Thursday, September 29, 2011

Terry Collins gets emotional-cries during last post game

The Mets season is over and TC is appreciative on how hard his players played for him that he was a bit misty during the pst game.  Listen to what he had to say about his players  

Terry Collins post game

What a send off to the 2011 baseball season: walkoffs,Red Sox Collapse and Reyes

Last night for a baseball fan was prett amazing . Unless of course you are a Red Sox or a Bravos fan.  For the Braves to be a couple of outs away from going to game 163 against the Cards to going home was pretty devasting to see the dugout after the Phillies beat the Braves in 13 innings last night 4-3.  On the last day of the season the Braves are outed of the playoffs and go home.  Us Met fans understand of course.

Then the Red Sox . To have a lead and 2 outs and nobody on leading the Orioles in the bottom of the 9th . Then Red Sox nation unraveled while Carl Crawford couldnt come up with a catch that ended up pated the winning run for the Orioles. Then less then 10 minutes later as the RedSox held hope that they could get a 163 game witha Rays loss, Evan Longoria (The Anti Nuke)  hits a walk off clinching Wild Card winning homer after the Rays came back from a 7-0 defecit in the 8th inning to beat the Yankees 8-7 in extra innings.

Wow to be able to enjoy the games without the stress of oh my what will the  Mets do to mess it up was nice. At least now the Red Sox and Braves can over take the Mets in the biggiest Sept collapses. 

From David Ortiz.'03 loss to Yankees "not even close" to as bad as this yr. "This is worse. Not even close."

Crawford: "This is a devastating blow. We go down in history as 1 of the worst collapses ever. It def doesn’t feel good to be part of that.”

Check out the post mordem from the Boston Globe. It s a classic!Share the joy Red Sox nation of blowing it during the regular season..  Welcome to the club. 
 Oh Yeah Jose JOSE JOSE!  Congrads for winning the batting title 1st Met in our history to do so. Hopefully you will get your award next year as a Member of the Mets!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jose Reyes 2011 NL Batting Champ: Money Ball Type Player Sandy?

Ryan Braun finished tonight 0-4 making Jose Reyes the undisputed 2011 NL Batting Champ.

For all of the Jose detractors out there, he is the first Met to win the batting title, holds the team record in stolen bases, triples and runs scored. He finished the year with a .384 OBP.

I was not happy with Jose/Terry's decision to sit after the bunt single in the first, but Jose did something no other Met has done. He has won the batting title. He was a mere point ahead of Braun after last night's game, but the 2011 year finished with Reyes locked in at an average of .337 where Braun finished the night and the season hitting a measly .332.

Congratulations to Jose.

2011 NY Mets Game 162: Show Jose The Love

Last night I was fortunate enough to be at the game with my family, and what we saw was truly amazing, and not in only one way, but in many ways.

On the negative side, it was amazing that Terry Collins still is prone to go to Ryota Igarashi and Bobby Parnell in big situations, only to have both pitchers implode. TC has to realize that these two pitchers cannot be counted on. They prove time and time again to be failures in big situations.

It was amazing that last night was the second to last game that there were more vendors at the stadium than fans. I know the official attendance was 30,027 - but having been there, there weren't more than 15,000 people there. This is sad. It was game #161, and although the Mets are not in contention, this is our team. Where's the love?

On the positive side, Jose Reyes was amazing last night. Many will look to his two bombs, which were amazing, but what will probably be overlooked was the amazing fielding play he made late in the game by diving to his left, making the stop, and launching a laser to Evans to get the final out. That play alone save a run.

While on the subject of Jose, I have this empty feeling in the pit of my stomach that today might be the last game Jose plays as a Met. There have been many in the blogosphere who believe that the Mets shouldn't waste years or money on the electric shortstop. I couldn't disagree more, and have voluntarily offered my opinion.

This is my 39th year following this team. I have seen some greats: Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Jerry Grote, Jon Matlack, Keith Hernandez, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Ron Darling, Gary Carter, Mookie Wilson, Edgardo Alfonzo, Jon Olerud, Robin Ventura, Mike Piazza, etc. Mookie might very well be the most beloved Mets player, and ranks among my all time favorites (but there is no one who can replace Grote as #1, Hernandez in fire and leadership, Mookie in hustle, and Alfonzo in class), but there has been no one I have seen don a Mets uniform that is more electric and fun to watch (on TV and in person) than Jose.

