Sunday, November 30, 2008

Arbitration Expected For Perez

The Mets are expected to offer arbitration for Oliver Perez before the 11:59 PM deadline on Monday (12-01-08).

If Perez accepts, and it is not expected he will, he would be with the Mets for 2009 without signing a long term deal. His salary would be the decision of the appointed arbitrator.

If Perez declines arbitration, the team, if other than the Mets, that signs him, will provide a first round pick in the entry draft, and the Mets would get a 'sandwich' pick in between rounds one and two. If Perez isn't offered arbitration, and is signed by another team, the Mets would be entitled to nothing, eventhough Perez is considered a TypeA free agent.

If the club offers arbitration, the player has until December 7th to accept or decline arbitration.

Some Mets players not expected to be offered arbitration, thus ending their time with the Mets:

Pedro Martinez

Moises Alou

Damion Easley among them

The club is considering extending an offer to Luis Ayala, who ended the 2008 season as the team's closer.
Other arbitration eligible players not expected to be offered arbitration:
Tony Armas Jr.
Orlando Hernandez
Ramon Martinez
Trot Nixon
Ricardo Rincon
Matt Wise.

Shea Stadium Remembered

Before the week starts and hopefully we will see something happen in the free agent market take a moment to check out our Shea Stadium Remembered site which we feature the 1965 concert by the beatles.

We posted some links to the Beatles at Shea since I' m sure we will not see much happen today in the baseball world.

Jon Matlack scare 1973

Some might be not old enough to remember that day but back in May of 1973 while pitching against the Braves, Jon Matlack took one on the noggin. Yesterday we did a jon matlack story.

Today in a story that didnt make the where are they now story Jon talks about what he remembers of the hit he took off the face which you can read here

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mets Interested In Laird?

In today's Newsday, Ken Davidoff, cites that the Mets have been in contact with the Texas Rangers about the availability of Rangers catcher Gerald Laird.

According to Davidoff, Texas is looking for young pitching. Supposedly there hasn't been much discussion lately, but the Mets seem to be interested.

As I have written here before, I would love to have Laird's defense for the Mets, provided it doesn't cost too much.

Where Are They Now? Jon Matlack

Jon Matlack, the left handed starter for the Mets during the 1970's, is enjoying life as a minor league pitching coordinator for the Detroit Tigers.

Matlack, now 58, was a large part of the Mets pitching dominance of the 1970's. Matlack, along with Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman, helped form one of the strongest pitching staffs of the National League.

In the article penned by Anthony McCarron - NY Daily News, Matlack recounts a story of a young pitcher under Matlack's tutelage, came up to him a few years after being traded: "I looked you up. Heck, if I'd have known you did that stuff, I would've listened more."

When speaking of making an impact on a young player, Matlack says, "The light goes on in their mind or eyes and they've got it. There's a little piece of me that's going to wander around with them for eternity and that's pretty cool."

Matlack now makes his home in the Adirondacks. He last pitched for the Mets in 1977, when he was traded to Texas in December of that year. The trade was complicated, involving four teams:Braves, Pirates, Rangers, and Mets. The Mets received Willie Montanez, the Pirates received John Milner, and Bert Blyleven and the Rangers received Matlack.

In his first year in Texas, Matlack was 15-13 with a respectable 2.27 ERA. In 1979 he had surgery to repair his left elbow. Matlack was part of the negotiating committee during baseball's strike in 1981. After that, he found his role reduced. He has always wondered if it was a backlash for being part of the committee. The Rangers released him in 1983. His career record is a surprising 125 – 126. His pitching career ended at the young age of 33.

Early in his retirement, Matlack tried commercial real estate and then raising horses in Texas. He quickly got bored, and felt the urge to resume his life in baseball. He sent out resume's in 1988, and was hired by the Padres as a pitching coach for the rookie league team. He has been in baseball ever since.

An interesting story from Matlack recollecting the 'tense moments' of the final days of Spring Training for the NY Mets in 1972: “when he counted the lockers that still had uniforms in them to see if he had made the 25-man roster. 'I finished counting and gave a little fist pump and Gil Hodges had walked through the door and caught me,' Matlack says. "He said, ‘That's right, kid, you made it.' He died a few days later."

Matlack went on to win the 1972 Rookie of the Year award, and was All Star Co-MVP in 1975.

Matlack was the pitcher that served up Roberto Clemente's final hit...#3,000. Says Matlack, "I had no idea he was sitting on 2,999. I was just trying to win a game. When I gave up the double - I think it short-hopped the center-field wall - there was all this hoopla. The ump presents him the ball at second and I'm glowering and thinking, ‘Hey, we have a ballgame here.' I was just an oblivious rookie. Then I saw it on the scoreboard, that it was his 3,000th hit."

I was quite surprised to see that Matlack finished his career one game under .500. My memories were always that he was a winner. The rotation of those years, Seaver, Koosman, Matlack...what a great staff, and in all honesty, the only staff other than those three that would come close to them in dominance, might have been Gooden, Darling, and Fernandez, but I'm sure there would be quite a debate.

“Red” Murff, Former Mets Scout, 87

Former Mets scout, John Robert "Red" Murff has died at the age of 87. Murff was the Met scout that discovered Hall Of Famer Nolan Ryan.

Ryan spoke of Murff in his Hall Of Fame induction speech: “He thought when he saw me at 6-foot-2 and 140 pounds, he wasn't discouraged by my build and by the way I threw the baseball as many other scouts were, and I appreciate the fact that Red spent so much time with me and worked to help me become a better pitcher. Thank you, Red."

As quoted from International Herald Tribune “Murff was inducted into the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame in 1989 and the Texas Scouts Association Hall of Fame in 1999. He helped start the baseball program at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, and in 1994 the school's ballpark was named Red Murff Field.”

Murff spent some time in the majors, playing for the Milwaukee Braves in 1956-1957. He 2-2 with three saves and a 4.65 ERA.

*** Updated 10:58 PM 11-29-08 ***
Red Murff also drafted Jerry Grote, Ken Boswell, Ron Taylor - all who played on the 1969 Champion Mets.

