Friday, October 31, 2008

Mets Pick up Carlos Delgado contract for 2009.

This was expected. Now Met fans can play the game all winter long on what to do with Delgado . Should they trade him or let him play for the full season. The Mets have to only shell out 12 million for Mr. Delgado. If they trade him who are they going to get? I cant see Murphy or Evans playing there. Why would u want to give up his 30 something home runs he will probably hit. Put Adam Dunn there? His defense is worse then Delgado defense.

There not going to get Texieria. The Yankees or the Angels will pay him something silly. I have heard the Mets should try to obtain Hank Blalock. He is a good player but has problems staying healthy.

I think they should just keep Delgado at 1st base and worry about other issues this team has.

Three Mets File

With free agency now open, three Mets have filed for Free Agency: Oliver Perez, Damion Easley, and Matt Wise.

It is believed that the Mets have more than a slight interest in free agent
Derek Lowe (Dodgers). He would round out the Mets staff nicely if, which is expected, Pedro and Ollie don’t return.

The Free Agency filing period is open until November 13th. During that period, only the club in which the player played last season, is permitted to try and work out a contract. No other team(s) may pursue a player during this period.

Easley would like to return to the Mets, but he will be 39 next month. Easley, who was a real team player with a professional attitude, will be missed, but the Mets need to look down the road, and a 39-year-old 2B/utlility player really isn’t the way to proceed.

Wise only appeared in six games for the Mets after the team signed him as a free agent last December. Wise was one of the many injuries the Mets suffered in 2008.

As for O.P., I would be real surprised if he returns. His agent is none other than Scott Boras, and Boras usually doesn’t put any stock in what is best for the players. The only thing on Boras’ mind is $. I think the Mets would like O.P. back, but if he is looking for $14M annually, and about a seven year deal, that is too much for an erratic pitcher.

For more on this, log onto:
Trio of Mets file for free agency

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mets waste no time sign Fernando Tatis to 1 year deal


The ball is rolling already and its only been 24 hours since, Umm "that team" won the Worls Series.

The Mets have announced the signing of Fernando Tatis to a 1 year deal worth 1.7 million. Omar Minyaya mentions that he prove to be invaluable last year and was missed down the stretch when he hurt his shoulder. The Mets see him sharing time in the outfield with Daniel Muprhy.

Fernando has already started playing some 3rd base while working his shoulder in shape. He did not need surgery on it.
Welcome back Fernando and good luck with the Church!!!! Now you have some$$ to build it!!!

Did The Mets Do Mr. Met Wrong?

Dan Reilly, the original Mr. Met, was not included in the closing ceremonies of Shea Stadium.

Reilly, now 70, says he isn’t bitter, just that he would have liked to take part in the closing ceremonies. Reilly recalls how he had friendly relationships with the likes of Seaver, Grote, Koosman, Swoboda, etc.

Reilly recalls how he became the first baseball mascot, Mr. Met back in 1964. Reilly played the Mets mascot on and off the field from 1964 through 1967, the first three of his nine years with the club. Reilly had joined the club in 1964 originally as part of the ticket sales staff two months before the debut of their new home.

Reilly is quoted as saying, “It was a snowy February morning the day of my interview,” Reilly said last week, as he walked the grounds of the soon-to-be-demolished stadium. “From the outside, it looked like an orange-and-blue skeleton. Nothing was happening and nobody was around. Inside, they were still putting the seats in. And now I’m watching them take those seats out. It’s sad.”

Mr. Met recalls the Mets winning the World Series in 1969, and running down to join the celebration. There is a picture of him being doused with champagne by Jerry Grote in the 1970 Mets yearbook. Reilly called the members of that team, “my guys.”

For a real interesting read, check out Mr. Met recalls heady times as first mascot for Amazin’s

Burgos Released

Mets relief pitcher, Ambiorix Burgos, was released from a Dominican Republic jail yesterday on $57,000 bond.

Burgos, as you might have read
here, here, here, and here - was supposed to be incarcerated until his trial on abandoning victims, and leaving the scene of an accident. Possible jail time can be up to two years.

The accident occurred on September 30, 2008 in the Dominican Republic

Burgos will have to report every two weeks to a magistrate until a trial date is set.

Burgos is forbidden to leave the Dominican Republic without the permission from an appeals court.

For more, read today's NY Times Mets Burgos Leaves Jail

World Series is over: Now we focus on Free Agency 15 days away. Welcome to the Hot Stove League

It is over and our worst fears have materialized. We blew the 3.5 game lead we had in Mid September. We let the Marlins again kick us out of a chance to make the playoffs and we now had to watch the Phillies win the World Series. Ughh. Oh boy can't wait until we make our first trip into Philly next year on friday May 1st.

Now that the season is over we just have to wait 15 days before you see the flood gates open and free agency start. Also next week the GM's meet in California for there annual after season meetings which will kick everything off.

The 08 Season is finally finally in the rearview mirror and now we can just concentrate on 2009.

Will the Mets re sign Carlos Delgado and keep him or do a sign and trade? Will we see some of the relievers on there way out? Will the Mets be able to re sign Ollie Perez? Will Luis Castillo be shown the door? The fun is just around the corner and as wait for the sounds of play ball at spring training early next year!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daniel Murphy update blogging from the Arizona Fall league

Guess he has a little time on his hands since he has been injured the last couple of days from a play in the Annual Rising stars game. He hurt his forearm.

