Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Being a Mets fan with today’s Social Media: The good with the bad.

 Remember the day when you waited for the newspaper to deliver your updates on the Mets in spring?   That is all I  had growing up.  Then of course locally WFAN change that in 1980’s.    Then we had ESPN and all the cable coverage.  Still of course that wasn’t enough so the blogging world was created and fans such ourselves could chat and give our opinion.  That of course meant you had to sit in front of your computer.  NO more now.  With the smart  phones we are just a click away from reading 200 articles on the Mets taking a helicopter to the Knicks-Miami game.  (sigh)  Well it was fun for a time being. 

With the invention of Twitter fans now can find tune who they follow and get a chance to read what they want about the Mets. I love that . To me particularly this year it totally has been a god send.  With a 9 month old taking about most of my time, without the ability to read articles on my phone I would feel like I am a fair weather fan. I just don’t have the time to sit in front of the puter these days.   I might realize sooner than later that I will never again have that luxury.  That is why I love the ability to read what certain scripes like Rubin, Madden, the Bitter Bill or Popper before he jumped ship .  I love the fact I can click a link and boom read the article about the Gary Carter patch. Or what Sandy had to say during his Q&A etc or how TC was PO’d about Tejada.    This is the good stuff.   Then there is the bad stuff..  

The fact now that there needs to be news out there all the time even the guys  I like have to get content out there about stuff as a big hard met fan I could care less about.  I don’t care about the freaking Helicopter ride to the Knick game by Mets brass.  Or what everones opinion on the new underdog shirts.  It is about baseball pure and simple and what goes on the field.  Yes its great to have this ability to chat with players via Twitter but most of this is just pure fluff. Which is exemplified during spring training.

That to me is the bad side of social media.  These media guys are stuck since they are I am sure told to have new content constantly. 

SO for now I have to read sparingly until the season starts.  Or I might be reading Jason Bay talk about how he is in the best shape of his career or David Wright talk about for the 400th time about what he thinks the Mets will do about his contract.  Is it April yet?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fred Speaks: Why Must We Be Subjected To This Every Spring?

It is that time of year where Spring Blooms Eternal. Yes it does, when speaking of the Mets owner, Spring Blooms Eternal Balderdash!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year where Fred Wilpon addressed the media, which has become a seminar of BS.

A few years ago it was about Madoff, and that it wouldn't affect the Mets baseball operation(s). Well, we all know how that turned out.

There have also been some years where he has said things about his own players (see David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Jason Bay).

Then there was that spring when he said the manager (Willie Randolph) was safe, only to have him fired in July.

Fred has a propensity for saying things that aren't true. I believe he thinks he can "hoodwink" the media and fans, which he cannot.

A small snippet of Right Said Fred 2012 shows that Mets ownership had nothing to do with Jose not being with the team. Sure, OK. Here is how he answered a few questions about the Mets, former Mets All Star Shortstop, Jose Reyes (thanks to Adam Rubin):

Is it fair to say the contract Reyes got from Miami was more or less a baseball decision as opposed to having anything to do with team finances?

"It was clearly a baseball decision. Are we a little leery of six-year, seven-year, eight-year contracts? Yes. Is Sandy leery of it? You bet. I'm big-time leery of it. So, listen, others have done it. I don't want to criticize anybody else whose done something different. We did different also, and we were burned. That doesn't mean there won't be some player in the future that we think we would do something with longer term, but the history has not been very good."

How much has the payroll been affected by Madoff? Would Jose Reyes still be here?

"I've said, no, because I don't think Sandy would have made the kind of arrangement that he was able to make elsewhere. I think Sandy offered $100 million if he stayed on the field and that he could earn. And the amount of time was less time than he got elsewhere. So that was Sandy's decision. Absolutely Sandy's decision."

Come on - according to Reyes, his agent, and Elvis himself, there was no official offer made to Reyes. Elvis chose to "wait to see what the market would bear."

I still contend that if the Mets had offered Jose 5 years $100M, that would have been enough to keep him #7 (not Geren) and on the team. FRED, THERE WAS NO OFFICIAL OFFER FROM THE METS TO REYES.

Another thing I found rather disturbing is how Fred doesn't address his players by their names. When speaking of the talent on the Mets, Fred said that Sandy had many calls for "our right fielder" and a number of calls on "the injured first baseman." He is the owner of this team, as he loves to state, can't he at least address Lucas Duda and Ike Davis by name? Many might not see it as a big deal, but to me, it's disrespectful.

The annual Mets spin-doctoring has begun. My one question is when Fred Speaks, why must we be subjected to this every spring?