Former Met Tim Bogar Named 1B Coach For Red Sox

Former Met SS Tim Bogar was named 1B coach for the Red Sox, replacing Luis Alicea, whom the Mets named 1B coach earlier this off season (Read here).

“It's a great honor not only to join the Red Sox organization, but to work for a manager of Tito's stature," Bogar said. "I'm really looking forward to it, hopefully bringing something to his staff that can help and make the Red Sox a better team than they already are. It was a great process. I really enjoyed going through it. I really look forward to spending some time with the Boston Red Sox."

Mets Draft Bob Scott

In June, all thirty Major League teams drafted a former Negro League player who never played in the majors.

The Mets picked a pitcher/1B – Bob Scott, who played for the NY Black Yankees and the Memphis Red Sox, as well as other teams.

Scott's career began in 1941 with the Macon Braves. In an interview with Geoff Gehman - The Morning Call, Scott recounts his time in baseball, such as facing Buck Leonard, playing with Jackie Robinson's Traveling All Stars, and racism.

When asked about how hard he threw as a pitcher, Scott responded: “If you played in the Negro Leagues, you had to be up there at 90 to 95 [mph]. And you had to have good movement, too. Because if you didn't, they'd hit you right out of the ballpark. Everyone, from the catcher to the pitcher, was a good hitter.”
“To pitch in that league you had to have really great stuff. And you had to make them get off the plate. They had to be half afraid of you [laughs]. I never let 'em get set in the box, you know. And they'd go: ''Man, you betta not be hittin' me!'' And I'd go: ''I'm not goin' to hit you; get back in there!'' And then I'd throw 'em a good slow changeup curveball to cross 'em up [laughs].”

Asked who the toughest hitter he ever faced was, Scott didn't even pause: “That really was no problem: Buck Leonard [the hall of fame first baseman]. If he'd had went to the major leagues, he would have broke all kinds of records. He could hit anything. He was around age 45 when I pitched against him. He hit a home run off me in South Carolina, and the ball left the diamond just like an airplane taking off. Man, I don't see nobody hit like that anymore.”

About the honorary draft held for Negro League players:
“I was there for the draft -- in Florida ... Orlando ... June 5. The Mets drafted me; they didn't want the Yankees to get me [laughs]. It was real nice, and it gave us a good goal. We want to get those 30 ballplayers they drafted to go to different cities and talk to these young kids and tell them about the great opportunity of being a baseball player. It's going to be a wonderful thing and give us a little something to do.
You know, a lot of people don't realize that the Negro Leagues were well organized from 1920 to 1950. We were outdrawing the major leagues. We played at Yankee Stadium in the '40s and we'd have 50,000 people. The Yankees played there and they'd have 20. We were playing a different brand of baseball, and we had black and white fans.
And the major leagues were looking at the competition and they didn't like it. They didn't just get Jackie because they wanted him; it was a money thing, too. And they could get these guys for nothin'. Hank Aaron: 700 home runs; they got him for $500. Can you imagine paying $500 for Hank Aaron?
They broke our league up, but anyone who played in the Negro Leagues from 1920 til 1950, you get a pension from Major League Baseball. So they tried to do what's right I guess. So I don't feel too bad.
I think about it often: I would have played for just a sandwich. Because we loved the game. And that's what it's all about. Baseball is America's greatest game. When you're talking about baseball, you're talking about America, guys with a lot of character. We didn't have much money, but, man, we did have a lot of character.”
The Mets should see if Scott would be willing to be a #5 starter for the 2009 season. Although he is 78, can he really be much worse than what they have had from the #5 position?

Raul Ibanez still on Mets radar.

The weekend starts and the Hot Stove league does not show any signs of life yet. There is a little blurb that the Mets contacted the agent of Raul Ibanez. Also the Mets have signed a catcher from the Mariners organization named Rene Rivera.

Check out the article here

Friday, November 28, 2008

Former Met Rusty Staub spent Tuesday with Edward Cardinal Egan distributing turkeys to the less fortunate in Harlem. Le Grand Orange, along with Cardinal Egan, distributed approximately 350 turkeys to those in need.

The Harlem turkey give away was hosted by Catholic Charities.

Source: NY1 News

Mets Prefer Putz?

According to Tracy Ringolsby - Fox Sports the Mets have rekindled their interest in Seattle closer JJ Putz. With the expected high price of such free agent closers as Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes, and the high asking price of Huston Street, the Mets are expected to re-visit a possible trade for JJ Putz.

Putz is signed through 2009, at a reasonable $5M price tag. There is a team option for 2010 for $8.6M, or a $1M buyout.

10,000 visits Thank you from the 24 hours staff

Before we all sat down for our holiday fest and crawled over to the couch to watch some horrible afternoon football our little site here hit a milestone of sorts.

We registered our 10,000 visit to our 24 hours site dedicated to our love to the New York Mets. That number to us in our little heads is a large number to grasp. We especially want to send a shout out to the guys over in Iraq who have checked out our site when they had a little down time.

Just want send out a thank you to the readers of this site who over the last 5 months have taken time out of there busy days to spend a little time reading and sometimes actually commenting about what we had to say about our beloved team.

We had talked about doing a site/blog for some time and then finally just created it 1 day and since that day have enjoyed writing and chatting about our favorite team.

Thanks again and the staff at 24 hours looks forward to giving you more of our rants and our spin on the heart and soul of the New York Mets. The only team that matters when it comes to baseball in New York

RIP Tom Burgess

Tom burgess who was third base coach for the 1977 Mets under Joe Frazier has died at the age of 81.

Burgess, a member of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, died Monday at his Lambeth home after a battle with cancer.

Burgess spent most of his professional playing career in the minors but had two short stints in the big leagues as an outfielder and first baseman. He went 1-for-21 (.048) at the plate with the 1954 St. Louis Cardinals and didn't get back to the majors until eight years later, when he batted .196 with two homers and 13 RBIs for the 1962 Los Angeles Angels.

He was third base coach for the Mets under Joe Frazier and Torre in 1977 and for Atlanta under Cox in 1978.

"Tom could not give enough back to baseball," Tom Valcke, president of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, said in a phone interview Thursday. "He would teach anyone, anytime, everything.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tis' The Season...