Reyes still plays the game with the passion I wish today's youth had (but don't) while playing little league; he truly loves playing, and that excitement not only translates into his play, but his demeanor on the field. He creates an excitement and a buzz that I have never seen. The closest I can compare to him is Mookie, but Reyes has that buzz that Mookie didn't have. He can change a game with his bat (occasional long ball), his legs (gotta love those triples), his glove (see last night's game?), and his base running ability (remember how he forced Armando Benitez into balking twice?).

Today might very well be Jose Reyes' last game as a NY Met. I pray that it isn't, but if it is, it would be nice if the fans made Jose's decision this off season a little easier; easier to remain with the Mets. Send Jose into the off-season and free agency with love. It has taken the Mets 50 years to have such a player, and another one isn't right around the corner.

Though few fans showed at the stadium last night, the place erupted when Reyes hit his two moon shots, as well as when he made that spectacular play in the field. His second home run interrupted Tejada's AB because the fans wouldn't sit down until Jose came out for a curtain call, which he obliged.

Memo to all Mets fans: Embrace what we have. If the Mets allow him to get away, you might not ever see such an enigmatic, electric, exciting player in your lifetime. Jose is that special, and although I pray today isn't his last game as a Met, but if it is, he will be sorely missed.

Last night I attended the game with my wife (
metsfanbymarriage), my two boys (metsfan97, metsfan99), my daughter (metsfan03), metsfan99's friend, metsfanwannabe, and my brother-in-law, metsfanfromLA, and although the Mets lost, I was left with a memory I will never forget...a great game from our shortstop. Reyes is a possibility for MVP and is a front runner for the batting crown, which no Met has ever won. It would be a shame if he is not here after today to build upon this great year he has a Met.

Don't wait til Jose the love.

Please Stay Jose!


Mets lose-Reyes leading by 1 point- Collins around in 2013

The Mets let another one get away last night losing to the Reds in 13innings 5-4. jose Reyes got up 6 times and had 3 hits and has his average up to .336 1 point above Braun who had 1 hit and is hitting .335 entering the last day.  I am sure Reyes will not sleep as the Mets have there last game of the season today at 1pm.  Then its a waiting game for Reyes who will have to wait until the Brewers play tonight. 

If Reyes by the end of the game is behind Braun you can bet the Brewers will hold Braun out of the game. 

TC had his option picked up for 2013. He has said publically that he expects Warthen to be the pitching coach again next year.Most of said he did the best with the quality of pitching they had.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 games left and its all Jose Reyes

The Mets have 2 games left of the 2011 season.  2 games for Jose to either win the batting title or lose it to Mr Braun over in Milwaukee.   Reyes had 3 hits last night to give him the slighest of edges over Braun..  It is down to the .000000000 decimal point of a lead.   It is ridiculuous to think that Reyes can win or lose it by such a small margin. Nothing really else to watch with this team.

Besides the batting title up for grabs for Mr Jose, it could be the last time he plays in a Met uni.  Of course Alderson had said that October will be Jose month meaning the Mets will do the best to sign the shortstop so he can playfor most of the decade at Citi.  2 games left Jose.  Run Jose Run!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Great wall of Flushing to be crumbled? Citi Field to never be the same.

Ok yeah there needs to be some tweaking at Citi Field so some balls hit actually go out of the park for a homerun.  This way we don’t have to see the faces of Bay and Nuke to cry as they stop at 2nd base for a double that they sure was going out.   The Mets brass though seems to think major changes are needed to make the park neutral. 

Citi field as a NL park is the 3rd toughest park to hit a home run behind the Padres and the Giants park.  As Gary Cohen likes to call it the Great wall of flushing where balls go to die might see the fence dropped to 8ft with a fence in front of the Great wall as well.  I don’t like that idea.  Honestly I don’t like the idea of having a home run line across the huge wall either .  Esthetically a new lower fence in left field is going to look a little odd in front of the huge wall.  The Mets are talking about adding some seating there..  Guess we will have to wait before we pan it. 

