8-4 in the bottom of the ninth, and facing Cubs closer Carlos Marmol, the Mets didn't go meekly into the night. They fought and they "Battled."

After Kirk Nieuwenhuis was called out on a very questionable check swing third strike, the Mets went to work; newly recalled Jordany Valdespin hit a HR to close the gap to 8-5; Ruben Tejada worked out an 8 pitch walk; Murphy, pinch hitting for Miguel Batista,  walked on four pitches (runners 1st & 2nd); Wright became the third batter to walk loading the bases. Then Ike Davis stepped in to bat for Scott Hairston. Fearless Ike lined a single to right, scoring Tejada and Murphy - 8-7 Cubs.

Lucas Duda came to the plate with the tying run at second with one out. Duda hit a line drive back up the middle where Marmol made a stabbing catch and then doubled Murphy off first. Tough loss, but last night's loss was much more palatable than if they were to have surrendered and lose 8-3.

Not only did these 2012 Mets "Battle," but they can take a much more positive feeling from last nights' game than the Cubs. Yes, the Cubs did pepper Santana for a career worst 13 hits, but it was the Mets that had the never say die attitude, and if it wasn't for a luck stab by the Cubs closer, the Mets might very well have pulled this game out in the 9th.

 Justin Turner gets kudos going 4-4 with an RBI starting for Ike Davis

All losses are tough, especially when it seems that the Nats never lose, but last night the Mets showed the heart of a contender, a champion, and that is something to build on.

Sources: Baseball Reference, CBS Sportsline, ESPN (Photo)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Big comeback win for Mets, Wright.

If there was a game to watch this summer you have to start with last night’s dramatic come from behind win in the bottom of the 9th .   With some incredible pitch selection and of course a 2 out by Mr clutch for the nite, David Wright, the Mets beat the Phillies last night 6-5.

The win kept R A Dickey win streak alive since he was off the hook for a loss. The Phillies seem to have his number and were able to tackle his knuckler .  He gave up the most hits he has given up this year .   Wright looked great at the plate each time he came up against Hamels.  He was able to foul off the tough pitches and clock the mistakes .  He hit a change up for a home run to give the mets a 4-3 lead at the time. Dickey was not able to keep the lead as the game seem to go back and forth.

The Mets lead off the 9th with a double off Papelbohn.   The Mets then seemed to run 3-2 counts from then on.  Tejada was able to lay off a breaking pitch after seeing some blazing fastballs.  Murph hit one off the leg of Papel that plated the tying run in the bottom of the 9th . Wright then fought off a inside fastball for a bloop hit into right for his Fourth rbi and first walk off hit in 4 years.  He is the only player in the majors to have walk off hits against Papel and Rivera of the Yanks. 

Big win for the Metsies whose lefties were having a lot of trouble against Hamels.

Walk off hit

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mets Hope To Continue Fireworks Againts Phils: Mets Lineup V. Phillies - July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there. Today the Mets have a rare Wednesday matinee against the Phillies where they look to continue the fireworks that started last night with a blockbuster 11-1 win.

UPDATE: Nieuwenhuis will not be disabled. Justin Hampson was DFA'd

It is expected that last night's late scratch, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, will be put on the disabled list. Jordany Valdespin is at GHMP on his usual month Taxi Squad visit. Captain Kirk injured his finger taking swings before yesterday's game. He had the hamate bone removed from that same hand in '09, but the Mets rookie doesn't believe this discomfort is related. He thinks it might be a nerve issue. There was an MRI taken last night, but as of this posting, the results are not yet known. On the positive side, he did say he felt better this morning.

Mike Baxter will begin rehab in Florida. This is positive news considering they were expecting a least a six week DL stint. Baxter says he has full rotation in the separated collar bone that was injured making a no-hit saving catch for Santana on June first.

Today's Mets game is at 1:10 PM at GHMP:

1.  Ruben Tejada - SS
2.  Daniel Murphy - 2B
3.  David Wright - 3B

4.  Scott Hairston - LF
5.  Lucas Duda - RF
6.  Ike Davis - 1B
7.  Andres Torres - CF
8.  Mike Nickeas - C
9.  Chris Young - RSP

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Be sure to listen to the Mets while flipping burgers and having a few cold ones.