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan – spend a lot of time reporting the on goings of the Mets, chock full of our opinions. We love our team, but at the same time have frustration with some of the moves or lack of moves being made to make OUR TEAM better.

The Mets despite some of their questionable moves, annual implosions, and the like – are one of the most charitable franchises in pro sports.

The Mets and their employees have always given of their time to try and help the less fortunate. More than six months ago they created TeamMets, a community volunteer initiative that uses the club's appeal to encourage fans to help others. TeamMets in conjunction with the Mayor's Volunteer Center of New York City, have gained access to more than 700 non-profit organizations throughout the area, providing new ways for their fans to give back.

Jill Knee, the team's director of community outreach: "We've always been involved in volunteerism, but we thought maybe we'd use that platform to encourage and inspire others to do the same."

Reported in Anthony DiComo's article: Amazin's use popularity to give back , “Through TeamMets, players and personnel gave back to the community this year as usual, all while encouraging their fans to do the same. And by continuing that effort, the Mets hope, they can expand their charity beyond the limits of time and resources.”

COO, Jeff Wilpon: "We have the great privilege to positively impact people's lives, and everybody at the Mets takes the responsibility of giving back to the community as an important part of their positions here at Citi Field. Our manager, coaches and players are equally committed and are probably the most visible in what we do as an organization. Our executives and staff, business partners and fans amplify that effort in making a difference, creating additional awareness of various charities and causes to encourage involvement in our community."

Some of the charities Mets players are involved with are: 'Carlos Beltran's Harlem RBI, which gives inner-city youths the opportunity to play baseball and softball, fostering teamwork and societal growth. Aaron Heilman's Canine Companions for Independence is a nationwide non-profit providing assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Carlos Delgado's Extra Bases helps provide funding for charitable groups throughout Puerto Rico, and the David Wright Foundation maintains a focus on children with multiple sclerosis throughout the New York City and Norfolk, Va., metropolitan areas.'

This effort isn't earmarked for just the Queens area. It has branched out to not just the NY metropolitan area, but has reached up to Connecticut as well. In June, TeamMets had their second annual Teammates In The Community fund raiser in Greenwich, CT, which raised more than $750,000.

Although we are in an extremely difficult economic time, there are still those in worse shape. As we enter the holiday season, if you have an extra dollar or hour you can provide to someone less fortunate, we wish you would consider lending your talents, time, and efforts to those less fortunate.

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan wish everyone and their families a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

K-Rod Playing Hardball?

Mike Scarrs - article, he reveals that Francisco Rodriguez' agent, Paul Kinzer said K-Rod probably won't sign a contract until after the Winter Meetings, which commence on December 8th in Las Vegas.

It is believed K-Rod is seeking a five year deal, with earnings of $15M/year.
According to Kinzer, "I think it will be after the Winter Meetings. I don't know how long after, it doesn't take long after you get this started and everybody starts talking."

The Cat N Mouse game has begun, and the 'amazing' thing is, Kinzer has only mentioned the Mets, which of course is used to drive up K-Rod's price.

Metsfan73 is still not sure about the Mets and K-Rod; I think he would be electric in NY, but a part of me believes he is a pitch away from blowing out that golden right arm. The money he is asking is obscene, and after last year's Luis Castillo debacle, I can't see Omar plunging that much money down; it's too much of a risk.

Kinzer finished up by saying, "I'll probably see the Mets at the Winter Meetings.I don't have anything else planned."

Sure Paul, whatever you say...

Citi/tax payer field or Bailout Ballpark?

As the day starts and we wait for the lousy football games to start and for the turkey that we will gorge ourselves on finished cooking we have a question to ponder as Met fans.

Do we prefer the New stadium to be called Citi/Tax payer field or Bailout ballpark? With Citibank laying off over 50,000 and the government coming in to rescue the ailing bank it seems there is an outcry on the name that adorns our stadium that will open next April. Every one thinks the Mets need to remove the name Citi Field . Of course I am sure many Fans would like it just be called the ballpark at Shea.

Well over the coming months we will see if anything changes with the name which I am sure it wont unless the bailout flops and Chase comes to the rescue like they did with Wamu.

40 Million reasons are why the Mets sold out. I hope the Mets don't wind up playing at HBSC park or Chase field.

Check out some interesting articles on this topic from ESPN here and some guy over at Newsday that usually is not very opinionated about his feelings with the Mets here

Brian Fuentes looking for 3 years 30-33M

Well at least we have an idea of what he is asking for. Omar spent a little time on XM radio last night and let us know that Brian Fuentes is looking for roughly a 3 year deal with a asking price of 30-33M . Omar mentions that what he is looking for is what he considers a little high for what the Mets wanted to spend.

Let us hope that Omar is just trying to use that as a negotiating tactic. I mean K ROD is most likely going to get 4 years at about 14M so if they go the Fuentes route you have 1 less year of a commitment.
Also 15 M to spend elsewhere.

I love the fact that even leading into Thanksgiving, writers are still looking for a story. Thanks to Adam Rubin for this report which you can read here

Omar also confirms that the Mets are looking into free agent Raul Ibanez. Of course as usual Omar mentions his mantra pitching is the Mets priority.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Schneider Being Shopped?

In a small blurb by Michael Silverman - Boston Herald, he states with the unresolved catching issues the Red Sox have, the Mets have offered Brian Schneider. Jason Varitek, Boston's long time catcher and captain, is a free agent, and no deal appears to be imminent.

As for Schneider, some small rumors have been floating around that the Mets were unhappy with his game calling abilities. If they are in the market for a catcher, I would put a line out there and see what it would take to land Gerald Laird from Texas. Texas has a log jam of catcher's, and Laird is a real good defensive catcher. It would cost more than Schneider straight up, but maybe by packaging Heilman in the deal, that might get it done. Despite his leadership and abilities, Varitek is too old, and I hope the Mets don't waste their cell phone minutes on him.

Mr. America

Jose Reyes is spending the Thanksgiving Holidays in the United States. Normally Jose leaves the US on or about November 25th, and spends the rest of his Winter in his native Dominican Republic.

Jose is at his home in NY awaiting the US mail for his green card. Jose is taking steps to become a US citizen. He has spent his time this Fall quite productively.
Reyes spent time Tuesday at
Schneider Children's Hospital in New Hyde Park. He spent time visiting with young patients there.