Check out what he had to say to or what was said for him here

He is hitting .400 with 11 rbi's. Playing 2nd base.

Should the Mets make a play for Garret Anderson?

He might be available if the Angels don’t re-sign him . He has great defensive skills but is age of 36 a factor? He had 9 assists in limited play in 2008 and made no errors. He has been a good influence I’m sure for the younger guys in the Angels clubhouse and I’m sure he project some of that on Daniel Murphy. He did hit .280 on the road this past season but he only had 15 home runs this past year. He does not hit for power like he once did.

I see 2 down falls one being he is a lefty batter which we dont really need another left in this lineup and he does not hit for power at all against lefty pitching with only 1 of his 15 home runs against lefties. He did hit for average though against lefties hitting ,290

With the free agent market full of outfielders who are horrible defensively the Mets might have the best outfield defensively with the addition of a player like Garret Anderson.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maybe Not As Bad As We Think

According to Baseball America, the NY Mets farm system is better than the Yankees.
The Mets had nine players in Baseball America's top 20 prospects in each level of the minor leagues. The Yankees had six.

On the Eastern League prospect list, the named Mets were: Fernando Martinez at No. 7, Daniel Murphy at No. 13 and Jon Niese at No. 18.

In the New York Penn League, the Mets had four players named from the Brooklyn Cyclones: Brad Holt checked in at No. 7, Jenrry Mejia at No. 9, Reese Havens at No. 11 and Ike Davis at No. 17.

Wilmer Flores attained the second highest rating for the Appalachian League, behind Tampa Bay's Tim Beckham.

In the Gulf Coast League, the Mets Jefry Marte came in third.

For more on these ratings, go to NY Post Minor League Baseball: Beating The Bushes

Another Down On The Farm Post? Oh Gee!

Dillon Gee, the 21st round draft pick in 2007 for the Mets was interviewed by CSTV.

In the article, we get to learn a little about Gee, who was promoted from single A St. Lucie to AA Binghamton this past season.

Gee, who hales from Cleburne, Texas, is a 6' 1" right hander who ranked in six of the top 10 statistical categories while at St. Lucie. After being promoted to Binghamton, he finished with a 2-0 record with a 1.33 ERA, 20 K's, 4 BB in 27 innings.

When asked what his biggest adjustment was from college to pro, Gee said, "The biggest adjustment has been the kind of talent that I am facing now. I just try to stay a little more consistent the higher I move up in the organization. "

When being asked how he felt being selected for the Florida State All Star team, Gee responded, "That is what you dream about, to be involved with that kind of talent and to be able to play on that kind of stage. This past season went really well for me and I continued to do well. Things just kind of fell into place for me this year.

Gee, who tends to rank among the highest in his division for innings pitched, credits his success to off season conditioning and working on his mechanics.

To learn more about this potential future star for the Mets, read the above link.

One more thing...What's with the 31 Gee?

Citi Field updated/ latest photos interior shots October

If your looking for something to do while waiting for the World Series to start again or just plain end so we can talk about who the Mets need to have on there 2009 roster then check out the fantastic photos that Chris a friend of the boys over at Stadium Page took last week of Citi Field. There amazing!

Here you really get to see inside the stadium with most of the seats in place. You also get to see this bridge in centerfield where I'm sure many fans will be walking and watching the game. Hopefully maybe even catching a home run by one of the Mets!

You also get to see the interior of the locker room as well as the Mets dugout ? Anybody want to to explain why its green? Are the Mets changing colors here? Check out the pics here and leave comments on what you think! New Citi Field

What would it take to land Prince Fielder?

First off it would take pitching. The Mets would have to give up more then prospects to land the defensively challenged 1st baseman. This is a deal I’m sure the Mets would stay away from. No reason to create a bigger hole in the pitching staff Even if the guy can hit. Within 3 years this guy most likely will be a DH in the American League if he doesn’t do anything about his weight. Also does this mean The Brewers want to shed dollars so they can resign C C?

Read the Post’s blurb

Mets might be up for trading propects for a reliever and or a closer.

The Mets are possibly ready to deal at the General Managers meetings that start next week in California. Wary of the high prices that relievers and closers are garnering these days we might see the Mets start unloading some of there propsects to get a reliever.

The Mets besides looking at Brian Fuentes might be turning there sites to go after J J Putz if the new Gm of the Seattle Mariners will deal him.

Now that Nick Evans, Jon Niese and Bobby Parnell have seem some action in the Major Leagues teams might see more of an upside. Honestly I don't like the Mets trading these guys. Maybe Nick Evans. Pitching is tough to give up.

Read the latest in the Mets rumor mill regarding next weeks meetings here

Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Get Rid Of The Core

Dan Graziano at cites that the Mets do not need to break-up their “core” players. Graziano goes into detail on how similar the Mets are to the Phillies from a few years ago. The Phillies in that time have invested in their bench players and relief pitching. Such acquisitions are: Brad Lidge, Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, Greg Dobbs, and others.

Graziano says the Mets were better off in ’06 when they had Cliff Floyd in LF and Jose Valentin playing 2B. As stated in the aricle, “That team's lineup, most nights, was seven-deep or eight-deep. The lineup the Mets used in the final game of the 2008 season had Nick Evans batting fifth, which means it was four-deep.

