Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Does Alderson Believe In Anyone But Himself?

Sandy Alderson has been Mets General Manager for 14 months, and one thing has become abundantly clear: Elvis doesn’t like what isn’t his.

More to the point, if you’ve been paying special attention to what Elvis has done since his hiring, he isn’t just trying to change the attitude of the Mets, he is also trying to change everything about the Mets, and to me, this isn’t necessary.

Yes, there are players that need/needed to go. Although I am a huge fan of Carlos Beltran, the Mets had to make that trade. At first glance, it was a terrific trade, with the Mets acquiring Zach Wheeler. Wheeler right now is the highest ranking prospect in the Mets system.

Francisco Rodriguez also had to go. Not just from his anger management issues, but also for his easily acquired option kicking in which would have paid him $17M for 2013.

Alderson also did a respectable job biopsying the cancers on the Mets; most notably Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez. Although it was a huge financial hit for the financially strapped Mets, ridding the Mets of these two tumors was essential for the growth of the organization.

Where Alderson is concerning me, is his treatment of players that deserve more respect. I have read volumes from reporters, bloggers, and pundits about the treatment of Jose Reyes. I have no qualms with Elvis not wanting to go to a 6 year deal, but to sit idly by while the Marlins and Brewers were showing not only money, but more importantly, interest in the Mets former Mets superstar Shortstop is unconscionable. Jose Reyes is the best homegrown talent the Mets have developed not named Seaver or Strawberry, and Elvis let him walk without so much as an offer. He had last off-season to approach Reyes and did not. Reyes very clearly said he wouldn’t accept an offer during the baseball season, and he honored his word. Alderson didn’t use his window of exclusivity at seasons’ end to negotiate with Reyes, and once Jose was free to talk to other teams, the Mets GM still didn’t’ show any interest. Reyes deserved more than that, especially after putting together an MVP type season.

Although Alderson did sign RA Dickey to a two year deal last off season, he doesn’t seem to be in Dickey’s corner. It was known last winter that Dickey was looking to hike Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Bombay Teen Challenge, a charity that helps victims of sex trafficking.

The Mets sent a form letter to Dickey’s agent, Bo Mckinniss, voicing their opposition to Dickey’s charity excursion. According to the Wall Street Journal Alderson said, “If we thought it was a good idea, we wouldn’t have sent the letter. Beyond that, have we tried to dissuade him from going? It seems to me that the letter is enough of an effort to dissuade him, and he intends to go on nonetheless.”

Makes me wonder if Elvis and the Mets are hoping Dickey sustains some sort of injury so that he can void his $4.5M contract.

Then there are the rumors and suppositions: Will he trade Daniel Murphy? Will he trade Jon Niese? Both players have been rumored in possible Mets trades. What about David Wright? He is entering his last year (option not included), and is due to earn $15M this year. If his option is exercised, he will earn $16M in 2013. I think Elvis will try and move Wright by the trading deadline.

Think about it: Niese – signed by Minaya; Wright – signed by Duquette; Reyes – signed by Duquette; Murphy – signed by Minaya; Beltran – signed by Minaya.

Trading Niese would be foolish. He is young and a lefty. Many have written about his poor conditioning, but no one is complaining about Pelfrey’s insufferable pitching. Why?

Much of my reasoning might be able to be explained away, but I have the awful feeling that Elvis doesn’t want anything to do with his predecessor’s players, and want his own players, regardless of the cost. Look how many Blue Jays have been brought on since JP Ricciardi was hired. Brad “Are You Kidding Me” Emaus. Another wasted Rule 5 pick.

Ultimately we all want a winner, and I understand the old adage that “you cheer for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back”, but it’s the name on the back of the jersey that made us fans to begin with. Fans need not only a team, but players they can follow. No one wants a revolving door. What’s more exciting than watching one of your home-grown players doing well for your team? It’s all about loyalty, and loyalty can’t be a one way street.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today in Mets history: Who will be Howie’s side kick?

As we lumber ever so close to The jolly fat man making a appearance just a couple of little tidbits on this rather mild late December afternoon.

Today in Mets history the Mets signed free agent and fan favorite for his 2006 catch Endy Chavez back in 2005.  Endy was recently reported on the Mets radar but was signed by the Orioles.  The Mets also signed Seth Green and Ramon Castro as free agents on this day. 

The Mets recently announced they are not bringing back Wayne Hagan in the Radio booth . Good !   Hagan at times can be insufferable. This means Mets die hard Howie Rose needs a side kick.  I created a poll with some names of guys that have been mentioned. Ralphie gets honorable mention just for the fact its Ralphie. Who doesn’t love his stories and his remembrance of players names.   I think the job should go to Eddie C but they might not want to have 2 Met lifers in the booth. 

