Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Former Met Signs With Los Angeles

The LA Dodgers have signed former Met pitcher Claudio Vargas. Vargas is reported to have signed for the Major League minimum of $400,000, but with incentives, might earn up to $1.4M.

Vargas, a right hander, was 3-2 with a 4.62 ERA in 11 appearances with the Mets in 2008.

Vargas will be 31 in June.

Adam McCalvey -

Wright And Darling To Be Honored

David Wright will be honored at New Jersey Sports Writers Association at The Pines Manor as Sports Humanitarian Of The Year.

Former Met Ron Darling will also receive an award for Radio and Television Broadcasting Excellence.

The event will take place on January 25, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. and tickets are available for $55 apiece.

For more on this event, please read the article by
Bill Kennedy - The Times

Mets make first offer to Derek Lowe 3 years

It was reported last night the Mets made an offer to free agent pitcher Derek Lowe. The numbers that are being mentioned are 3 years 36 million. With Boras his agent I am sure this will be the first of a couple of offers and counter offers going back and forth and of course Boras saying oh we have many suitors for Derek Lowe. Now I don't expect this going back and forth to go as long as Texieria but my gut tell me within a week Lowe will be a Mets. Hopefully Met Fan 73 will be able to hang on 1 more week!

I know the Mets don't want to go to 4 years but they might have to if they want to sign him. There were very medicore pitchers that signed for 4 years and 50 million just 2 seasons ago so I cant see Boras excepting much less then that even in this economy. I would prefer the Mets go to like 15-16per on a 3 year deal.

To read the story about the offer check it out here

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New (Even Uglier) Mets Uniform

Today in Adam Rubin - Surfing The Mets, Rubin shows us a picture (below) of the new Mets uniform, sent to him by Yosef Sebrow, which was taken at a Sports Authority.

I have never been a fan of the black uniforms. I have always thought they were ugly. The Mets uniform not only had history, but had an acknowledgement of NY NL baseball of decades past. As you most likely know, the blue of the Mets is inherited from the Brooklyn Dodgers, the orange inherited from the NY Giants, and the white and gray uniforms, which both teams wore.

The black uniforms were nothing but a marketing ploy; nothing more, nothing less. This team needs to stop selling out, and go back to their history - blue and orange.

Aside from historical, they are a much sharper uniform.

An Open Letter To Omar Minaya

Dear Omar,

How was Christmas? Hope you and the Minaya’s had a Merry.

Now that the obligatory salutations are through, onto business;

First, thank you very much for acquiring JJ Putz. Aside from having a great name for a NY team, he seems like a character with a golden arm. Yes I was sorry to see Endy and Joe Smith go, and as I have written before, I think Heilman will go on to have a real good career, but the deal had to be done.

Second: Francisco ‘K-Rod’ Rodriguez – nice pick-up. I was not real high on getting K-Rod, but you got him for an affordable price, not too many years, but most importantly, with that violent delivery, if he gets hurt, we have JJ to move into the closer role.

There are two or three things I need to see. I didn’t ask for much this Christmas; only that Derek Lowe was under my Mets Christmas tree - unwrapped if necessary (Merry Christmas, Lowe On Mets Radar). Now we are approaching New Years, and still no Lowe. I understand that the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, etc. are real busy this time of year, but you’re almost a week late in providing my Christmas gift. My patience is running thin. Right now, we only have three legitimate starters – Johan, Maine, and Pelfrey. We don’t want nor need Pedro back, so let’s not go there.

Two: Ollie. Lets bring back Ollie. This is only requested if we can get him for a reasonable deal, not $15M annually with a five-year contract. If the Mets get Lowe (pretty please) we will only have one lefty. Plus, with only one lefty in the bull-pen, it makes us lefty-needed. The Phillies are predominantly a left handed hitting team, and if Johan doesn’t pitch, and with Feliciano mainly a LOOGY, this isn’t good. Ollie could be used real well in between Lowe and Maine. Tim Redding isn't the answer.