In Right field you can say good bye to the Mo zone which now I am sure the Mets will just extend the fence from the bullpen over to the right field line. This will cut down what Lucas Duda will have to cover and at same time I am sure give the Mets more table seating actually on the field . That should be pretty cool .

They might also move in the 415 fence to right center which will make the whiny Daivd Wright happy since that is where his power goes too.   Will they move it in 15-20 feet which will actually make a huge difference for Wright or will it be nominal..If its just a couple of feet Reyes will be happy since if the Mets resign him he will spend his career with double digit seasons of triples 

Sandy Alderson says fans dig offense.  Yes we do ..From our team, not the opposing team. If you look at the splits the Mets aren’t really killing on the road with home runs.

Whatever the Mets do the Park will never look the same and for that I am upset.  They built a pretty cool park here and Just don’t believe the beauty of it will be the same regardless if the Mets start hitting more home runs.    

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cardinals 6 Mets 5: "Goodbye, Farwell, And Amen."

No, this isn't 2006, nor is it 2007 or 2008, but it is painful nonetheless. The last two nights the Mets blew leads late in the game, all at the hands of their inept and over-used bullpen.

One night it might be Beato, another night it might be Igarashi, and then there is still Carrasco and Parnell. The parts are inter-changeable, but the results are the same.

This team has kept us interested much longer than most, if not all, ever expected, but it doesn't make this free-fall any less frustrating. They battle like no other Mets team over the last many years, but the imploding they do is frightening. Last night I blame Collins over the Mets
disbelief er, relief staff. Batista had pitched well, getting two outs, but then Collins had to make the switch to Herrera, the young left hander, to switch Berkman to his weaker right handed side. Berkman singled.

Then Collins made the switch to Beato, wh
o promptly served up a three run bomb to Freese. "Goodby, Farewell, and Amen." That 1/2 inning summed up this Mets season perfectly. Play well, fight back, only to lose.

Unlike BJ Honeycutt, who in the final episode of M*A*S*H was unable to say goodbye to his best friend Hawkeye Pierce at the conclusion of the Korean War, I am able to say "goodbye" to the 2011 season. "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen."

Sources: M*A*S*H, CBS Sportsline

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sandy Alderson tells all during Mets –Cards broadcast.

Ok so the Mets blew another one last night with the incredibly progressing lousy bullpen of theirs in a 11-6 loss.  Sandy Alderson though stole the show for Mets fans for his 3rd inning tell all when it comes to the Mets and what we will see in 2012.  Some highlights.

·         Alderson called October Jose Jose month!!! .  When asked by Gary what will be the first item of business once the off season hits he responded by saying October is Jose month.  The Mets want to gauge interest of course and see if they can resign mr Reyes for 2012 and beyond.
·         Closer-  Sandy as usual tries to not give too much info but when he was asked if the closer for the Mets in 2012 is in the Mets system he basically said he doesn’t think so. TC wants to see the Mets have a  little competition come spring 2012 and I think the Mets brass rather just bring in a guy who would be the closer which I totally agree with. The Mets since K rod left are 2nd in the league in blow saves. Of course it all depends on if the Mets land Reyes to see how much they spend.
·         Big changes to dimensions at Citi sooner rather than later.  Alderson said the changes wouldn’t be subtle.  He did mention to reporters that there have been just a handful of homers by lefties to left center etc.  Look for the wall in LF to have line on it for 2012 as well look to see the Mo Zone probably have a wall in front of it.  Of course that means you might be able to sit beyond the wall on the field. 
·         No big changes to starting pitching- He likes the quantity of work but just wants the quality to better. Guess we are stuck with brainless Pelf.

It stinks having to talk about 2012 already but the season will be over in a week so might as well get ready for another long off season and Alderson seems ready to try to improve the club anyway he can . 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mets last off day before Golf Season.

The Mets enjoy there last day off with some in a Golf outing in St Louis.  Some guys went home  including R A Dickey who was tweeting from Cracker Barrell.   The Mets start a 3 game set Tuesday night with St Louis who play the Phillies tonight. If the Cards win tonight they will be 3 out of the Wild card leading Braves with 9 to play.