There was some chatter about the Wilpon’s and Saul buying $20M shares.  Can the clowns please stop with their madness already. 

Mets database

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Xmas is a competitive Met team.

Good news for the Mets as we head into the Holidays .  No one on the team has smashed there head or leg into the coffee table trying to get the last mini hot dog appetizer.    No Mets has bashed his leg as he cuts down the holiday tree. Mr Met has not got his big head caught in the door delivery holiday 5 packs to dazed Met fans.    See  it’s not that bad of a off season.  

The Mets added there closer yesterday after a 2 week physical it seemed and now have a complete 40 man roster.  So unless they bring in people on minor league deals , the likes of DJ Carasco might be shown the door.  Nothing like some holiday cheer for his family come Jan or some of the minor league Mets that would have to be moved off the roster to accommodate a outfielder, back up shortstop or pray tell a Pitcher since we all know Johan will not be ready.  

The Mets have shown interest in Jack Wilson who of course has begged his agent to find another team for him to play on.   This is not the time for players to be running to play for the Mets.  It is sad that its come to this.   Our big NY team is what is left of the party when all the good stuff is taken.

To be competitive in the NL East the Mets will have to inquire with the guy in red about some miracles.  Not sure we have that under the tree this year.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mets- Wilpons: Living a life of fantasy.

It is one thing to be a optimist.  Most Met fans gave the Mets a sliver of respect up until the time Reyes was lost to the freaking Marlins.  Then all optimism and respect were gone.  The Wilpon’s have done their best job running this Ny franchise to the ground. What is just icing on the cake is they really think fans are stupid.  No one who is a fan has any optimism for this mostly assembled Mets team in 2012. Yes fans will show up to see the likes or Wright .Davis and Murphy play but the expectations are 0.  Like we have with the Wilpons to do the right thing and sell the team. 

What I find funny is for the last couple of months we are thrown this BS about Johan Santana being ready for 2012.  Yeah ok  who believes that?   The Mets are big on spin. Why because they need to sell tickets.  That is why it’s no shocker that now it comes out that he might not be ready.  Really?  wow a eye opener.  Santana had the same surgery as  Mark Prior.  Who might you ask?  The guy who was lights out for the cubs it seems years ago and is still try to come back.  What about the Nats Chin Mo mi mum Wang.  He had same surgery and it’s taken him 2 years . So Santana being the determined guy he is will be back in 1?  Please just stop.  We know better than that. 

Now we hear that through the Daily News that Wilpons are nearing the end of their rope with the banks.  Really?  another shocker.  Like most companies banks let them leverage the franchise to the hilt in the hopes that things turn around.   Why because better to be mortgage to the hilt then go bankrupt.

The Wilpons are banking on these 20M shares in the Mets to save them while the team tanks .  Of course what does all those shares give them a year before there in the same boat? Nothing like long range planning!  If the Mets lost 70M with a budget of 140M and over 2M fans how many fans do they need to break even with a 100M payroll?  3 Million?  That makes me want to go to see the Mets  in 2012 with a .220 hitter leading off .  Can you feel the excitement?

Mets fans know it is time for the Wilpons to call it a day and sell the team but hey they will try to keep spinning that everything is ok with Selig at their side.  Too bad the Wilpons and Selig  live in a fantasy world and don’t get it and us fans have to suffer.

Side note-  Title is from a song going back a bit?  Any takers on the group?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daniel Murphy Tears ACL Pivoting Child Off His Knee At Mets Christmas Party

Daniel Murphy has been moved to the 60 day DL in injuring his left knee while trying to make the pivot in removing a small boy from his knee.

Murphy, who is this year's Santa Claus at the Mets Christmas party, was talking to reporters that he has worked hard on his double play pivot, and should be "flawless" in his pivot on the double play. Murphy was injured (knee both times) at second base in both 2010 and 2011. The injuries were caused by Murphy's sloppy foot work around second.

While being Santa today, Murphy was telling reporters that his knee is healthy, and he has been working on his fundamentals in 'turning two" - especially working on the pivot. Just then, a young boy who had been on Murph's lap asking Santa for an XBox, was due to leave Santa. Murphy, showing off his improved pivot, turned to his right, displaying his pivot and to remove the small boy, screamed in agony and crumbled to the ground as the youngster ran to his mother. Santa Murph was carted off with an initial diagnosis of a torn ACL. ***

Justin Turner, who was also at the party with Jon Niese, had a difficult time holding back a smirk.