Thanks to Adam Rubin for taking the time to transcribe the interview. Click on link to read the State Of The Mets Address in its entirety.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Braun gets off on a Technicality. Who is at fault? Blame MLB.

Ok so this isn’t a Mets post but I really have to spout a bit. Ryan Braun has claimed his innocence on the positive test he had since day 1.  He had passed 25 tests over time and 3 pretty recent to the one he was showing testosterone levels 3 times higher then anyone has been recorded .  So why does he get off and not have to be suspended 50 games.  Because the protocol wasn’t followed in regards to his specimen getting to the lab that needed to do the testing.   So instead of having to prove his innocence he just proves the chain of custody wasn’t followed and bam appeal overturned.  What a joke.   MLB blames the arbitrator.  Of course why wouldn’t they.  Why would they want to look at themselves for not having the correct protocol in place with no loopholes.  They never hear of weekends?

First off the thing that really bothers me about this is the fact that  there were 3 arbitrators and they didn’t need to be all on the same page.  They voted 2 to 1 to overturn it.  Yes I know this isn’t a trial but come on you have arbitrators being able to overturn a suspension based on protocol not being followed so why are they allowed to have a 2 to 1 vote and that’s it?  Blame MLB.  Everything was negoatied by the Players union and MLB.  They came up with the protocol and everything surrounding the testing.  They created the ability to have something sneek through the cracks.  The lab who tested Braun said that the extra day wouldn’t effect the specimen but that doest matter.   So MLB has this policy that has loopholes and a player and his lawyer exploited it. 

Now if I was a player who was suspended I would be kicking my lawyer right now for not trying to get me off on a technicality.  Or have them see if they can use this case as a means of trying to get there overturned.  Here that Manny? 

Ryan Braun failed a test and now gets to play.  Of course Bud Selig could do something about it since he is the  Commissioner but I am sure the union would fight him.  Its not like the good ole days where commissioner Landis suspended some players for life. 

Of course morality doesn’t come into play.  If Braun knows why his level was up. Speak up.  Some on the vine have claimed it was to clear up a STD.  What if you’re a kid that idiolizes Braun and you see him now as Teflon don .  He did something he shouldn’t have done and is off scott free… Very nice. 

Here are some Met Quotes..no names of course. 

Oh, wow," a Mets player said on Friday, after hearing of Braun's chain-of-custody explanation. "That was his defense? Now every positive test is going to be challenged. That could be a mess."

Added a third player: "What a joke."

Another Met said: "Seems like he's guilty."
It’s a sad day in baseball that’s all there is to it.    

Fox Sports, nydailynews

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ike Davis back in camp. What is the real story in Mets land?

Sometimes there is way too much information out there on the smallest details.  Take Ike Davis for one.  He went to NY yesterday and Met land was in a tizzy…  Some were like..what..he is hurt before camp even starts?   What is with this team ..Is it cursed..Who will play 1st…blah blah.  Ok he is back now.  Minor lung infection and not even on antibiotics..   Non story but hey it was out there for everyone to fret.  Remember the days when you didn’t hear anything?  Now you have the Mets GM tweeting and answering questions to fans.  Talk about up front in personal. 

Everyone seems to think Santana is the story .  Will he pitch opening day  etc etc..    Too me there is only 1 story..  Who will replace the 100 runs scored by Jose Reyes?   It won’t be new CF Mr Torres.  This worries me.  We will have a guy leading off that has a extremely low OBP.  Of course he might be the guy in 2012 who played great for the Giants in 2010 but who are we kidding. See Jason Bay..   The Mets need base runners and if you have Andres Torres with a .300 on base percentage leading off it will be tough to get runs in.

  Now with Murphy being a doubles machine that could help but the Mets need to work on taking the extra base this pre season and getting runners home and sometime taking chances.  No one player is going to make up for Reyes so they all will have to pitch in. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mets Organization Continue Their Oblivious Ways

Yesterday the Mets continued with their purging of their past. The Mets disrespectfully and foolishly have assigned new bench coach Bob Geren Jose Reyes’ #7.

We all know how badly the Mets handled the Reyes situation. The Wilpon’s might not have had the money to sign Jose, but they didn’t even offer courtesy call or offer to re-sign the NL batting champion and All Star.

As David Lennon tweeted yesterday, that newly hired bench coach Bob Geren has been assigned Jose’s #7. I am not saying that #7 should be emblazoned on the outfield wall at Gil Hodges Memorial Park (GHMP), er Citi Field, but couldn’t this embarrassment of an organization have waited a year or two before reassigning #7?