Mets have to go  8-1 to finish at .500 for the year.  They already secured a winning record on the road with 42 road wins with 3 to play.  Mets finish the season at home with the Phillies this coming weekend and then the Reds for the final 3 ending with a game next Wednesday. 

Then of course everyone will be on the Jose watch to see if the Mets are able to secure the shortstop or will they be outbid and lose one of the dynamic players to ever wear the Mets uni…..   
From Alderson  in Newsday  "The focus is still on retaining Jose," Alderson said. "But as with any situation that's open-ended, you have to keep alternatives in mind."
  Cant really imagine a Mets team without Reyes leading off.  I mean come on who else will lead off on this team ? Tejada?  ….

Friday, September 16, 2011

Terry Collins: We have folded it in.

Nothing like a  pissed off manager for a team that is floundering.  The Mets mailed another game in yesterday afternoon as they lost to the Nationals 10-1 to complete a horrendous home stand where they went 1-8.  Collins was fuming during his post game presser and afterwards laid it into to his team that has been pretty punchless the last week  .  Collins was quoted as saying that any quitters on this team will not be on this team in 2012!  Who that might mean who knows.  He really has a bullpen that is useless as they go to the ever useless  Igarashi instead of releasing him and of course DJ Carrasco hasn’t been much better.  
From Terry "Obviously, this is an awful time. Awful time," he added. "I'm just disgusted with the way we've played this home stand. Disgusted."

The team is going nowhere fast but at least the manager still cares.  About time the team start looking in the mirror and stop spending there spare time tweeting with fans and go out and win a couple of games.  I mean people are paying good money to see this team play and its pretty embarrassing to watch.  

 I am a die hard fan and maybe have missed maybe 5 games all year that I haven’t watched/dvr until this week.  I watch the first game and part of the 2nd of the National series and have not even turned it on since.  Even though  sometimes Gary, Keith and Ron make it a bit easier to watch when the Mets play lousy it is not working this week. 

Hey METS start playing the way you have all year and stop mailing it in.  I don’t care if you are tired David,Angel, who every else. Make the last 12 games watchable and play like you care!


TC Goes Postal On The Flushing Flops

Mets manager Terry Collins has reached his breaking point. After another lack-luster, lethargic, catatonic performance by his club, Collins was visible upset in his post game (?) presser:

“This game’s played with pride. They’re playing for the exact same thing we are, and that’s pride. That’s a place in the standings that when you walk away you can be proud of."

The Mets were humiliated by their former skipper Davey Johnson and the Washington Nationals, 10-1 in a rain interrupted 10-1 defeat. With the loss, the Mets were swept in the four game series, and are now losers in 6 straight games and 8 of their last 10. Now the Mets are in fourth place behind the very Nationals who embarrassed them.

Collins continued his tirade:

“We’ve got two weeks to go (in the season). And if we’re going to fold up, that tells me something. That tells me a lot about how it’s going to be when it’s crunch time next year, when we are fighting for something.”

Consider this Terry's shot over the bow the sinking ship known as the Mets. Their skipper has just called them out, and it's now time they respond. Many of these players are playing for next year's position on this team. I can't see Collins or Elvis tolerating a group that has played so hard this year simply giving up.

It is time for poster boy Nuke LaLoosh (Wright) to take a long look in the mirror. His fielding has been that of the Bad News Bears, and his offense hasn't been any better. For someone who came back from a stress fracture in his back, who got off to a great start after his return, has been without a pulse on the field. Fielding: Flatline - Hitting: Flatline. It didn't take pitchers long to throw up and in on Wright after his torrid start (after his DL stint), and since then, he has been useless. So instead of useless quotes, work on your fielding. Work on hanging in on an inside pitch.

Reyes got the day off to rest his tight hamstring. It's time for TC to give Nuke a game off to rest his injured psyche.

Tonight the Mets start a series against Atlanta. This is import for nothing more than pride. Some of these players are playing for a spot on next years team. Time for the Flushing Flops to show some life. Hopefully TC's vitriolic press conference is the wake up call.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Was That Willie Harris In CF For Washington?

OUCH! Last night's game hurt. There wasn't just one reason for the pain the Mets caused fans last night. There were a quite a few.