Source: Adam Rubin

Hot Mets At Citifield Today, Ecuador & Chile To Play August 15th

The Mets are riding high after defeating their hated rivals (Phillies) 11-1 last night.

Daniel Murphy was a homerun shy of the cycle, and Mets slighted All Star David Wright moved past former Mets 3B Howard Johnson, into third place on the Mets all time HR list with 193. Wright trails only Mike Piazza (220) and Darryl Strawberry (252) for all time HR's as a Met. Wright also became the first Mets player to have double digit HR's in nine different seasons.

It has also been announced that on August 15th Citi Field will host a soccer game between Ecuador and Chile. One can only wonder if it will be as exciting as this all time great soccer match:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 All Stars Announced: David Wright DIssed!

Today the 2012 All Stars were announced, and Mets 3rd baseman David Wright was absolutely screwed. Wright who is second in the NL in batting with a .354 average (as of this posting), second in doubles, third in hits, and seventh in fielding.

Wright has had a story book first half, easily a first half MVP candidate, but to be snubbed by the fans as an All Star starter is obscene. 

The Mets 3rd baseman led Pablo Sandoval by 400K votes going into the last day of voting, and lost to Sandoval by 1.5M votes...and we thought the '07 and '08 collapses were bad..

Kung Fu Panda is having a decent year, but it is pale in comparison to the season Nuke Laloosh is having. For all my criticism(s) of Wright, he is truly deserving of being name starting 3B for the NL. I have a problem when a player so deserving gets snubbed.

Sandoval 2012
Wright 2012

 American League roster

C Mike Napoli, TEX
1B Prince Fielder, DET
2B Robinson Cano, NYY
3B Adrian Beltre, TEX
SS Derek Jeter, NYY
OF Josh Hamilton, TEX
OF Curtis Granderson, NYY
OF Jose Bautista, TOR
DH David Ortiz, BOS
RHP Ryan Cook, OAK
LHP Matt Harrison, TEX
RHP Felix Hernandez, SEA
RHP Jim Johnson, BAL
RHP Joe Nathan, TEX
RHP Chris Perez, CLE
LHP David Price, TB
RHP Fernando Rodney, TB
LHP CC Sabathia, NYY
LHP Chris Sale, CWS
RHP Justin Verlander, DET
RHP Jered Weaver, LAA
LHP C.J. Wilson, LAA
C Joe Mauer, MIN
C Matt Wieters, BAL
SS Elvis Andrus, TEX
SS Asdrubal Cabrera, CLE
3B Miguel Cabrera, DET
2B Ian Kinsler, TEX
1B Paul Konerko, CWS
OF Adam Jones, BAL
OF Mike Trout, LAA
OF Mark Trumbo, LAA
DH Billy Butler, KC
DH Adam Dunn, CWS
 National League roster

C Buster Posey, SF
1B Joey Votto, CIN
2B Dan Uggla, ATL
SS Rafael Furcal, STL
3B Pablo Sandoval, SF
OF Melky Cabrera, SF
OF Carlos Beltran, STL
OF Matt Kemp, LAD
RHP Matt Cain, SF
LHP Aroldis Chapman, CIN
RHP R.A. Dickey, NYM
LHP Gio Gonzalez, WAS
LHP Cole Hamels, PHI
RHP Joel Hanrahan, PIT
LHP Clayton Kershaw, LAD
RHP Craig Kimbrel, ATL
RHP Lance Lynn, STL
LHP Wade Miley, ARI
RHP Jonathan Papelbon, PHI
RHP Stephen Strasburg, WAS
RHP Huston Street, SD
C Yadier Molina, STL
C Carlos Ruiz, PHI
1B Bryan LaHair, CHC
2B Jose Altuve, HOU
SS Starlin Castro, CHC
SS Ian Desmond, WAS
3B David Wright, NYM
OF Ryan Braun, MIL
OF Jay Bruce, CIN
OF Carlos Gonzalez, COL
OF Andrew McCutchen, PIT
OF Giancarlo Stanton, MIA

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