For an ownership that is so enamored of the Brooklyn Dodgers, so much that in the Mets new park they have an entire rotunda paying homage to Jackie Robinson, who never played nor worked for the Mets. It took another year before any Mets history or memorabilia showed up at the stadium.

How is this related? Quite easily; this ownership has absolutely no sense of history for the organization they own. They don’t understand how important former and present players are to the fans and their sense of history. Whether it be Choo-Choo Coleman, Sammy Drake, Marv Throneberry, Hot Rod Kanehl, Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Tug McGraw, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Edgardo Alfonzo, Mike Piazza, David Wright, and yes, Jose Reyes – this organization doesn’t get it.

It took years out fan out crying to return Banner Day to the Mets schedule. Why is it important? Because it is important to the fans. When fans are happy and participating, they are spending money. When they are spending money, the owners make profits.

Back to Jose, he was fans most favorite player, especially after an MVP type season last year. It’s bad enough the Mets weren’t able to/didn’t sign him, but to allow him to walk without so much as a phone call is reprehensible. To follow that up, after Jose signed with the Marlins, who indicated he was hurt because the Mets didn’t “show the love.” To that, Elvis callously retorted, “maybe I should have sent him a box of chocolate.” - Asinine comment.

Two months later, the Mets take the number of the fans favorite player, one who played with the team for 9 seasons, and always was the spark to the Mets engine, and assign it to a first year bench coach. Would it have hurt this brain damaged ownership to wait a year or two before re-assigning #7?

Now I’m sure the Wilpon’s and Elvis will say uniform numbers are assigned by the equipment manager or some other clubhouse personnel, but as Fred Wilpon said years ago, he is the owner, and the buck stops here.

This is a terrible job by the Mets organization. Sad part is, they won’t learn from this screw-up either.

Picture Courtesy David Lennon Twitter

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pitchers and Catchers report: The Latest on Santana:Mets Spring TV schedule

Welcome to the first official day of spring training. At least for today Met fans need to show optimism.  Yes the team didnt do much this odd off season besides patch a couple of holes in the bullpen and bring in the walls for the whiny Wright and the lost Bay. Still you have to show optimism to begin the season. Otherwise doom and gloom will make it a very long season.

Mets pitchers and catchers report today.  No official workout until tomorrow but  I am sure there will be alot of chatter in PSL especially bout the pitcher named Johan. He threw all pitches on Friday when he threw off the mound.  27 in all and the media around is crazy.  He will pitch again on Tuesday and what Warthen and Santana would like to see is that he was able to rebound and not feel anything outside the norm in his arm.  Projections are wildy all over the place on how much he will pitch in 2012 17 months removed from surgery.  TC mentioned that 150 innings would be nice. Th key is getting him tracked to pitch every 5 days. All spring they can work on that and lets hope for no set backs.

Itching to watch a game and listen to Cohen,Darling and Mex? The first game will on SNY will be on March 5th at 6pm. The Mets will televise 11 games on SNY and 4 on PIX this spring. The schedule is below courtesy of SNY

March 5 Washington Nationals 6:10 p.m. SNY , March 6 St. Louis Cardinals 1:10 p.m. SNY

March 8 Miami Marlins 1:10 p.m. SNY , March 11 Miami Marlins 1:10 p.m. PIX11

March 13 St. Louis Cardinals 1:10 p.m. SNY , March 16 Detroit Tigers 1:10 p.m. SNY

March 17 Atlanta Braves 1:10 p.m. PIX11 , March 20 Washington Nationals 6:10 p.m. SNY

March 22 Houston Astros 1:10 p.m. SNY , March 24 St. Louis Cardinals 1:10 p.m. PIX11

March 27 Atlanta Braves 1:10 p.m. SNY , March 28 Washington Nationals 1:10 p.m. SNY

March 29 Houston Astros 6:10 p.m. SNY , April 1 Detroit Tigers 1:10 p.m. PIX11

April 3 New York Yankees 2:10 p.m. SNY

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Video Tribute To Gary Carter

In searching the memory banks of our time as fans of this organization, the death of Gary Carter hits home hard. As we have been posting, Carter was an integral part of the '86 Championship team, and as Ron Darling said, "My Catcher"

With deepest respect and admiration for Gary Carter, we have created the following. Rest In Peace Kid:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

1986 Mets Remember "The Kid"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of Newsday. It shows some of Carter's former teammates reminiscing about the one they called "Kid."