First painful stat is the Mets left 10 men on base. With the dearth of run production the Mets have had of late, this stat really stands out. They are getting people on base, but incapable of plating them.

Second wound was opened when Collins called for Justin Turner to bunt with Bay and Harris on first and second after drawing walks. Turner has the power to drive the Ball, but instead, TC called on Turner to bunt. Turner failed to get the bunt down, and wound up popping up to reliever Drew Storen. Out #1. Next batter, pinch hitter Jason Pridie, grounded into a fielders choice. Runners first and third two outs.

Up steps Jose Reyes. Reyes had one hit on the night, and this was his moment to shine. Reyes had the count 2-0 when he hit a laser beam heading towards the left centerfield gap. Willie Harris had been forced at second the previous batter. Did he changed uniforms and go to CF for the last play? Rick Ankiel came running from CF and made a terrific diving catch to end the game. Reyes hit the ball on the screws and was robbed.

This series Ankiel took the place of Willie Harris, who before this year made a career of killing the Mets with late game defensive gems. Now it's Ankiel's turn, who threw Thole out at the plate last game, and robbed Reyes of a potential game tying double.


I had a bigger problem with Collins having Turner bunt than with Turner failing to get the bunt down. Part of managing, and Collins has done a great job this year, is knowing your players, and Turner isn't a bunter. What he is, is a player capable of driving the ball, and with Storen having control issues, Collins should have allowed Turner to work the count and possibly drive the ball.

The Mets look tired. They have been lethargic during this 5 game losing streak. This season has had many bright points, brighter than we could have expected, but it hurts watching this team disintegrate the last month of the season.

Sources: CBS Sportsline, ESPN (Photo)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Major League Baseball Needs To Re-Examine Their Priorities

Unbelievable! Major League Baseball, yes, the organization that knowingly turned a blind eye to the steroid epidemic for years, felt the need to confiscate the first responders caps from the club that is synonymous with the recovery after September 11, 2001.

Ten years later, people still remark how the Shea faithful and the NY Mets were a huge part in the healing process that was capped off with a Mike Piazza moon shot off Steve Karsay on that September 21st night in 2001. That Mets team was also told not to wear first responders caps, but Todd Zeile, the Mets player rep responded by saying, "They're going to have to pry them off our heads if they think we're going to take those off."

Where was the guts from this cast of Mets? Wright wore a NYPD hat in the dugout, but what would Bud Selig and his cast of idiots, most notably Joe Torre, have done if Wright walked out on the field with the hat on? Wright is the golden child of the Mets, and yes, baseball. Joe Torre was manager when A-Rod, Clemens, and Pettite were juicing, and that was OK. But, if players wore the caps of first responders during a game...that's big trouble.

This topic has been beaten to death, and I don't want to continue to harp on it, but it's a matter of what is really damaging to baseball, and wearing hats in tribute to those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives so that others wouldn't perish is not.

I have a difficult time believing Joe Torre or MLB would be able to enforce any type of fine if the Mets ignored the mandate. The public outcry would have been for a lynching of Selig and Co if they did.

What would have happened if Dickey or Duda or Wright or Reyes or Bay - had not allowed officials to take the hats? My belief is absolutely nothing.

OK, I'm done. I have now taken off my Cap-Gate hat.

Sources: RA Dickey Twitter, Adam Rubin (Zeile Quote)

Monday, September 12, 2011

The nite after Cap gate: Mets vs Nationals September 12th, 2011

The Mets open a 4 game set to finish the home stand with the Nationals tonight.  The day after Cap gate where Joe Torre put his foot down and said no to the Mets wearing Caps of the FDNY and the NY Police etc.  Betcha if Cliff Floyd was on the team the Mets would have gone up against the fray and worn the hats. Can anyone on this team have a backbone?  

Wright has always said that he learned alot watching the Veterans conduct themselves but there are times when you need to man up and as usual Wright showed us what he is made of. 