Adam Rubin, Bitter Bill

*** Murphy was indeed the Mets Santa this year, but did not injure himself. Just a running joke started by Bitter Bill.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mets To Make Move On Ronny Paulino Today

The Mets m
ust make a decision as to whether to tender catcher Ronny Paulino a contract by today's non-tender deadline.

As we reported back on November 28th, the Mets are quite
displeased with Paulino's poor work ethic and lack of preparation, along with his laziness. If the Mets non-tender Paulino, the Mets catching tandem would most likely be Mike Nickeas and Josh Thole. Nickeas the superb defensive catcher lacks a bat the Mets will need, but with Thole and his defense, you might be able to live with Nickeas' bat and his defensive prowess, as opposed to Thole's poor defense and powerless bat. My guess would be to platoon the two.

There is no guarantee that the Mets will non-tender Paulino, although that is the likely route. Mike Pelfrey, newly acquired Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez are arbitration eligible. It is not believed that either will be non-tendered since they were acquired in the Angel Pagan trade.

Pelfrey will probably stick around because he is considered a cheap option while logging 200 innings. With a lack of funds for any sort of upgrade, the Mets are stuck with Pelfrey for the time being.

By process of elimination, it is believe Paulino will be given his walking papers. The Mets might non-tender Torres, but they don't have anyone Major League ready to patrol centerfield.
Fernando Martinez had been horrible this winter and Kirk Nieuwenhaus and Matt den Dekker might not yet be ready.

The Mets decision on whom they non-tender will be made sometime today. Stay tuned...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rodney Dangerfield Got No Respect? Gil Hodges Overlooked For Hall Of Fame (Again)

What has seemed to be an event every few years, once again Dodger and Mets (Manager) great Gil Hodges is denied election into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame.

On Monday (December 5th) the Golden Era Committee announced that Hodges did not receive the required votes. The Committee votes on players no longer on the ballot who played between 1947 and 1972.

Cubs 3B
Ron Santo did finally gain enshrinement by the committee. Santo won 5 Gold Gloves and hit 342 HR's and 1331 RBI for his career.

Hodges won 3 Gold Glove awards, hit 370 HR's, and 1274 RBI. Hodges lifetime batting average was .273 while Santo's was .277.

The Dodger great had more RBI in the 1950's than any other National League player, and was an All Star 8 times.

Santo was an All Star 9 times.

As a member of the Dodgers he was on 2 World Series Championship teams (1955 Brooklyn Dodgers & 1959 Los Angeles Dodgers) and was the skipper of the 1969 Miracle Mets.

Hodges was always well respected by his teammates and well as his players. He was considered a silent giant.

The problem with these committees is that they base Hodges stats on today's game. HR's were not as prevalent in the 1940's through the 1960's as it is today. As for the Gold Gloves, the award didn't exist before 1957, when Hodges won it for 1B. He had been playing for 10 years at that point.

As we all should know by now, I am a
card carrying member for the Enshrinement Of Gil Hodges Club. Hopefully before his widow Joan passes on, she will be able to experience the election of her husband to the Hall Of Fame.

...And Rodney Dangerfield felt he got no respect.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mets morning slog- New Bullpen and Angel Pagan sent packing.

The Mets had a flurry of excitement last night that had the twitter world a buzz.  Ok so maybe no excitement but a lot of multitasking was done.  J P Ricciardi used his gift of gab I am sure to help the Mets sign 2 relievers that were on the Blue Jays last year.  Big guy Jon Rauch who Daniel Murphy had mentioned looked like he was handing the ball to the catcher and Francisco.  The Mets wanted to have a bullpen that wouldn’t give up leads like they did after K Rod departed.  That means Parnell will be at most a 7th inning pitcher. Good ..I am tired of Parnell. 

The Mets also shipped out Angel Pagan.  Pagan wasn’t a favorite of the brass with how he whined about batting 1st last  year when Reyes was down. He heads to the Giants for Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez. Yeah ok for a team that was throwing around “getting younger is key” in our face we now have a guy who is turning 34 in January to play CF.  He is a superior defensive player compared to Pagan but how long will he be able to lead off if he is batting .210?    Already the morning airwaves were whining about the deals.  Of course I am glad that Pagan is gone and Ramirez ERA over the last 6 years has been under 3.00 but we cant score runs if you don’t get on base. 