What is so nice about the outpouring of love Carter's former teammates have shared is that Carter was often mocked for his "mugging" for the camera, and although some players got on Carter for his exuberance, their respect and love for the man they called "Kid" is apparent.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Outpouring of love for the kid.

Even with the Mets waiting on Johan to get on the mound later today its a sad day in Mets land with the passing of Gary Carter yesterday who lost his battle with brain cancer at the way too young age of 57.

Here are some of the quotes from former Mets as well as other baseball greats.

“The one thing I remember about Gary was his smile. He loved life and loved to play the game of baseball.”

 Mookie Wilson

Darryl Strawberry  “He was a baseball player with character who always did things the right way,” Strawberry said. “I wish I could have lived my life like Gary Carter. He was a true man.”

For met Manager Davey Johnson said. Gary was a one-man scouting system,” “What people didn’t know was that he kept an individual book on every batter in the National League. He was the ideal catcher for our young pitching staff.”

 “The one thing Gary stressed to us was team. He said individual goals were meaningless. He said the name on the front of the uniform was more important than the name on the back. That’s what I’ll take from my two years with him.”
Mets pitcher Jonathon Niese, who played under Carter for two years in the minors

We had a lot in common, from family to our profession. He endured a lot as a catcher, as did I. And making it to the Hall of Fame was over the top for Gary, as it has been for me. We knew each other for more than 30 years, he meant a lot to me. I’m crushed by his passing.”

Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk

Can't call it a day w/o saying Gary was a great person, a family man a 'life coach';will be missed...Dave Winfield

If you like to donate to the Gary Carter foundation check out the 7 line and there new shirt with a tribute to #8. the 7 line

NY Daily News

NY Post

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gary Carter's Valiant Fight Is Over

It is with great sadness that Kimmy Bloemers reports the passing of Mets Hall Of Fame Catcher - Gary Carter.

Carter who was diagnosed in May (2011) with brain cancer has deteriorated over the last four weeks.

His Daughter writes:

"It has been exactly 4 weeks since the last journal and that decision was made as a family. I am deeply saddened to tell you all that my precious dad went to be with Jesus today at 4:10 pm. This is the most difficult thing I have ever had to write in my entire life but I wanted you all to know. "

Kimmy thanks all the people for praying for her father and family.

This is a sad day for those who followed The Kid throughout the years, but as his daughter stated:

"He is in heaven and has reunited with his mom and dad. I believe with all my heart that dad had a STANDING OVATION as he walked through the gates of heaven to be with Jesus. "

...can't argue with that.

Rest in peace Gary.

Information obtained from CaringBridge

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mets Future May Be In Jeopardy

Look out Elvis: don't get too comfortable in your current position. There is competition on the horizon, and it isn't Howard Megdal.

This evening the metsfan73 family was partaking in watching Jeopardy College Tournament. After the first round, a contestant from Goucher College had the best answer ever given on Jeopardy. When Alex Trebek asked Ms. Sarah Bart about herself, and what is her dream job, Ms. Bart said she wanted to be Mets General Manager one day. When Trebek asked how she was qualified, the college student said, "just being a hopeless and devoted fan my entire life."

CLASSIC! Although her life is only about 20 years, which is about half of my Mets fandom, I loved her brutal honesty. Another classic point is that (from what I found out) she is from Philadelphia.

So Elvis, don't get too comfortable. There is an intelligent young lady who is ready to show you the door. Unfortunately Sarah, who had been leading going into Final Jeopardy, fell to second place at games end, but she is still alive. She will still have a chance this week to win it all. With her brutal honesty, I have to root for the undergrad from Goucher.

Video of Sarah courtesy of Vimeo:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hail Sandy welcome to Twitter ! Bet you wish you didnt!

Good morning,  It is Friday the 10th. A stark weekend ahead in sports . The cool thing is I have 5 minutes to blog here which over the last 6-8 months has been impossible in the morning. Yes welcome to my new world with a new Met fan to look after. Thankfully though this off season has been a total snooze fest.  The airwaves have been full of Giants talk and now that the superbowl is over that turns to baseball.  Of course our team makes the news not for excitement for the upcoming season but GM Alderson joined twitter and already there is drama!

Twitter is a crazy new way of having everyone chime in to what you have to say. Even stars on it like Mets R A Dickey @RADickey43 and Justin Turner @redturn2. Dickey talks about his kids and star wars and will answer your tweets on occasion . Turner who lives in California in the off season chats about what he does as a signle guy.  Nothing earth shattering.  Well that changed for the tweet world yesterday with MR Alderson.