In an ironic twist to this story, Reyes plans on representing the Dominican Republic during the biggest waste of time this spring, The World Baseball Classic.

In other Met News, Ken Oberfell is expected to be named manager of the Mets AAA farm system, the Buffalo Bisons. Oberkfell spent the end of last year as the Mets 1B coach.

Information obtained from Adam Rubin - NY Daily News

Mets made offer for Hudson Street but were rejected

With thanksgiving only a day away and news around the Hot Stove more then likely to be even slower, we pick up on a little blurb from Joe Sherman of the NY Post.

The Mets offered the Colorado Rockies Aaron Heilman for Hudson Street. Oh man if only the Rockies went for that deal. We could got rid of a guy who has no confidence and pick up a great 8th inning guy with closer experience. The Rockies also wanted lefty Pedro Feliciano but the Mets refused.

Read his latest hot stove tidbits

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6 X 220 = A Large Contribution

Major League Baseball, it's stars, and former stars are lending their name to help raise money for charity.

Fans, collectors, and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to offer a bid on a unique, one of a kind automobile on January 16, 2009.The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona

will be auctioning off a Chevy Tahoe, with the proceeds going towards non-profit youth baseball programs across the United States.

According to the article in Market Watch “The Chevy Tahoe (Lot #961) will be sold at No Reserve and has been dubbed the Ultimate Baseball Ride because of some special upgrades. In addition to 'standard' luxury features like top-of-the-line stereo, DVD player with several screens and custom paint, the SUV features Rawlings baseball glove leather seats and steering wheel and baseball-bat ash wood dashboard, door panel and steering wheel accents.”

Along with this car, there will be a second hood that is signed by MLB stars such as: Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, Mariano Rivera, Francisco Rodriguez, Vladimir Guerrero, Carlos Zambrano, Chipper Jones, Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum. Approximately 220 players from eight different teams signed the hood. The teams involved are: the Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim, the San Francisco Giants, the New York Yankees, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Chicago Cubs, the Atlanta Braves, the New York Mets and the San Diego Padres. During the Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony, Hall of Fame members Yogi Berra, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith, Tom Seaver, Whitey Ford and others also signed. The center of the hood is signed by newly inducted Hall Of Famer Goose Gossage.

“Drive to a New Start was one of's 2008 marketing and community outreach programs. In each city Gossage visited with, he hosted a youth baseball clinic for inner city children, met fans and signed autographs at pre-game events and conducted on-field or in-box media interviews. At each city, Gossage helped collect players' and coaches' signatures on the hood, with each signature garnering an donation to youth baseball programs in those cities. The program raised a total of $100,000, and the proceeds from the auction of the signed hood and the tricked-out Chevy Tahoe itself in January will also be donated to youth baseball programs. “

Gossage said, "It was a real thrill to be involved with this program during my Hall of Fame induction year. Touring the country, collecting these signatures and helping kids learn about baseball was all very rewarding. I'm excited to see what this unique collectible fetches at auction in January. It's definitely going to make the lucky winner very happy."

Snail paces Omar reaches out to agents of Fuentes and K Rod.

Wow . So he made a call...Did he get a response? Did they make an offer? Can this be any slower? The hot stove league is sending chills . Every little thing makes news now. Can we at least wait until there is a legitimate offer? Everything is just grould work for the winter meetings in Vegas

Or will Omar be busy on thanksgiving like he was when he went after Pedro Martinez?

To read the latest , which is not much check out Jon Heyman here

In an earlier article Heyman does mention the Mets are looking to go after Raul Ibanez. He is a lefty but hit over .300 against lefties last year.

Jose Reyes brings some kids holiday cheer.

Jose Reyes spent some time at the Children’s hospital over in New Hyde Park on Long Island. He signed some hats for the kids with Mr Met in the background.

He mentioned that it was hard to watch the Phillies win the World Series.

I hope he remembers that when the Mets play the Phillies first week of May next year.

Nice way of spending the day Jose.

Read the article

Another side of Lenny Dykstra- Spokesman for Twizzler.

There really not much can be said of this. Maybe that there is no one like Lenny Dykstra. Mr Nails to Met fans.

The guy says 7,000 bucks is ashtray money. Hey Lenny you mind if I clean out your ashtray?

Lenny was in court to settle his bill for being a deadbeat.

Read about it

Monday, November 24, 2008

1986 NLCS Game 3 In It's Entirety

In these slow days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, it is tough for baseball fans, especially Mets fans to get their fill of baseball.

MLB Network goes a long way to satiate our hunger. On Tuesday morning, 10 AM EST, MLB Network will be replaying the 1986 NLCS game #3 between the Mets and Astros.

You might remember that game. The Mets were trailing 5-4 in the ninth inning when Wall Backman laid down a bunt and beat it out for a hit. There was controversy though: was Backman out of the baseline? 1B Umpire, Dutch Rennert, ruled Backman safe. This brought on arguments from the Houston club, especially manager Hal Lanier.

Two batters later, Lenny Dykstra came to the plate, and hit a game winning two run HR. You must remember, this was the pre-roid Dykstra, and the HR was an unexpected occurrence.

The two bad things about MLB Network’s showing of this great game:

  1. It makes us realize how far the Mets have to go to get back to greatness
  2. Do any of us have access to MLB Network?

    Source: Mets walk off in Game 3 of '86 NLCS -

A big turkey Furcal has no interest in Mets.

Well this is why the hot stove sometimes is like dealing with grade school crushes. One minute the story gets out there the next minute it is like no I never said that.

This morning there was some story that Rafael Furcal had received an offer to play 2nd base for the Mets. He said the offer was tempting. You can read the story here

Now it is been reported that the story is false. Good. I would prefer Orlando Hudson anyway.

Furcal seems destined for the West Coast. As we approach thanksgiving hopefully we won’t be dealing with anymore turkeys except the one most of us will eat on Thursday.

Arizona Interested In Easley?

According to Steve Gilbert -, the Arizona Diamondbacks are interested in free agent Damion Easley. Easley hit .269 with six homers and 44 RBIs in 316 at-bats for the Mets last season. Easley just turned 39, and will most likely not be brought back by the Mets.