For an insightful, thought provoking article, please read Graziano’s article in the above link.

24 Hours From Suicide…A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan want to wish both Ralph Kiner (86) and Jon Niese (22) a very Happy Birthday.

Metsfan73 can’t find where the time has gone…22 years ago today, the day Jon Niese was born, the Mets won the 1986 World Series by defeating the Boston Red Sox 8-5 in game 7 of the Fall Classic.

Loaded For Next Season?

Two New York Mets, David Wright and Carlos DelGado applied for gun permits. Both were granted permits to keep handguns in their homes, but DelGado was denied a permit to carry a gun.

Shawn Green, while with the Mets, had also applied for, and been denied of a permit to carry a handgun.

Now I understand that these men are in the public eye, and want to protect their homes and families. The thing I don’t get is why would DelGado need to carry a gun? I know he had a difficult first half of the season last year, but not to the point where his life was going to be threatened. This is also strange behavior of someone who is so opposed to our war with Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as US military presence in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

With Wright, it would be believed that he has an understanding of guns, with his father being a policeman in his native Virginia. This is not to say that DelGado doesn’t have an understanding or experience with guns, just that it seems a bit hypocritical to apply for a gun if you are so against violence.

For the full article, log onto the NY Post and read

Rays on Life Support - Off season can start as early as Tommorrow

With the Rays having there backs to the walls and Cole Hamels pitching tonight , Mets fans worst nightmare can be on deck . If the season ends tonight that means the offseason starts tommorrow and we would be 15 days before the Silly season starts for baseball. Here is hoping that the Rays can draw on what the Red Sox almost did against them in the prior series.

If not its time to open the flood gates with all the Mets comings and goings and we will do our best to stay on top of it!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where Have You Gone - Jerry Koosman

Jerry Koosman, the enigmatic Mets lefty from the late 1960's and most of the 1970's was interviewed by Newsday's Jim Baumbach in today's paper.

Koosman is my favorite Mets starter; liked him more than Seaver, Matlack, Gooden, Darling, Swan, Ojeda, Leiter, et al. Koosman was a money pitcher. Seaver got all the press (and wins), but Koosman was golden in the post season. Seaver, in all his greatness, was not the post season pitcher that Koosman was.

Koosman, affectionately known as Kooz to the Shea faithful, was asked about this year's Tampa Bay Rays, and their similarities to the 1969 Mets. Kooz admitted not knowing much about Tampa Bay, but did say this about how he and the young Mets felt going into the 1969 World Series, "We felt we proved that we could win by getting to the World Series." Koosman also said, "The World Series was just a new endeavor, something none of us had ever experienced before..."

Koosman only allowed four runs and seven hits in 17 2/3 innings in winning Games 2 and 5.

Baumbach also writes, "Personally, I went out there with a fear of losing," Koosman said. "I just didn't want to lose. I didn't want to be taken out of the ballgame. I didn't want to be pinch hit for. I didn't want to be behind, whatever. I was just really fearful of losing and pitched my butt off because of that.

A real interesting anecdote from 1969: Pearl Baily, the actress/singer who many times sang the National Anthem at Shea told Kooz as he was starting his warm-ups that she saw the number 8, and predicted the Mets would win. Bailey didn't know how or why, but just that the Mets would win...the Mets won 5-3, to win the 1969 World Series.

Koosmanm, 65, now resides in a small suburb of Wisconsin.

For more on this, check out Jim Baumbach's article in today's Newsday.

Colorado Rockies is letting teams know that Matt Holliday is available.

Just came across this nugget that the Colorado Rockies might be looking to deal Matt Holliday. Now the question is do the Mets have what it would take to land him? Also there is a question about how he hits away from Coors field. Well if you look at his numbers from the past year the splits are not too severe.

He hit .332 at home and .308 on the road
He had 15 home runs and 59 rbi's at home and 10 home runs and 29 rbis on the road. Of course you like to see better numbers but his average was still high. Not a clutch hitter? He would fit right in here.

What I like about him is that he can hit lefties and righties almost equally. He hit
.293 against lefties and .313 against righties.

Last year was an off year for him compared to 07 when he hit 36 home runs and had 137 rbi's.

The question is would the Mets have to give up all there pitching to get him? Colorado loves to bleed teams dry. Plus if they unload Holliday then they can probably sign Brian Fuentes.

Read the article about the Rockies thinking here over at the Denver Post.

Fernando Tatis soaking in Winning Comeback player of the Year

The season is over and it ended 12 games earlier for Fernando Tatis but that was not enough to stop him from being elected comeback player of the year. His shoulder that was separated that ended his season early is mostly healed . He did not need surgery for the shoulder and he already is playing practice games as he calls them .

He answered some questions regarding what has motivated him to come back and he still firmly uses the fact that the only way the Church is town needed would be built is if he was able to make enough money to build it. Well lets hope he makes he enough in free agency to accomplish this task. Still like him to be signed by the Mets . Omar, not 4 years ok?

To read the entire Q&A with David Brown click here

This Date In Mets History - October 26

This Date In Mets History:

1998: Potential free-agent all-star catcher Mike Piazza signs the most lucrative contract in major league history when he agrees to terms with the Mets. The seven-year deal is worth over $91 million and includes having a suite on road trips and a luxury box for home games at Shea.