Mets lineup tonight.   Reyes-SS, Turner-2B, Duda-RF, Wright-3B, Pagan-CF, Bay-LF, Evans-1B, Nickeas-C, Dickey-P

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011: America Remembers Our Fallen Heroes & The Mets Take On The Cubs

A question that will be asked for the rema
inder of our lives: Where were you at 8:46 AM on September 11, 2001? I remember where I was: my wife and I had just dropped off our second son (metsfan99) at Pre-K, and on our way back, we decided to stop into a local Dunkin Donuts. My wife had ordered a donut and a coffee while I had my usual Diet Pepsi. There were about 10 people or so in the establishment and all of a sudden it went silent. There was a television in the upper right hand corner of the store and we watched the smoke billowing out of the North Tower. We finished our order in virtual silence.

Then we went to a local pharmacy and were listening to the radio when the second plane hit the South Tower. When we we
nt home, we were glued to the TV. I happened to be off from work that day, and I was planning on staining a book case we had picked up at a garage sale. The entire day was spent in a fog moving from the TV in the living room to my front lawn to strip and stain the book case. Absolutely surreal.

Watching some of the coverage this morning only brought back those same memories.

I also remember how the Mets captivated not only the city, but the nation with their visible help to the rescue workers and they way they defied Major League Baseball and wore the hats in honor of the brave men and women of the fire departments, police departments, EMC's, etc.

Unfortunately today, the Mets
will acquiesce and obey Major League Baseball. That's a shame. Josh Thole is now saying the players will discuss and make a decision before tonight's game. Nice statement. I just hope for this one game the Mets spit in the eye of MLB.

We here at 24 Hours...have all those who have suffered: first responders, innocent civilians and those in our military - in our prayers. Our hearts go out to you.

Tonight's Mets lineup against the Cubs:

1. Reyes-SS
2. Tejada-2B

3. Duda-RF

4. Wright-3B

5. Pagan-CF

6. Bay-LF

7. Evans-1B

8. Paulino-C
9. Batista-RHP

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Schwinden Gets First Start, Hot Reyes Sits, Paulino Catches: Mets Lineup Game 1 Vs. Braves - September 8, 2011

Chris Schwinden, whom we
profiled yesterday, will gets his first Major League start in game 1 against the Braves in today's day-night double-header.

The percolating Jose Reyes gets a breather in game 1 as Ruben Tejada gets the start at SS. Josh Thole will sit once again (thank God!) as Paulino gets the start (broken toe and all).

Today's game 1 lineup:

1. Tejada-SS
2. Turner-2B
3. Duda-RF
4. Wright-3B
5. Pagan-CF
6. Bay-LF
7. Evans-1B
8. Paulino-C
9. Schwinden-RHP

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chris Schwinden: Pitching Long Shot From Fresno Pacific Is Now With The Mets

In the 22nd round of the 2008 Amateur Draft the Mets signed then 21 year old Chris Schwinden out of Fresno Pacific as the 674th pick of the draft.

The tall righty was ready to abandon his baseball dreams when Fresno Pacific’s coach Oscar Hirschkorn afforded him the opportunity to continue playing. He is grateful to Hirschkorn and others for his recent promotion to the Mets

Said the Mets right-hander:

"The list is long," he said. "I'd have to say #Oscar Hirschkorn# is the biggest one for for giving me the opportunity to keep playing; for taking me in when I had nowhere else to go. I also owe a lot to my pitching coaches; Ricky Bones here in Buffalo, Dana Gomez at COS and Tom Buckley at Golden West. There's so many people to thank that have helped me on this journey. I could go on and on."

Before being drafted in 2008, Schwinden went 6-1 with a 2.48 ERA and school record of 98 K’s for Fresno Pacific after transferring from College of the Sequoias. 2008 was an exciting year for Schwinden who was name GSAC Pitcher Of The Year as well as being drafted by the Mets. Again, Schwinden acknowledges coach Hirschkorn:

"He made the calls. He got me seen by scouts so most of the credit goes to him. I was really close to being done with baseball. I can't say enough good things about Oscar and Fresno Pacific."

Hirschkorn has a mutual respect and appreciation of Schwinden:

"I'm just really proud of Chris. All the time and sacrifice he put in, he's made us all proud. A lot of players would have 'hung em up' but he persevered."

Schwinden has become the first FP player to make the pro’s.