Easley’s agent Paul Cohen is quoted as saying, "I've talked to [Arizona GM] Josh Byrnes, we talked about a number of different issues and Damion was one of them. It's something that we might revisit."

Arizona might be interested in Easley due to his versatility; he played LF, 2B, 3B, 1B and SS for the Mets last year, and hits lefthanded pitching well.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

OK...we are only a couple of weeks into the free agent market, and what started out like the Mets were going to make a huge splash – K-Rod, Putz, Sabathia, Lowe, Fuentes, Holliday, etc. - has turned into fiscal responsibility.

I don't mind the Mets trying to be responsible with their investments, but they can't go into a new stadium with inflated ticket prices which will leave fans, like yours truly, watching all 81 home games...from home, and not spend a little cash.

I don't want CC, I am luke warm towards K-Rod and Fuentes, and don't ever suggest Trevor Hoffman to me. I want Derek Lowe! He is everything the Mets need; an innings eater, a proven winner, pitches well on the big stage, and has shown to be very good in the Northeast. We have read today that the Mets might be backing out of the Lowe sweepstakes because they don't want to get into a bidding war with the BoSox and Yankees...why not? I know the Yankees have more money than Warren Buffett, Jimmy Buffett, and an Atlantic City Buffet, but Lowe is the man the Mets need.

Citi Group (don't get me started) was a miserable decision. But, the Mets felt they must prostitute themselves for naming rights to Gil Hodges Memorial Park, but at the expense of the fans. Luxury suites cost a kidney, and can only be bought by corporations, and seats are quite exorbitant. If you are going to price the season at OUR, THE FANS, NEW BALLPARK, to the point where we can't attend, at least go pedal-to-the-metal on Lowe.

Don't try and sell me on Javier Vazquez. He has reasonable stuff, but the Mets need a true pitcher, one that can handle New York. Vazquez, though I believe was unfairly judged in his only season in NY, showed a propensity to fail. We've had enough of that.

Omar...GET LOWE. He might be expensive, and I'm not saying you shouldn't play the Johan cat-and-mouse game you did last year, but you need Lowe. Let's face it, Ollie isn't coming back. Pedro isn't wanted back. There is El Denture, but that makes me incontinent, not salivate.
Jon Garland isn't bad, and I would rather have him than Vazquez, but neither one makes me all warm and fuzzy.


Now, I also refuse to drink from the Luis Castillo Kool-Aid. GET Orlando Hudson. He will be much cheaper, a proven clubhouse leader, a three time Gold Glove winner, and is the type to make things loose in a Cliff Floyd sort of way. Castillo said all the right things in his meeting with you back in October, but let me let you in on something...he is full of it. His ship sailed years ago, and we are still looking for our freight. Sign Orlando!

This off season is gearing up to be as compelling as Geraldo opening Al Capone's tomb. A whole lot of hype, and no substance.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge.

Baseball To Help Out A Former Colleague

Ricky Stone pitched for three teams during his six year Major League Career (Astros 01 – 04, Padres 04, and Reds 05, 07).

Stone suffered a Grand Mal seizure, which he later found out was brain cancer. He has exhausted his finances, and is in need of help.

The brotherhood of Major League Baseball, the players themselves, are 'pitching' in to help. Such collectibles as the warm up ball Johan Santana used before pitching his three hit shutout in game 161 last September, autographed spikes worn by David Wright and Jose Reyes, jerseys signed by Ryan Howard, Andy Pettitte, Ichiro and Miguel Tejada, caps signed by Jeff Kent, Mike Mussina, Jorge Posada and Joba Chamberlain; bobbleheads signed by Oswalt and Adrian Beltre and dozens of single signed baseballs, and more. The proceeds will go to help Stone and his family.

The Mets own Nelson Figueroa, his wife Alisa and Erin Pote, wife of Lions (Taiwan League) pitcher Lou Pote, founded Rally for Recovery to raise funds for the Stone family.

These auction items will be available on e-Bay under "Recovery for Baseball Auction" in random order from 8-10 p.m. CST beginning Sunday. The auction will end Nov. 30.

Picking Up The Carter Cause

Ray McNulty - TC Palm has picked up the fight for Gary Carter. McNulty cites how well Carter has done as manager of the Gulf Coast League (Port St. Lucie) and the Independent Golden League (Orange County {California} Flyers), leading both organizations to championships.
McNulty wonders if Carter has been blackballed. Carter tends to have the same question, "I'm all about winning.I've proven I can manage and win."

As we here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan have posted (here, here, and here) , Carter had sent letters to 29 teams looking for work. He received only 10 responses, with no offers.

"I think I bring the package they'd be looking for -- good with players, good with the press and fans, a good organization guy," said Carter, who will visit the Treasure Coast Dec. 1 to co-host the annual Celebrities Fore Kids charity event at Hobe Sound Golf Club. "Frankly, I don't know what they're thinking at the major league level.

They are probably thinking about how you have, on two different occasions, gone to the Mets looking for the managers position while the Mets had a manager in place (Willie Randolph and Art Howe). They probably look at him as breaking that fraternity that Major League Managers belong to.

No one doubts Carter's ability, just his personality; self promoting, and at times, phoney. His own team mates were bothered by his vanity.

Derek Lowe are the Mets getting cold feet?

In an article for the Daily News John Harper points out that Mets brass might have to re think there chance on getting Derek Lowe as a free agent starter due to many teams seeing him as a potential starter. The Yankees might make a big play for him if C C Sabathia and Burnett do not wind up Yankees. The Red Sox have interest and I'm sure since he played for them Lowe has mutual interest.

Well I say to the Mets brass what did you expect? Is this another showcase of how the Mets are not able to size up teams interest in players. There is talk about the Mets maybe showing interest again in the Rays Edwin Jackson or maybe Jon Garland of the Angels. I think the Mets need to step up to the plate and go after Derick Lowe!