The other issue is that  this team now is a base to base team without Pagan and of course Reyes.  Mets cried about how there was no taking the extra base and they need to be more aggressive on the base paths.  Yeah well you know Murphy will be thrown out 5-6 times at 3rd for trying foolishly to take the extra base but who has speed on this team now?   Bay?  Wright?   Ahhhhhh  help help!!!!
Met trades

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mets Busy Day Two After Reyes Fiasco: Deflecting Fans Ire?

After being hammered by fans, the press, as well as TV and radio sportscasters, the NY Mets have been quite active this evening.

Things started off when the Mets announced that they had reached a one year $3.5M contract agreement with 6'10" reliever Jon Rauch.

No sooner had that been announced when we started hearing that Pagan might be on his way out (Thank God!). It was later confirmed that Pagan was sent to the San Francisco Giants for OF Andreas Torres and Relief Pitcher Ramon Ramirez. Torres, who will replace Pagan and play CF, is going to be 34 in January. According to what Steve Popper responded to my partner, Torres will lead off.

Before tweets could die down, news broke that the Mets had signed reliever
Frank Francisco to a 2 year $12M deal. Francisco will most likely be the closer.

Let's not get too carried away with all the deals that have been made tonight. Not one of these players will replace Jose Reyes, and although Torres is older than I would like, he might just be a stop-gap until Nieuwenhuis or den Dekker are ready.

Elvis' moves tonight remind me of when US troops began Operation Desert Fox while former President Clinton was being impeached for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Doesn't change what happened.

As usual, all these deals are pending the players passing physicals.

Mets and Jose Reyes and being frugal.

I really couldn’t speak my mind on Jose leaving NY for the Miami marlins yesterday .  Alderson said it best yesterday .  When someone is sick for a long time you kind of prepare yourself but when it actually happens you still are stunned.  I was foolishly optimistic I do admit thinking the Mets would re sign Reyes.  I mean did we want to say we would be better without him? .  The guy is electric and anyone who has been to Citi watching Reyes leg out a triple would agree. 

The Mets of course NOW decide that losing $$ is a problem .  it is not like the Mets in the past have signed over the hill guys to bloated contracts. Of course Reyes is not over the hill but he and us fans must pay for the owners we have. It is a crying shame we have to watch a home grown talent rip up the league including us.  .

So now the Mets will lose 40-50M in 2012 instead of 70M as attendance plummets.  There is no way to spin 2012 for the Mets besides we have owners now that are penny pinchers and at this point should just sell the team.  What about the 2012 Mets will be exciting to watch??  Alderson when asked that yesterday couldn’t even answer that.  Pathetic… that is the Mets in 2012.

From Terry Collins  As I said during the summertime, if there was somebody I would pay to see play, it’s Jose Reyes,” Collins said. “So there’s a part of me that’s disappointed

I can see it now… Watching  Reyes come to NY April 24th on his first trip as a visitor and steals 5 bases on Thole as Heath Bell closes out the Marlins victory.  The Mets will finish in the basement as the rest of the division gets better. Alderson I bet wishes he stayed away from being a GM.  Just like the non die hards probably will from going to games.  Optimism  gone .


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Talk Me In Off The Ledge! Reyes Bolts For Miami

The Mets budget will be approximately $120M in 2012. No wait, it will be $110 in 2012. That is not quite accurate, the Mets budget will be around $100M in '12. Well, looks like the Mets budget will be around $90M this coming season.

Then there were accounts from Elvis that the Mets really wanted Jose, and want him to remain a Met. The Mets were going to allow the market to be set, and then make an offer to Jose. The Marlins reached out to Reyes...the Mets didn't. Jose wanted to remain and Met, the Mets didn't want Jose to remain a Met. If the Mets had just shown a modicum of interest, maybe Jose wouldn't be a Marlin pending a physical.

What this labotomized brain-dead ownership doesn't realize that in being a fan is not just for the team, but the players who play for their team. It's hard to follow a team if the roster changes every two years. Imagine Mantle being a Red Sox player? How about DiMaggio? Aaron? Granted, he was with the Brewers the end of his career, but that was when he was ready to retire.

I'm not saying that Reyes is in the same league as those mentioned above, but he is the best home-grown talent they've had since Darryl Strawberry. Darryl also left because the Mets didn't show an interest.

If the Mets were never going to be a part of the Reyes market, they should have said so, or at the very least, don't blow smoke up the fans backside about how much they still want #7, but do ABSOLUTELY ZERO to retain him.
They should just never have addressed it.

The news from tonight is not one that is going to sell tickets. Oh wait, they are interested in Luis Ayala...