2000: In Game 5 at Shea Stadium, the Yankees win their third consecutive World Series, the fourth title in five years and record 26th championship by defeating the Mets, 4-2. Luis Sojo's ninth inning two-out, tie-breaking single off starter Al Leiter is the decisive hit.

2005: Bobby Valentine becomes the first foreign manager to win the Japan Series in the 70-year history of Japanese baseball. Sweeping the Hanshin Tigers, the former Rangers and Mets skipper lead the Chiba Lotte Marines to their first league championship in 31 years.


New York Mets traded Dwight Bernard to the Milwaukee Brewers for Mark Bomback on October 26, 1979.

New York Mets traded Wally Whitehurst, D. J. Dozier and Raul Casanova to the San Diego Padres for Tony Fernandez on October 26, 1992.

Carlos Baerga granted free agency on October 26, 1998.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Date In Mets History - October 25

On this date in Mets history:

1986: The Mets were one strike away from losing the 1986 World Series when consecutive hits, a wild pitch, and Mookie Wilson's dribbler that got through the legs of Bill Buckner, which scored Ray Knight with the winning run in game 6.

1994: Kevin McReynolds was granted free agency

2000: Mike Piazza became the first player to hit a HR in both Yankee and Shea Stadiums in World Series competition. Piazza's third inning HR were the only runs the Mets scored off Denny Neagle in a 3-2 game 4 defeat at the hands of the Yankees.

Todays Met Birthday's

Pedro Marinez (1971)

Information obtained from National Pastime and Ultimate Mets Database

A View On Re-Alignment

In commentary titled Time Right For Baseball Realignment, Mark Whicker offers the the opinion that baseball is in dire need of real.

Whicker goes on to say that there should never be a five game series in the post season. He claims that too many under achieving teams are given and advantage in a short series.

His proposal is to remove the leagues, and have three divisions in baseball. The division and teams would be:

West: Dodgers, Angels, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Houston.

Central: Cubs, White Sox, Detroit, Kansas City, St. Louis, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh.

East: Yankees, Mets, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, Toronto, Florida, Tampa Bay, Atlanta.

Teams within the division would play 18 times per season.

The three division winners would make the play-offs. There would be one Wild Card, which would be awarded to the team with the best record to not have won the division.

The Wild Card team would have no home advantage during their entire run in the play-offs.

The season would start around April 6th, and the first round of the play-offs would be on October 10 or so.

The World Series would be finished by October 29.

There are a few good points, but most I disagree with:

I hate inter-league play, and would hate to see the Mets and Yankees play 18 times/season.

A team wouldn't face any team from another division unless it was in the play-offs

It's already a nightmare that any time the Yankees and Mets, Red Sox and Yankees, etc. play it is always the game of the week. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver make a game un-enjoyable. Can you imagine having to listen to McCarver's bias against the Mets 18 times annually?

This would remove the foux rivalries that Selig has yearned for since developing inter-league play, but will KC and St. Louis ever really be a rivalry? Or maybe SF and Oakland? Then there is always Washington and Baltimore.

Whicker made a nice attempt, but missed the mark.

Mets to target Brian Fuentes and Derick Lowe

Well the rumors are starting and we are not even finished with the World Series yet.

Reports indicate the Mets will be interested in Brian Fuentes as a closer and Derick Lowe as a starter.

Lowe who is 36 has no problem pitching for big market clubs since he did play for the Red Sox before signing his deal with the Dodgers. The issue is that Derick Lowe has mentioned he would like to go back to Boston. Who knows how they feel. They might not want to pay the $$ that he wants.

Now I like Brian Fuentes. If you look at his stats his Whip over the last couple of years has decreased while K-Rod's has increased. Also Fuentes does not give up home runs. The question is does Fuentes have the stomach to play in NY and that is a big question. He can be signed for probably half of what it would cost to get K-Rod .

To read the latest Met rumors on these 2 players check out the NY post article here

Friday, October 24, 2008

This Date In Mets History - October 24

This Date in Mets history:

1973 - Willie Mays announces his retirement. Mays broke baseball down quite easily, saying, "When they throw the ball, I hit it, when they hit the ball, I catch it."

2000 - The Mets became the first team to defeat Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez in the post season, beating the crafty Cuban 4-2. Hernandez had been 8-0 1.90 ERA until that point.

Todays Birthdays:

Ron Gardenhire (1954)

Junior Ortiz (1959)

Mike Matthews (1973)

Information received from both Ultimate Mets Database and National Pastime

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mets Red Apple to be displayed outside of Citi Field

The apple is gone but not forgotten . The Mets red apple will be at Citi Field . It will be displayed outside of Citi Field as per this article over at the New York times. It can be read here

Article also mentions that foul poles will be cut up since they didnt sell.

Next to go are the twin light stantions beyond the outfield walls that is not there anymore. Piece by piece Shea is going away.

Shea scoreboard bites the dust.

If you havent seen it yet there is video of the Shea stadium scoreboard going down in the demolition . Check out the video here
Weird seeing the lights of the scoreboard all removed. RIP
I wonder if they took out the projector that is behind the Mets sign in picture to right.