Of course I am not saying the Mets should give him 5 years that is insane. I really don't think he will get that from any team. How though can you compare him to Jackson or Garland? Lowe is a Consistent pitcher that never gets hurt and can pitch in the post season. The Mets need a starter who will be placed in that rotation right behind Santana . The Mets need a proven starter especially with Maine coming off a shoulder ailment. It is not time for the Mets to fall into the pack it is time for the Mets after they sign a closer to go hard after Lowe. The guy produces results and that is what you need and expect in a top pitcher. Pay the man the money. You over paid for Pedro to come to NY before 2005.

Read what other options that John Harper mentions for the Mets

Saturday, November 22, 2008

In A Word Omar...NO!

According to Poughkeepsie Journal the Mets might be interested in Trevor Hoffman if the asking price for either Brian Fuentes or Francisco 'K-Rod' Rodriguez is prohibitive.

Omar, you can't do that. Trevor Hoffman, MLB's all time saves leader, is not as good as his stats. I'm not saying he hasn't had a real solid career, just that he is over rated. Hoffman has never shown he can close out a big game. I was at the 2006 All Star game in Pittsburgh where he handed the win over to the AL. There were two outs in the visitor ninth when he gave up the tying and winning runs.

Look at Hoffman in the post season: he is a mediocre 1-2 (W-L), with four saves, two blown saves, and his team is 7-5 in his appearances (Stats Courtesy Of Baseball

The Mets have had their share of Doug Sisk, Armando Benitez, etc. If this team is to compete, Omar has to look at better options. Plus, bringing in a 41 year old cast-off is not the answer. Just say NO Omar!

Lowe? Manny?

According to Phil Rogers - Chicago Tribune, if Manny Ramirez isn't signed by the Dodgers, and right now it appears that not many teams are busting down his door, the Mets might be the sleeper team. Quoting Rogers column, “If the Dodgers get serious about trying to land Sabathia, they would look at re-signing Ramirez as a backup plan, not a priority. It's unclear where Ramirez would go, but don't rule out the Mets.”

I don't think the Mets should waste the years or money on Manny. He is, without doubt, the greatest right handed hitter of his generation, and the only one other than Albert Pujols who, in my opinion, could enter into this discussion was Juan Gonzalez, who wasn't able to put up the numbers Manny does for as long.

As for Derek Lower, Rogers also goes on saying, “It's possible Lowe could come down to a major fight between the Yankees and Red Sox, but Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, the Dodgers and the Mets could emerge as serious factors.”

If I had to choose between Manny and Lowe, I would choose Lowe. He fills a more pressing need for the Mets, and would be less of a headache.

Mets hot stove Rumors Putz, Millwood and Padilla?

Ok I hope something happens soon in the Mets quest for upgrading pitching . When you see a rumor that the Mets might be showing interest in Kevin Millwood and Vincent Padilla you know that someone is pulling your leg. At least you hope they are. The Mets always seem linked to Padilla. He was 14-8 with a ERA just under 5 last year . Millwood who seems to be always available every off season was 9-10. Lets leave these guys for other teams.

The Mets are still making news on there interest for reliever J J Putz due to his salary being very reasonable.

Read the latest on the Rangers duo

Check out the little blurb on J J Putz
here and see what Jason Stark had to say about him here

******Mets trade for J J Putz see posts of 12-10***********

The Name Citi Field even make it to opening day?

Well unless you live in a cave , the banks these days ate taking a huge pounding with all the bad mortgages they took on and now see there stocks pummeled with the economy that is weathering.

Citibank is now the latest bank to see its stock go from over 30.00 a share a year ago to just under 4.00 a share. Glad I don't own stock in it. Well with this mess now there is some talk of takeover at Citibank. So even though the boys at Citibank say they are not planning to change anything with there naming rights with the Mets home, if the bank is bought out there will be a new name on top of that stadium by April 2009. Will it be HSBC field?

To read the latest on what the Mets say and what other names might be up on our park in 2009 check out the article here

Howie Rose gives his 2 cents

Here we are just a couple of days now before the thanksgiving holiday and the free agent Market is still waiting on the first significant signings. As far we know the Mets have not extended any offers yet. Well Mets broadcaster Howie Rose take a moment when he was in Queens this past week to give his 2 cents. He wants to see the Mets add something to the team dynamic besides pitching. He would like to see a new "voice" added to the team which is something we at 24 hours agree with. It does not have to be a Manny Ramirez type player but it should be some one that can be a good clubhouse preference that might be someone the team can rally around.

To read what else Howie Rose had to say including his thoughts about Radio vs TV broadcasting check out this article over at the Daily News here

Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't Drink The Kool-Aid...

In today’s NY Post, Joel Sherman writes how Luis Castillo does not want to leave the Mets, and has proclaimed that he will show up to Spring Training in shape, unlike last year.

Castillo will play this Winter in the Dominican League.

Castillo was so concerned that he was on the trading block, he had a meeting with Omar Minaya and Tony Bernazard in October. He ‘implored’ the Mets not to trade him, and took full responsibility for the poor shape he reported to camp in, as well as the poor season he endured. He has vowed to re-dedicate himself to the sport he loves, and re-dedicate himself to the Mets. He wants to succeed in NY.

According to Sherman’s article, "He wanted to let the front office know that he was disappointed in how the year went, and promise to do everything he could to get in shape and be the kind of player he had been for 10 years," Minaya said.

Aside from the poor shape Castillo reported to camp with, Omar and Bernazard informed Castillo they want him to have a better attitude this coming year.

According to Ray Ramirez, the Mets head trainer, Castillo has dropped weight and body fat, leading to Minaya to say, "[So far] his weight, body fat and in all things you would want to see, Mr. Castillo is doing well."

To continue to drink from this tainted Kool-Aid, read
Joel Sherman - NY Post

No Chemistry Problem Here...

David Wright believes there is no ‘chemistry’ problem with the Mets. If you are talking about major melt-downs as having chemistry, I guess you’re right.

Wright, interviewed at Foleys restaurant in Manhattan said, "I don't think it's any issue of who's in our clubhouse. We just didn't get the job done. There are no excuses you can create."

Wright also went on to say, “I also think that the core players, myself included, have to step up and do a better job. The core guys have to prepare thoroughly and continue to try to get better."