Jose Reyes is the most dynamic player not named Strawberry to ever come through the Mets system, and they let him go. I'm not saying that the Mets should have offered 6 years, but if they came in with a 5 year $100M contract, that might have been enough to keep with Jose.

Now, do I think Jose made the right move? No I don't. The Marlins usually sell off parts after a few years, and Reyes' contract is being reported to not have a "No Trade" clause.

I am furious with the Mets. Yes, Jose has been my favorite player of this recent Mets club (since 2004 or so), but the fact that he loves NY and wanted to stay here, but the Mets didn't show the love, is unacceptable. My kids aren't yet aware, but I know they will be crushed.

I have one main question for the Mets: Why should I go out to Citi Field in 2012? Whom should I root for? Wright? Bay and his 7 HR's? Possibly Davis, but there isn't much else. The Mets will see how poor a choice Tejada is for SS. He isn't a Major League SS, he is more of a 2B. But rest-assured, the Mets will get even more "ROLE PLAYERS" for this coming season.

I lived through McGraw being traded, Rusty being traded, Seaver being traded, Grote being traded, Darryl leaving, as well as Alfonzo. This one might hurt the most.

My message to Jose: I have no hard feelings. None at all. But, it will make me sick to my stomach seeing #7 in another uniform.

What I cannot forgive is that Elvis and the Mets were being the two tailors selling us something that wasn't really there
... just like in the Emperor's New Clothes.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cap Changes Caps: Capuano Signs With Dodgers - Omar Hired In SD

Busy day for former Mets personnel.

Former Mets GM Omar Minaya has been hired by San Diego GM Josh Byrnes, who was on the Mets short list of GM candidates last year, to be special assistant to the GM. According to Adam Rubin, Minaya's role will be:

"Special assistant. Basically advise. Look at potential trade targets, draft picks, etc."

Minaya has always been regarded as a master talent evaluator, and personally I wish him the best of luck.

As for Capuano, he has reportedly been signed by the Dodgers. The Dodgers, according to Jon Heyman, have offered Capuano a 2 year deal for $10M. That's a lot of scratch for a six inning pitcher.

I liked Capuano's guile and intelligence on the mound. He knew how to get by when he didn't have his best stuff. I was fortunate to be at the game last August where Capuano threw a complete game, two hit gem, in shutting out the Braves 6-0.

Although I like Capuano, a two year $10M deal is a bit much for a pitcher who has had two Tommy John surgeries.

That being said, now the attention becomes more intense on Elvis. Pelf is a nervous wreck on the mound, Johan will be a shadow of his former self, Niese is still learning the ropes as is Gee. The Mets need a solid perform to round out the rotation. Unfortunately, they probably don't have the money to accomplish that feat.

Sit tight Mets fans, only three more days until the Winter Meetings begin and we can hear all the Jose Reyes rumors...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

So long Nick, Just say no to Posada. Mets latest and greatest.

The off-season is starting to pick up steam as we head into next week GM Meetings.  The Mets held a Q&A last night for season ticket holders where Alderson was quoted as saying the 2012 team will be fun to watch!  Yeah ok  you realize no one believes that for a moment regardless of new dimensions in Citi and another Wild Card team.  

The Mets say goodbye to Pat Misch who signed a deal with the Phillies the other day and the 2011 recipient of the Heath Bell award Nick Evans. Evans who really couldn’t break the lineup for the Mets the last couple of years and was usually taking puddle jumpers from Buffalo has decided to move on.  The Bucs signed him to a minor league deal the other day.  Evans who some of us here at 24 hours had a man crush on him , me not included, did whatever was asked of him.  He is a good kid and always will remember his debut in Colorado with all those doubles. We wish him well.

The Mets are eying some defensive help behind the dish. Mets brass weren’t happy with Paulino and Thole seem to take a step back .There might have some interest in Jason Veritek who is a free agent. Love the guys attitude but at this point might not be much of a offensive upgrade over Nickeas at this point in his career. Jon Heyman suggested Jeff Mathis. Yankee star Posada called the Mets but the Mets said no thanks.  Alderson rebuffed any disccusion happened.

Mets are showing some interest in Brad Lidge and Jon Rauch for there bullpen.  Lidge I would take a look at as long as the contract is 1 year maybe but Rauch to me isn’t worth a look.  He never seems to be consistent when he gets a chance at closing and if I remember correctly tends to be wild.  

Mets still need to also acquire a pitcher to go for the #5 spot.  I am sure the Mets don’t expect Johan to be ready to take his roll right away in the starting lineup.  Honestly I think Pelf should have to fight for a starting rotation spot since he has been horrible.