Randy Niemann and Razor Shines added to Mets Coaching staff

With the addition of Randy Niemann and Razor Shines to the Mets coaching staff, Ken Oberkfell and Luis Aguayo have been re assigned within the organization.

Niemann replaces Gary Conti has the Mets bullpen coach. Randy Niemann, a former Met, served as the rehab pitching coordinator in Port St Luice.

Razor Shines who was managing in the Phillies minor leagues will be the Mets new third base coach. He previously was a coach on the White Sox so obviously Jerry Manuel has spoken up to Omar so he could have Razor join the Mets. A little gansta for Jerry.

Ken Oberkfell will hopefully stay with the team and manage the Buffalo affiliate for the Mets.

Tatis NL Comeback Player Of The Year 2008

According to Adam Rubin - NY Daily News Blog, Fernando Tatis has been named Comeback Player Of The Year for the National League by his peers. Tatis was up against Jorge Cantu and Kerry Wood, which was chronicled in our post, Tatis Up For Award.

Tatis had a respectable season, hitting .297/11HR/47RBI in 273 AB. He is a 3B by trade, but adapted well to LF while learning on the job.

Tatis, who was out of baseball in 2004 and 2005, made a comeback, in part, to raise money to build a church in his homeland. Unfortunately, his season ended a bit pre-mature after suffering a separated shoulder while trying to make a diving catch against the Nats on September 6th.

Also according to Rubin, there is a possibility the Mets might try and re-sign Tatis to be a platoon LF with Murphy, if they don’t sign Ramirez, or convert Murphy to 2B.

Tom Seaver compares Joe Maddon to Gil Hodges

It is refreshing when comments about the late Gil Hodges are mentioned by his former players. Gil died before I was old enough to enjoy the Mets and his style of play.

Seaver who played for Gil until his untimely death mentions that Hodges had expectations from his players. Seaver talks about how during 1 game he took out Cleon Jones for not hustling in the outfield.

Read more about Seaver’s comments about Maddon and Hodges
here at Bill Madden’s column.

Bernazard Not Seattle's Man

The Seattle Mariners have named Jack Zduriencik as their new Executive VP and GM of Baseball Operations.

Mets VP of Player Development, Tony Bernazard, had interviewed for the position, as stated in our post Need A Lift To The Airport.

As you may recall, Bernazard was at the epicenter of the entire Willie Randolph debacle. Bernazard was accused of taking the players side over management, revealing private conversations of management to the players, and vice-versa.

Since Jerry Manuel replaced Randolph on June 17th, Bernazard has not been heard from. It has also been reported that Bernazard is close to Manuel, and wasn't with Randolph, thus creating the chasm.

The big question is, if Bernazard is guilty of these allegations, is whether you want a person like this in your organization.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Latest on Jake Peavy. Atlanta?

The latest reports/rumors have Jake Peavy possibly heading to the Atlanta Braves. They are offering 2 minor leaguers and Yunel Escobar or Kelly Johnson.

If this trade does go through, I’m wondering how that will affect Omar in what he is trying to accomplish in the off season. Obviously it will make the Braves better with Peavy and Hudson on the mound for them

The Braves need a lot of pitching since most of there starters are free agents. Who knows if Smoltz and Glavine will retire.

Read what Joel Sherman has to say about the possible timetable of a Peavy trade

*****update**** Now Frank Wren the GM of the Braves is saying he will not give up prospects to obtain Peavy so stay tuned!

Howard Johnson and Dan Warthen most likely will be with the Mets in 2009

Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel seem to be going over there coaching staff for 2009. It has been reported that pitching coach Dan Warthen and Howard Johnson most likely will be retained as well as Sandy Alomar Sr.

Dan Warthen seem to be able to get some consistency especially out of Oliver Perez when he came in as the pitching coach when Rick Peterson was fired. I just hope they consider a new 3rd base coach that has a little bit more experience then Luis Aguayo

You can read the entire story

Willie Randolph has interview with the Brewers

Willie Randolph spent part of his day yesterday interviewing for the Managers job of the Milwaukee Brewers. Before he took the Mets job he did interview with the Brewers back in late 1999 for the 2000 season .

Hopefully he tell then how he plans to bring Yankee tradtion to Milwaukee. Hopefully the stoic man will get a job so the Mets dont have to fork over 2.5 million for him this year.

Read the latest on it here

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jeff Wilpon on WFAN

Jeff Wilpon is on WFAN saying the sod will be in Citi Field in the next 2 weeks. Only about 250 seats left to place in Citi Field. Restaurants and Catering will be open for special events besides just the games at Citi Field.

The Shea scoreboard is down and demolition on Shea will start before the end of the Year.

He mentions that Omar did not go after Manny during the trading deadline due to the fact the Mets needed bullpen help. Who they get though?

Jeff says that Omar doesn't have a strict budget. He also thinks that during the offseason there might be some addition by subtraction on the Mets roster. He apoligizes for the Mets losing again! Jeff is such a goof!

15 days after the World Series the fun begins!

This Date In Mets History - October 21

This Date in Mets History was marred more by defeat than victory. Here are the events that happened on October 21st:

The A's capture second consecutive World Series defeating the Mets, 5-2 in Game 7. Reggie Jackson and Bert Campaneris both hit two-run homers for Oakland.