Three: Sign Orlando Hudson. They need an infusion of attitude, and from all reports, Hudson has that kind of attitude. Luis Castillo was a good ball player, but so was Willie Mays. Neither is now. Get Castillo out of here. I will even provide transportation to the airport. Hudson, though injured the last two seasons, has that NY moxy, which is sorely needed.

In closing Omar, I wish you and the Minaya’s a Happy New Year. One way to make this New Year real happy is to sign Lowe and Perez, put a return to sender stamp on Castillo, and sign Orlando Hudson. I know you can do it Omar. You know it makes sense, and it will make the Mets better.

Respectfully Yours,


Mets on the MLB Network

Some of the schedule for the upcoming MLB Network has been released and I have noted here some points of Interest for us Met Fans.

January 14 –
(8:00pm ET) – Baseball Seasons, 1986 - The Year of the Debut: Greg Maddux, Barry Bonds, Will Clark, Bo Jackson, Barry Larkin, Jamie Moyer and Fred McGriff started their careers. Red Sox and Mets wage historic World Series battle.

January 19 –

(10:00pm ET) – World Baseball Classic rosters are announced and analyzed. Not a big fan of the WBC but at least it will be a chance to watch some games in March.

January 23 –
(8:00pm ET) - World Series Highlights, featuring the 2001 World Series matchup between the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. NY Yankees How can you not watch the Yankees lose this heartbreaker

January 24 –
(3:00pm ET) – 2006 NLCS Game 7, National League Pennant Clinching Game: St. Louis Cardinals @ NY Mets
Tough to watch but love to here the call of Endy's catch.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Should the Mets sign Manny Ramirez?

It seems that everyone has an opinion on this matter so I thought it was time to chime in. In the sports section over at Dan Graziano states his case on why the Mets should sign him. If you want to here him tell you why the Mets should take a chance you can read it here

Whats your opinion Vote what you think the Mets should do . Check out our poll.

I of course disagree. I know why the Wilpons don't want Manny and I am ok with the reasoning. The Mets remember the disruption oft eh clubhouse in the early 90's and even the discord of what went on with the Mets before Willie was fired. It is pretty simple Manny is a great hitter but also is a cancer. Bringing Manny to New York might even trump what the Yankees did this off season . The Media would have a field day. That of course is not what the Wilpons wants. I am pretty sure when they sign either Lowe or Ollie they will be better then last year. They could still use an impact player in case Beltran or Delgado starts off slow. If you see the free Agent market the Mets could make a run for a player that could be someone that can make an impact on the team just by showing patience.

I mean Dunn,Abreu are still out there . They need to bring someone to the team that is not bigger then the team. Manny being Manny can make the Wilpons curse the day they signed with only 1 nutty antic that the Media will have a field day. By the time Manny was traded by the Redsox the entire team was glad to see him go.

The Mets can make it to the playoffs with out Manny. Let him go back to the Dodgers.

Mets talking to Dodgers about Andrew Jones Why?

Espn is reporting the Mets and the Dodgers are talking about Andrew Jones. Not sure why the Mets might go this route unless it is swap of bad contracts. With the Mets taking on Jones and the Dodgers taking on Luis Castillo.

Read the latest on it

Sign of times. Slow economy: Now talk of salary cap and collusion?

Well I guess now with the free agents signing slowing to a crawl between holidays and the fact the signings really have been mostly fringe players after the Mets and Yankees dolled out millions at the winter meetings , there is some talk about collusion and possible salary cap? Of course on the salary cap issue there is no shot. The baseball union will not allow it and right now the union contract is for another 3 years.

When it comes to collusion take a moment and read Murray Cass take on the last time there was collusion rumblings . He quotes a agent who said “There are a lot of rumblings that all the teams know exactly what everyone is doing with free agents .

Read his interesting article about the salary cap and collusion

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let's Raise A Glass To The 2008 Detroit Lions

Today the Detroit Lions have displaced the 1962 NY Mets as the worst team in sports history (no offense to the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who went 0-14).

The Lions finished this season an astounding 0-16. The excuse the 1962 Mets (40-120 -1; a tie with the Houston Colt 45's on 9/9/1962) and the 1976 Bucs have is at least they were an expansion team. Detroit does not have that distinction.