Sandy had a account created and starts right in that he is taking the car to PSL. His first tweet Getting ready for Spring Training-Driving to FL but haven’t left yet. Big fundraiser tonight for gas money. Also exploring PAC contribution.

Give it too Alderson for having a sense of humor. Of course everyone now thinks its a huge dig on the Wilpons. Even Pr guy Jay had to get involved calling WFAN since people found it was a direct hit on his bosses. Jay said he was just joking.  I thought it was hysterical .  2 tweets in and Alderson is a riot. Nice to see someone that actually can be worth following but of course I am sure he will be muted from now on which is a shame.

Not much going on Mets lands but hey at least Sandy doing his best to keep us entertained! 

His twitter link @MetsGM

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Endy Saves the day Chavez

Of course since we have nothing really to report besides the fact that Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas are down in PSL already here is a little tidbit for us fans who are chomping at the bit. 

Former Met Endy Chavez turns 34 today.  I was told that Endy at one time made a catch that some call the best catch in post season history.  Of course I would agree since I was at the game. The roar of that crowd when he pulled that ball back was deafening. Remember who pitched that game for us Mutts on short rest?  

Endy could have been a Met again in 2012 but since he will not play for the major league minimum we have Mr high Octane Mike Baxter coming off the bench as a lefty right now. 

Check out the play over at    MLB.com  at least until they retire the link . 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

1 more day then the clock turns too Mets baseball

Big game today.  A NY team is involved.  in about 14 hours we will know if there is another trophy for a NY team.  After that though we turn the focus to PSL and what the Mets can provide entertainment wise for the next 6-7 months.  

To tell you the truth besides the lackluster off season for our team the drama that surrounds it with the cash strapped Wilpons has grown very tiring.  To watch Reyes smile wearing another jersey.....   How as a owner can you think thats acceptable.  These guys would rather set there excitement around a new CF that some talent evaluators say is a 5 th outfield at best. Groan.  It reminds me of when this team was run by some guy names Grant a president named Roulet...  Yes  I know a 100M payroll is nothing to sneeze at but when most say this team will be hard pressed to win 70 games in this division. Did anyone notice the Nats rotation now after picking up journeyman Ed Win Jackson.  There trying to dump Lannan now which is a good thing since he has some good games against us.  The Mets could use a innings eater like him but unless the  Nats are giving him away for free the Mets will of course turn the other way. 

Maybe we can have a miracle year in 2012. Miracles do happen in NY . Even the Knicks won last night so we have proof!

1 More day of football in NY and then its all baseball. We are excited right?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mets Cut Ties WIth Reyes, Jose Cuts Hair With Marlins: Just Doesn't Seem Right

Last night the much awaited hair cutting ceremony of former Mets SS Jose Reyes took place. I can't describe how much it pains me to scribble "former."

As anyone with a pulse knows, I have been sick to my stomach since it was obvious the Mets had absolutely zero interest in re-signing Reyes, let alone his eventual signing with the dreaded Marlins. I also firmly believe Reyes will not complete his multi-year deal in South Florida, but that he won't be donning his #7 this season is inexcusable. Having his hair shaved with an orange Florida apron wrapped around him...the orange should have said New York.


Then last night Reyes sheds his locks for charity. But why as a Marlin? Did it really have to come to this? I have thought, and still think, that if David Einhorn had been approved as a minority investor with the Mets, there might have been some way Jose could have been re-signed. If that had happened, there would have been a little more energy surrounding this team other than when will David Wright be traded, and we can expect great things from Mike Pelfrey and Andres Torres. Gripping theater I know, but not what any of us want.

It's a shame...Jose: hair today, gone tomorrow.

Picture Source: ESPN

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kid Keeps Battling

Mets Hall of Fame Catcher Gary Carter, who has been quite ill since it was discovered more tumors have emerged in his brain, showed the heart of a champion when he visited his team, the Palm Beach Atlantic College baseball team.

Carter made a rare appearance when he shook the hands of his teams' players, and offering a rallying cry, "Lets get a win tonight."

This appearance was rare for Carter since being diagnosed with brain cancer back in May 2011, but there is no place he would rather be than watching his team play.

In recent weeks, Carter has ceased taking radiation and chemotherapy which had made him feel ill.

As his daughter Kimmy said when she accepted the Ya Gotta Have Heart award for her father back on January 21st, 'just pray for dad.'

The Kid will always have a place in the hearts of Mets fans for his energetic play and for his key two out hit in game 6 of the 1986 World Series, but now it's time for him to be in our thoughts and prayers as he continues to fight the most important battle.

Special thanks to
NY Daily News for information and photo.