After losing the first two World Series games at home, the Mets beat the Red Sox at Fenway Park, 7-1. Lenny Dykstra's first inning home run marks the third time in history in which the Mets lead off hitter has homered in the initial inning of Game 3 of the Fall Classic. The feat was also accomplished by Tommy Agee (1969) and Wayne Garrett (1973).

In the longest World Series game ever played, the Yankees take Game 1 of the Subway Series, thanks to Jose Vizcaino's 12th inning two-out single, defeating the Mets, 4-3 in four hours and fifty-one minutes. The victory surpasses the streak established by the Murderers' Row clubs as the present Bronx Bombers win their 13th consecutive World Series game.
Information obtained from National Pastime.

Field at Citi Field taking Shape.

Some more pictures from high above Citi Field. The interior is taking shape. Thanks to Tom over at WCBS . Check out the latest fly over pics here

Mets players projections 2009 Courtesy of Bill James

Well its not even November yet but we are starting to see a little bit more and more about 2009 and the Mets. Well Bill James has his 2009 baseball handbook ready to come out on November 1st and we have listed here some of the Mets batters projections. Note these don't take any trade into accounts.

Hitter Age G AB HR RBI AVG
David Wright 26 160 618 33 136 0.311
Carlos Beltran 32 156 593 30 111 0.277
Luis Castillo 33 123 448 3 57 0.281
Ramon Castro 33 56 167 8 25 0.257
Ryan Church 30 128 444 16 69 0.275
Carlos Delgado 37 151 558 33 98 0.263
Nick Evans 23 50 162 6 27 0.284
Fernando Martinez 20 128 436 9 53 0.264
Daniel Murphy 24 139 456 14 80 0.296
Jose Reyes 26 160 669 14 108 0.290
Brian Schneider 32 125 405 9 48 0.247
Fernando Tatis 34 88 261 10 36 0.253

This isn't based on much more then a computer projection but it is interesting to look at.
check out what he expects F- Mart to do. Murphy have 80 rbi's in 456 at bats and 14 dingers!

You can check out Bill James book here

Monday, October 20, 2008

Citi Field Partial Plans for 2009

The Mets are planning to have partial plans for the upcoming 2009 season. Emails have gone out to 2008 partial ticket plan holders letting them know that in the upcoming weeks they will get more detailed information.

So far they have mentioned 2-40 game plans and 5-15 game plans. No costs have been mentioned as of yet.

A little bit of excitement for us to chew on as we wait for the World Series to start and end so we can see what player is going where.

Check out our previous post regarding various 2009 seat prices here
************Check the post of December 2nd Mets have updated there website with partial plan information including prices and schedules**** for prior plan holders right now*********************************
*******************See our December 27th post regarding dates of partial plans going on sale to the general public**********************

WFAN and Mets Reach Agreement On Multi Year Deal

The Mets, who have been broadcast on 660 WFAN since 1987, have extended their contract with Sports Radio 66 WFAN. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

According to WFAN, "WFAN will produce exclusive Mets programming with players and coaches, daily highlights packages, and pregame and postgame reports both on-air on WFAN-AM 660 and on the station's online audio stream at For the first time, all of the station's Mets content, including game broadcasts, will be available on FM radio at 92.3 HD3. "

For more, read the full article here.

Jerry Has Options

Jerry Manuel had options if he wasn’t offered the full time job as manager of the NY Mets.

As reported in a Newsday column,
College baseball program a Manuel labor of love, Manuel was set to take the head coaching position at William Jessup University, a small NAIA school not too far from where Manuel resides in Northern California.

WJU does not presently have a baseball program, and the school’s athletic director, Farnum Smith, said that the schools’ president, Bryce Jessup, attended a conference with Manuel about four years ago, and the two “hit it off.” From their relationship, the idea of starting a baseball team at the university became intriguing to both. The baseball team is expected to begin competition in 2010.

Manuel, at a news conference prior to the 2007 Mets season, stated if he did not have a big league manager’s job by the time WJU started playing baseball, at the time expected to be in 2009, he would be the teams’ coach.

A lot has changed in the last 18 months or so, and Manuel is now the Mets manager.

Although Manuel should still be with the Mets when William Jessup University starts playing competitive baseball in 2010, he does plan on helping the team by someday coaching them.

Three days after the Mets were eliminated, Manuel spoke with Smith, and the two agreed to play golf together to “continue talks.”

As stated in
Newsday, “It's a unique situation, something you don't see very often in professional sports, and Smith admittedly is ‘making things up as we go.’ But for Manuel, this makes sense. He carries himself as the wise teacher, so there's probably no better place than to finish his career working at a university.”

This Date In Mets History

This Date in Mets History
Today is October 20

Born on this date:
Bobby Floyd (1943)
Keith Hernandez (1953)
Rick Ownbey (1957)
Jonathan Hurst (1966)

Died on this date:
Mel Harder (2002)
Chuck Hiller (2004)


New York Mets traded Al Jackson and Charley Smith to the St. Louis Cardinals for Ken Boyer on October 20, 1965.

New York Mets sold Larry Bearnarth to the Milwaukee Brewers on October 20, 1970.

New York Mets sold Ron Taylor to the Montreal Expos on October 20, 1971.