I agree with Wright, and I also agree about the team’s chemistry. I believe that the crux of the teams’ problem comes from Wright and Reyes playing between 160 and 162 games annually. By the time September comes around, they are sapped of strength and energy. If they, Wright and Reyes – Beltran too, were afforded more days off during the year, maybe the day off on the road on ‘getaway day’, they would be more refreshed come crunch time in September.

Information obtained from
Ken Davidoff - Newsday

Mike Carp added to 40 Man roster

The Mets have added 1st baseman outfield Mike Carp to the 40 man roster. The Mets still have some slots open on the 40 man roster.

Mike Carp hit 299 with 17 home runs and 72 rbi's last season for the Binghamton Mets. He will start off with the Mets triple AAA Buffalo squad in 2009,

To read what he is doing in the off season check out the latest on him over at the Daily News here

State of the Mets with Omar on SNY last night.

Omar Minaya spoke to Kevin B and Dan G last night via phone on the SNY Mets Hot Stove show. Some of the tidbits that were mentioned were.

Daniel Murphy has a grade 2 strain. He will be sent home to rest up. After the Holidays since he lives in Florida he might get some work in before spring training in the outfield. Omar still sees him as an outfielder and maybe an occasional first base? Doubt that one.

Omar still has priority # 1 as pitching. He would like to see Oliver Perez back with the Mets at the right price. He also would prefer to see the Mets get a closer via free agency so they don't have to give up talent.

The bullpen might need some work but he did not trash his bullpen guys.

AAron Heilman as long as he is a Met will remain a reliever. Jon Heyman was also on the show and he mentioned that the Mets believe that AAron Heilman that his mechanics which have him with a high elbow will make him more likely to injure himself if he was a starter. Heyman compared him to Mark Prior. Of course Heilman and his agent would like to see him start so maybe there will still be a chance he gets traded. Good.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Omar Minaya on SNY tonight at 7pm

If you have a moment check out Kevin B with Omar Minaya on SNY tonight at 7pm as part of the Mets hot stove report. Dan G from the Newark Star-Ledger will be grilling Omar so if you have 30 min sit down and check it out.

Heilman Wants Out

In today's NY Daily News - Aaron Heilman wants starting role with Mets or a trade - Heilman's agent, Mark Rodgers, informed the media that Heilman wants to be a Mets starter, or be traded. According to Rodgers, "The object the entire time has never been to get out of New York. The object is to get out of the bullpen. The most success he's ever had as a pitcher has been as a starting pitcher. He was drafted by the Mets as a starting pitcher."

Although I have always thought Heilman should be a starter, there isn't much to Rodgers claim. Heilman lifetime record as a starter is 5-13 with a 5.93 ERA - which was accumulated from 2003 - 2005 - his early years.

Heilman, is never disruptive in the clubhouse and addresses this subject only when asked, has longed to be a starter.

In fairness to Heilman in an unfair climate, he has done everything the Mets have asked: they told him to pitch during the Winter of 2005 in the Dominican League (after being moved to the bullpen in May of 2005), which he not only did, but dominated.

During the Grapefruit League in 2006, Heilman was arguably their best starter, with a 1.29 ERA and 11 strikeouts and no walks in 14 innings. He lost his starting role to Brian Bannister. Some feel the Mets were just 'appeasing' him, and were not inclined to use him as a starter.

Over the last two or three seasons, is Heilman any worse than: Jose Lima, Dave Williams, Tony Armas Jr., the late Geremi Gonzales, etc. - who all were afforded starting roles while Heilman languished in the bullpen?

Granted, Heilman had a real poor 2008 season, but we later found out he was hurt, with a bum knee. If the Mets are unable to land a Derek Lowe, re-sign Oliver Perez, might not Heilman be a less expensive alternative than a big name Free Agent who will want big bucks and a multi-year deal?

I truly would like to see the Mets give him a chance to start, but if not, Heilman should be traded, and when he goes on to win 15 games/year, I can't wait to hear all the Met fans moan and complain about what a bad trade the Mets made, when in fact, it was the fans who were clamoring for his ouster.

"The objective is not to be traded," Rodgers said. "The objective is to get out of the bullpen."

I have a feeling Heilman will go on to start for another team, and will only be a controversial memory to Met fans.

Daniel Murphy injured. Scheduled for a MRI

Well usually no news is good news. Well there really has not been any free agent news for the Mets lately but now we learn the Mets little sparkplug Daniel Murphy is heading to New York due to the offical term is "discomfort" in his right knee and will have a MRI later today .

He has not played since in the Arizona Fall league since November 11. Wow the Mets waited 8 days to do something about it. Guess the Mets werent worried. Nothing ever changes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mets needs to add solid support players

Dan Graziano makes a good point. When you have Nick Evans batting 5th in the last crucial game of the season your team has some issues. The need for good support players on this Mets team is important. When you have a 3rd string catcher on the roster for part of the season that is telling you that there is something lacking. Wasn't everybody excited when Marlon Anderson came back? Of course not because he has become a 1 million dollar pater weight. Release him Already. If you want a lefty off the bench who has pop why not just sign crowd favorite Clifford Floyd? Ok he had shoulder surgery but I'm sure he can be more effective then Mr Anderson.

Of you look at 06 the Mets had Mr Stached off the bench and he hit over 15 dingers for the team. The Mets needs to find some players that can hit rockets in new Citi Field. Spend a couple of million on some very good support players .

To read Mr Graziano's ideas check them out here

Should We Or Shouldn’t We?

In today’s International Herald Tribune, there is an interesting article on Junichi Tazawa, the 22-year-old Japanese fire-baller who pitches for Japan Oil in the Industrial League. He pitches for Japan Oil because out of high school he was un-drafted by all 12 of the Japanese clubs.

According to the article, “Many Japanese baseball officials are outraged that U.S. teams are courting Tazawa, a hard-throwing right-handed pitcher, because they insist it is long-established practice for amateurs like him to be strictly off-limits to major league clubs.”

Yankees GM Brian Cashman agrees, saying, “I'm old school - there has been an understanding; there's been a reason that Japanese amateurs haven't been signed in the past, so we consider him hands-off."

Conversely, the following GM’s had this to say:

Omar Minaya: considering Tazawa available but, "It's a sensitive area. It's fair to say that if we were to go out and get their college players, what would prevent them from coming after our college players?"