Before being called up to the Mets, Schwinden was packing his clothes after the conclusion of the Mets AAA affiliate Buffalo Bison’s season when pitching coach Ricky Bones came to him:

"He asked what I was doing," said Schwinden. "When I told him I was packing up my clothes he said 'You're gonna need better clothes than that' and called me into the manager's office."

"You're going to the big leagues," Buffalo manager Tim Teufel would tell him. The words every baseball minor leaguer longs to hear and the culmination of a long journey of hard work by the 24-year-old righthander originally drafted in the 22nd round of the 2008 Amateur Draft.

"I did think [making the majors] was a possibility," said Schwinden, thinking back to the day he was drafted. "I thought it was going to take a lot longer than this, but I was given the right opportunities and didn't let them pass me by. It's all worked out for the best. I haven't regretted anything."

The future certainly looks bright for the Buffalo Bisons AAA Pitcher Of The Year, and although he isn’t sure if he will be used in relief or as a starter, the young right-hander is excited to have this opportunity.

Sources: KMPH Fox 26, Baseball Reference

Mets beat Marlins in extra:Evans full of hits!

The Mets beat the Marlins in extra this morning 7-4 after a 12 ining battle.  The Mets kept giving up the lead and once again Bobby Parnell had a leas in bottom of 9th and gave up 2 runs to tie the game at 4. 

Nick Evans had 3 clutch hits. Hear that Mr Wright?  3 clutch hits in 1 game!  Not a  season.  Evans gave the Mets the lead 3 different times and in the 12th for good. He joins everyone favorite Jason Phillips and Mike Piazza has players with 3 go ahead hits in 1 game. 

Jose Reyes had 3 hits to place him in front again in the batting race.  

The Mets forgot how to throw strikes in this game with giving up 10 walks. 

Mets box score

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mets comeback wasted- Parnell blows it

The Mets are still fighting in every game eventhough they are not in playoff hunt. The Mets came back from 5-0 last night to take a 1run lead into the 9th . Manny Acosta pitched 2 innings and struck out 5 and gave Parnell the opportunity to save a great comeback but of course 1 pitch Parnell blew it.

TC Said after game that Parnell is still close dejour. Mr 9 lives Parnell for some reason can blow 20 games and still get chance to pitch 9 th so he can be groomed for 2012. Time to give Acosta a chance.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mets M*A*S*H Unit Rolls Into Washington: Mets Lineup Vs. Nationals

The Mets M*A*S*H unit pulls into Washington tonight to start a three game series against the Nationals.

Mike Nickeas and Justin Turner will get starts at Catcher and 2B respectively. RA Dickey will look to prolong the Mets winning ways when he opposes Ross Detwiler.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes-SS
2. Turner-2B
3. Duda-RF
4. Wright-3B
5. Pagan-CF
6. Bay-LF
7. Evans-1B
8. Nickeas-C
9. Dickey-RHP

Revenge Is Sweet! Mets Eliminate Marlins From Post Season Play

...OK, not as heartbreaking of an achievement as what the Marlins bestowed upon the Mets in 2007 and 2008, but at least the Mets solidified the Marlins "fate" after taking 4 of 5 games from the Marlins with last nights 7-5 victory.

Miguel Batista earned his 100th career win while pitching 6 innings and allowing 2 runs.

With last night's win, the Mets have won 6 of their last
10 games. Tonight they travel to Washington to take on the Nationals. RA Dickey will oppose Ross Detwiler.

On The Injury Front: Both Ruben Tejada and Josh Thole left last nights games with hand injuries; Tejada got plunked on the knuckle/hand on his bottom, left hand. Thole was injured when he and Batista had mixed signals on a pitch. Thole was thinking slider and Batista was throwing a fastball. Thole's XRays were negative, but will have an MRI today due to much swelling in the wrist.

With Mike Nickeas the only healthy catcher, the Mets might need to look down on the farm for another backstop. The most likely candidate would be 38 year old
Raul Chavez from AAA Buffalo.

Entering the last real month of the season, the Mets will look to finish strong, and upper management will take long looks at the youngsters, most notably Lucas Duda, Ruben Tejada, and Nick Evans. All three have played well with increased playing time. Hopefully they will take a long look at Jose, and start figuring out what it will take to re-sign him.

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