You might recall that Ownbey, whose birthday is today also, was one of the players sent by the Mets for Keith Hernandez.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mets and Jake Peavy any shot?

Do the Mets have a shot to land Jake Peavy? Sure! Will they? Doubt it. Looks like the teams that are interested him are not giving up what the Padres want. The Braves who need starting pitching, have 3 starters that are free agents are trying to land him. Also possible the Cardinals who need starters.

What would the Mets have to give up? Probably Daniel Murphy and a starter most likely the likes of Mike Pelfrey . I don't see the Mets giving up Pelfrey. Peavy has a relative cheap contract and maybe the Mets can add AAron Heilman and a Eddie Kunz or a Bobby Parnell.

If the Mets don't land him lets just hope he stays out of the Eastern Division.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tatis Up For Award

The NY Post's Mets Blog section has a post, Tatis Up For Comeback Award in which it cites that Fernando Tatis is among the three finalists for the National League Comeback Player Of The Year Award, given by Topps and the Major League Baseball Association.

The other two candidates are Florida Marlins Jorge Cantu and Kerry Wood of the Chicago Cubs.

It might be hard for Tatis being that he didn't start the season with the big club, was at times a part time player, and was injured at the end of the season.

Not that this award means much, but good luck to Fernando.

Five Most Painful Losses?

According to the Dayton Daily News, the five most painful losses in baseball history are:

5. Giants fall to Cubs for NL pennant, 1908.

4. Yankees' Bucky Dent homers to beat Red Sox in one-game playoff in

3. Houston falls after 16 innings to NY Mets in 1986 NLCS.

2. Boston's Bob Stanley unloads a run-scoring wild pitch and Bill
Buckner boots a routine grounder as Red Sox lose to Mets in 1986
World Series.

1. Third game of a three-game NL pennant-deciding playoff in 1951. The
NY Giants trail the Brooklyn Dodgers 4-1 in the ninth inning of Game
3. After scoring, Bobby Thomson delivers the "Shot Heard 'Round the
World," a three-run homer that clinches the pennant.

Isn't it amazing the Mets were the winners of the two of the five most painful losses?

Personally, I think game 6 of the 1986 World Series might be the worst. I understand the whole Ralph Branca/Bobby Thompson thing, but that was to go to the World Series, not preventing the other from winning the World Series.

What are the five most painful losses to you? Leave your answers in out comments section.

Former Mets Coaches Are Finalists

Former Mets pitching coaches, Dave Wallace and Rick Peterson are the two finalists for the Texas Rangers vacant pitching coach position.

Peterson, who we mentioned recently in the post, Will He Need His Jacket In Texas, interviewed Friday, and Wallace will interview on Monday.

For more information on these two former Mets pitching coach, read Peterson, Wallace the front-runners for job of pitching coach

Mets 2009 contracts.

The Mets have the following players under contract for the 2009 season;

Player Salary (millions)Johan Santana $20 signed through 2013 club option 2014 Carlos Beltran $18.5 signed through 2011. Billy Wagner $10.5 signed through 2009.
David Wright $7.5 signed through 2012, club option 2013. Luis Castillo $6 signed through 2011. Jose Reyes $5.75, signed through 2010 plus club option 2011. Brian Schneider $4.9 signed through 2009.
Scott Schoeneweis $3.6 signed through 2009. Ramon Castro $2.5 signed through 2009. Endy Chavez $2.05 signed through 2009. Marlon Anderson $1.15 signed through 2009. Mike Pelfrey $1 signed through 2009

The Mets have six free agents - Moises Alou, Damion Easley, Orlando Hernandez, Pedro Martinez, Oliver Perez and Fernando Tatis.

They have a club option on Delgado. If the Mets pick up his option it puts the Mets at about 104M before they negotiate with the relievers regarding arbitration. This also includes players on the 40 man roster who are not locks for the majors. If the Mets budget themselves at 150 M , which is 11 million below the luxury tax cap, they will have 55M to sign up to13 players since Wagner will not be pitching.

Some of the Mets relievers are arbitration eligible,Feliciaono,Sanchez,Heilman, as well as Ryan Church.

The Mets free agents I wouldn't bother with are mostly in the AARP crowd so Alou, El Duque, Pedro I would say bye bye. Perez has Boras as a agent so he will be up for the highest bidder so he is likely to be gone. Tatis was awesome so if you can get him on the bench I would take him and just release Marlon Anderson. I would prefer Tatis off the bench then Marlon. Easley I'm on the fence about. He is getting up there and was hurt down the stretch the last 2 years. If the Mets cant upgrade there 2nd base position with a trade of Castillo I would like Damion off the bench . He is a very cheap, decent fielder who still has some pop. I'd prefer him to Argenis Reyes.

Trades and free agent signings we can leave for another day.

Thanks to Cots baseball contracts for the contract information.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shea Stadium remembered.

If you haven't yet, check out the site we have that gives tribute to the home we are about to lose.

Today marks the 44.5 year anniversary of the first game played at Shea stadium. Check out the pics we have posted on the site and also don't forget to answer the poll question.

Also check out the link to the construction photos of Shea back from 1963. As the off season progresses we will add different highlights from Met games and other events that happened at Shea.

The only place that most of us ever saw the Mets play a home game.