Ned Colletti – LA Dodgers: "There's a fine line between falling behind the competition because you're quote being respectful, and competing like others will compete. We have to be wise in our decision-making at the moment of truth."

In a news release from Nippon Professional Baseball, they state, "This was more than just a gentleman's agreement, but rather an implicit understanding that the major leagues would do no such thing. That a handful of clubs from the majors is trying to break this gentlemen's agreement is truly regrettable."

Tazawa stats from this summer: 10-1 record and a 1.02 earned-run average for Japan Oil and striking out 95 batters in 88 innings.

Might the Mets be interested? According to this article, some of the teams interested are: Red Sox, Braves and Seattle Mariners.

Francisco Rodriguez K-Rod update-Rumors

Well I guess today K Rod will be the flavor. Looks like the New York Mets might be leaning towards K Rod. There is some thought that the Mets might be able to sign him for the same yearly salary as Brian Fuentes. The Mets would like to keep it to 3 years guaranteed. I doubt they will be able to achieve that.

Read the Latest here

****Mets sign K Rod 3 years 37 M send him to NY for a physical*********** See posts on Dec 9th

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Day closes and a whole lot of nothing to report.

Well we see another day close as Met fans around the area wait to see what the Mets do. If you look at the local papers all reports change like the wind. One moment there is interest in K Rod next moment he is in NY for a physical then he is not. One moment the Mets might show some interest in Pedro and the next moment there stating the Mets might offer him something but he might balk at the price. How about the fact that the Mets have been linked to K Rod , Brian Fuentes, Bobby Jenks, Kerry Wood. Are Mets fans hungry for something to happen OF COURSE!!!!

Now we get word that Omar Minaya is having knee surgery today. That K Rod agent is slow on getting medical records from the Angels. That the Mets might want both K Rod and Fuentes to visit NY so they can see which one might be better suited for New York. Every day its the same story with a different angle. Enough already. It is this big build up and nothing happens . It isn't a slow process but as Mets fans we are dying for any news that is actually factual . Like an actual signing. As of today 1 free agent has signed. OK maybe 2 with Ryan Dempster, but even that isn't completed.

Give us Met fans a break and just report something we have not heard 10 times. Just wake us up while we are watching the Lions on thanksgiving day losing another game. Maybe then we might get word that K ROD and Fuentes are both coming to NY or is it Kerry Wood? Or is it.......

Heyman On WFAN

Just a few moments ago, Jon Heyman of Sports and WFAN was with Boomer & Carton on WFAN.

Some Mets news we found out is:

  • Francisco Rodriguez is a likely option for the Mets. He loves the spotlight, and would love to pitch in NY

  • The Mets most likely won’t go after Bobby Jenks of the White Sox because the Mets don’t want to part with young talent

  • The second option after K-Rod would probably be Brian Fuentes

  • The third option if K-Rod and Fuentes doesn’t work out would be Kerry Wood
  • For the setup role, possibly Juan Cruz from Arizona (Updated 12:44 - 11:18-08)

    Carton asked Heyman if the Mets would be interested Pat Burrell. Heyman doesn’t believe the Mets ‘will bite’ on Burrell.

    Heyman also believes that the Mets aren’t interested in Manny Ramirez. He believes the Yankees are more interested in Ramirez, and Manny might wind up in the Bronx.

    The audio should be available later today, and I will look to post the link.

***** Updated 12:30 - 11-18-08 *****

WFAN - The Fan - 11-18 Jon Heyman

Will Omar offer Pedro Martinez a contract for 09?

It seems that Pedro's agent says Pedro is ready to put last year behind him and pitch somewhere in 2009. The question is are the Mets interested. According to Pedro's agent he thinks the Mets know him best. Read the latest on Pedro here

On Wfan that afternoon guy mentions that he spoke to Omar Minaya and Omar said to him that he plans on offering some type of contract to Pedro. Look Pedro did bring credibility back to this franchise back in 2005 but what does he have left? Do the Mets really think at this point in his career that he can help the club? Will the offer be just an invite to Spring training? Do the Mets brass think he can be a fifth starter? Or is it just a token of gratitude?

His agent claims the injury and his father's death is what made last year horrible for Pedro. Honestly I think Pedro is done.

Monday, November 17, 2008

There Is Still Time To Do The Right Thing

Today Citi Group announced that they will be eliminating approximately 50,000 jobs. The same Citi Group that will be paying the Mets $20 million annually for naming rights for Gil Hodges Memorial Park, er Citi Field.

As you may know, I have always stated that the Mets should not have prostituted their new stadium; the should have kept and respected their history. I have always held that they should have coined their new digs Gil Hodges Memorial Park. No matter what, strong economy, soft economy, sell outs, or not - the stadium would always have that feeling that it was ours, the fans. With corporate sponsorship, this stadium could be renamed a multitude of times during the life time of my children. Remember all the names of the homes of Arizona? Houston, Cincinnati?

It's impossible to justify, let alone comprehend how a corporate mega giant can dismiss so many people, but still plan on paying a boat load to Fred and Jeff Wilpon for the name of their new stadium. Now this is just me talking, but I am not more inclined to do business with Citi Group because the owners of my team decided to go to bed with the biggest spender. It didn't work with the BOB (Bank One Ballpark - Arizona). Certainly didn't work with Enron (Houston).

Here is my suggestion: let Citi Group out of the deal. Re-name the stadium Gil Hodges Memorial Park. Let Citi Group take the money they were going to pay to the Mets, and hold onto thousands of jobs. That would go more towards convincing me to do business with Citi Group than to have the name on MY TEAMS ball park.

Will the Mets show interest in the Astros Jose Valverde?

There is a story in the Boston Globe that indicates the Astros are looking to dump some salary. You can read that blurb here Carlos Lee has been mentioned but since he is owed over 70 million on his contract and since the Mets already signed Delgado they will probably not be interested in him but might show some interest in there closer Jose Valverde.

The 29yr old had 39 saves and struck out 83 in 72 innings last year. His Whip was under 1.20 for the year. He is big man that looks might intimidating on the mound. The only problem with him is the fact he has only 1 year left on his contract and will be in his walk year so if the Mets show interest they should not have to give up much to trade for Valverde.