When sport historians look back on futility, will they recall the 2008 Detroit Lions, or the 1962 Mets? I still think the Mets will have that honor, eventhough the Lions were much worse. I think part of this 'honor' is that the '62 Mets were 'lovable losers'. The Lions, went through much more upheaval, culminating with the termination of GM Matt Millen.

So let's raise a glass to this years' Detroit Lions, who will hopefully replace our beloved 1962 Mets as the most futile team in sports history.

New Faces On SNY

As you might have heard and/or read by now, SNY's baseball telecast will have a different look come 2009.

Joining the cast of SNY are WFAN's Chris Carlin, who currently hosts Beer Money and Loud Mouths. Carlin will be the pre and post game shows on SNY. To join SNY full time, Carlin will be leaving WFAN, but will continue with his role on Loud Mouths and Beer Money.

Jonas Schwartz be replacing Chris Cotter as host of Daily News Live.

Leaving SNY are Lee Mazzilli, Matt Yallof, and Kenny Choi – whose contracts weren't renewed.
It is expected Bob Ojeda will replace Mazzilli on the pre and post game show with Carlin.

Say It Aint So Oh-Mar!

In an article in Rotowire the Mets are somewhat interested in Pedro Martinez for the #5 starter position. If signed (GOD NO!), his contract would be largely incentive laden, based on innings pitched and starts.

Omar please don't drink the Pedro Kool-Aid. His signing in 2005 gave the Mets instant credibility, yes, did it help land Carlos Beltran, believed so, did it lead to the drafting of Fernando Martinez, yes. That all aside, Pedro didn't give the Mets much, if anything, on the field. He had a respectable, not great 2005, but when most needed, during the play-offs in 2006, all of 2007 (especially down the stretch), and in crunch time this year, Pedro was either injured, or let the Mets down by poor (and short) performancses.

Has Pedro had a tremendous career? Yes. Will he be a first ballot Hall-Of-Famer? Undoubtedly. Are his best days long behind him, and should he ride off into the sunset? Yes. Pedro could barely complete five full innings this year. What makes anyone think he will be able to pitch six to seven every outing? There is no evidence that those days still remain.

It's time for the Mets to thank Pedro, shake his hand, wish him well, and send him on his way.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hello Derek & Ollie, Goodbye Luis?

Buster Olney - ESPN is reporting that the Mets will try being real patient, and possibly land both Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez. Just like the economy, the contracts aren't what free agents had projected during the '08 season. The Braves, Cardinals, Brewers and Dodgers aren't looking to drop that much cash for the top tier starting pitchers.

Olney is also saying that the Mets continue to gauge the market for interest in Luis Castillo. If they are able to dump him, they would be interested in free agent Orlando Hudson.

2008 Sterling Minor League Executive Of The Year - 2008

Roman Stout, General Manager of the Kingsport Mets was honored with the Sterling Minor League Executive Of The Year award.

During the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, Stout was presented with the award. 'The award is in recognition of the total commitment to establishing an outstanding Minor League operation and for the tireless effort and dedication to providing a superior enviroment in which to develop players for the New York Mets organization.'

On receiving the award, Stout said, "This came as a complete surprise to me. To win this award knowing what a great job all of the other Mets minor league affiliates do is very humbling. But this really isn't about me, it's about our organization. Rick Spivey and Steve Harville have always been great to work for and are very supportive,'' Continued Stout, "I'm very fortunate to have such a committed support staff which includes Bob Dingus (accountant), Josh Warner (groundskeeper), Teresa Haywood (Director of Concessions), Travis Baker (clubhouse attendant), and Adam Hall (stadium operations). Those people are what make this organization operate. Also, we had an excellent on field staff and group of players sent to us this year. That always makes things easier and more enjoyable."

Under Stout the K-Mets had a 13% increase in attendance this past year, the organization saw its 5-year trend of increased pre-season corporate sales, season ticket sales, and group sales continue. The K-Mets also had their third straight winning season, helped in large part to the drafting (2007) of SS Wilmer Flores. Flores, 16, ranks as the organizations #2 prospect.