Click the link over to the right , Shea stadium remembered and comments are much appreciated!

...Meet The Mets, Step Right Up And Greet The Mets

Mounted Memories in association with MAB Celebrity Sports, will be hosting a an event that Mets fans won’t want to miss; a two day memorabilia event featuring some stars of the three most significant years of the Mets – 1962, 1969, and 1986.

The Crown Plaza in Secaucus, NJ will host this event on November 8 and 9, 2008.

Some former players from the inaugural season that will be there are: Jim Hickman, Ed Kranepool, Don Zimmer and Joe Pignatano. Representatives from the 1969 Championship team will include: Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Ron Swoboda, Jerry Grote, Cleon Jones, Ken Boswell and many others. Heroes from the 1986 Championship team that will be in attendance are: Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez, Ray Knight, Gary Carter, Jesse Orosco, Kevin Mitchell and Len Dykstra and many more from the championship season.

“We're looking forward to reconnecting with our fans and to have a chance to thank them for their loyal support every year," said pitcher Tom Seaver, winner of 25 games during the 1969 season. "This event is that rare combination of great teammates and great fans ready to have a wonderful time reminiscing."

Fans will have the opportunity to meet and greet the ball players from yesteryear, and will also have the chance to have items autographed. There will also be such items as baseball cards and other memorabilia. Also available for purchase will be souvenirs from the soon-to-be demolished Shea Stadium, such as dirt, bases and balls from this past year. All items are authenticated.

The biggest thrill will come on day two of the event where fans will be able to attend a once-in-a-lifetime VIP cocktail party on Saturday night, November 8, 2008 from 7-10 pm with the 1986 New York Mets. At this event, those in attendance will be able to interact with members of the ’86 team.

As noted in
Market Watch, “Mounted Memories connection with the Mets, the company has arranged to have limited supplies of seatbacks from Shea Stadium available for purchase through the Mets website and Mounted Memories…”

For more information, contact Becky Batista of Mounted Memories at 954-742-8544, or

***** Updated 11:56 10-17-2008 *****

You can also log onto Amazin Mets Fest for more information

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flashback 1978 Mets Trade Jerry Koosman a great lefty for another lefty yet to make his mark

Oh what mark he made. It was the end of the 1978 season and Jerry Koosman had at that point enough of the Mets and there losing ways. He had come off a 21 win season only 2 years prior but in 1978 he won only 3 games while losing 15. Well the Mets listened to the lefty and did him a favor and traded him. He was traded for a nobody Greg Field and a player to be named later. That player to be named later was non other then Jesse Orosco.

Read how the 2 players spend a couple of minutes together at Shea Goodbye. Also catch how the 2 of them share a pretty interesting Met Shea World Series memory here

Shea auction. Beatles locker? Concrete with Agee number?

Well all of the items that are going to be sold at auction are now out of Shea. Can you believe they took out the chuck of concrete from the upper deck with the markings where Tommy Agee hit his mammoth home run?

Or how about the fact that they plan to sell a locker from the umpires room and say this is where the Beatles dressed for there 1965 show? Please stop the insanity!

Read the latest about the auction

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Willie Randolph on the Move to the Nationals?

Willie Randolph on the Move to the Nationals?

This just in. The nationals have interest in having Willie Randolph join the staff of the Nationals. He could become the bench coach or the 3rd base coach for Manny Acta

Read the latest

Some Words From Jon Niese

In the today’s Crescent-Journal - Jon Niese: A baseball season of reaching goals in the Mets' organization , Jon Neiese took a little time to reflect upon his express ride from AA to AAA to Flushing this past season.

Among some of his thoughts, he has stated:

About his meteoric rise through the Mets system in 2008:

"When the year began, I had all these goals in front of me and I pretty much
reached them all except for the ending of the year. The season could have
ended better for me and for the Mets, but otherwise it was a pretty special

"In spring training I think I opened up some eyes, so after that it was up to
me to be consistent and prove that I needed to move up through the
organization. Out of spring training, the organization told me that if I
pitched that way throughout the year, I'd have a chance to make it to New
York and as the year went on, that's what happened."

On how he progressed throughout the year:

"I came to the ballpark every day ready to work to get better and get into my
routine. Early on everything really fell into place and I have to give credit to
my pitching coach Ricky Bones in Binghamton. He was amazing, whenever I
had trouble he always put me on the right track."

"It was the same thing for me in New Orleans, Rick Waits really helped me
stay on track. All along the way, the Mets have the same philosophy about
pitching and all the pitching coaches I had this season did a great job of
keeping me on track. Whenever something was off, they knew and they knew
how to help me get back on track and to being the consistent pitcher I
wanted to be."

Niese on his first professional start:

"That was probably the best day of my life, it was really just unbelievable. I
don't know if I can really describe what it's like having 50,000 fans chant
my name in New York City at Shea Stadium. I wish that everyone could
understand what that moment is like just once in their life, it was just really

And on what he has learned:

"I learned a lot from each of my outings in New York," said Niese. "What I
learned is that it's the same game, and yeah the pressure is there, but it's
still baseball. I'm glad I had the opportunity to pitch at the end of the year,
because I got a taste of pitching in pressure situations and that can only
help me as my career moves forward."

For more on John Niese, as posted here, please read A Lot Of Defiance In This Kid.