Mets 2009 partial ticket plans go on sale in January

With not much fan fare the Mets are now saying that partial plans for the 2009 season go on sale to the general public on Jan 6th at 10 am. They have the 2-40 game plans and and 5 -15 game plans. The weekend plans include 5 games during the week. So looks like the Mets want to sell those week day games and have eliminated total weekend plans.

Check out the news here

Also a guy over on Picasa has some great pics from the J J Putz news conference that include interior shots of Citi Field with the padding going on the wall . Check out these pics here

Friday, December 26, 2008

MLB Network on Local Cablevision

With the MLB Network arriving only 1 short week away it is good to know that we will have it on our local Cablevision. Listed below is where it can be located on your cable box and also in HD

The MLB Network will be available on channel 149 if you subscribe to the
iO® Package or above, or the MLB Extra Innings package. The MLB Network will be on channel 400 if you subscribe to the iO Sports Pak.

The MLB Network HD is also available in HD on channel 790.

The MLB Network will be showing limited preview programing until Jan 1st. I did read that the first night they will be showing Don Larsen's perfect game including the original commericals.
MLB Network will have the following studio Hosts Matt Vasgersian and Victor Rojas; studio analysts Barry Larkin, Al Leiter, Joe Magrane, Dan Plesac and Harold Reynolds;

They also just announced that plan to have Jon Heyman as there "Hot Stove insider" and Mitch Williams as another studio analyst who was working for the Phillies doing a Post game Show.

What the Mets are up against with Scott Boras

As most people realize already Scott Boras is no joy to do business with and of course that is about as nice as you can say it. If people have not forgotton A Rod blew him off the finish negotiating his latest deal with the Yankees when he was able to opt out of his contract.

Well now the Mets have interest in 2 pitchers for 1 spot in there rotation and Scott Boras controls both clients, Derek Lowe and Ollie Perez. Oh happy day. So we will see the Mets bidding against possibly phantom teams since there dealing with the sneaky Boras. If you have not read the ins and outs of Boras dealing with the Yankees regarding Texieria it is typical Scott Boras. This is an excerpt from Kate O'brien over at Newsday

" Boras said Teixeira would agree to an eight-year contract, but only if the average annual value was $24 million per year, making the total contract value $192 million. The Yankees conferred, then told Boras no, that they had made a fair yet firm offer and would stand pat, the source said. Boras responded by saying that Teixeira likely would be a Red Sox.The Yankees refused to budge from their offer, and 20 minutes later, Boras called back and said Teixeira would take their eight-year, $180-million offer."

So can we hope the Mets realize that they can be bidding against a phantom team when Boras calls and says that some team guaranteed a 4th year for Lowe. Omar the correct response is the Mets stay pat on 3 years.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Going To Church On Christmas

Anthony McCarron - NY Daily News went to Church this Christmas...Ryan Church.

Among things Church discussed were he closeness with his family, especially his three brothers: Andy - 33, Ryan - 30, and Matt - 26. Said Matt Church, "We always got along." Matt also recalled Ryan's athleticism: "Really good at sports. There were people saying, even in T-ball, that he had a lot of talent."

Matt is in the military, fighting over in the Middle East. Ryan says his concussions are easy to live with, in spite of the room spins he suffered last year, in comparison to what his broher Matt goes through on a daily basis. Matt presently on leave, which gives the Church's a better perspective than most this Christmas day.

Ryan admitted he wasn't right after his second concussion, suffered in May of 2008. He explained that his living room, the outfield and hotel rooms tended to spin on him.

The good news: he feels real well and healthy now, and is determined to have a season like he is capable of - where he was the Mets MVP for the first two months.

In regards to Mike Francesa's commeAlign Centernts that on good authority, he knows Church hates NY, Church denies the reports/

Church, taking the high road said, "I never said it. I have no clue where that came from. I put a call in to make sure front office knew that was a bunch of bull. I love New York - it's where I want to finish my career.

"I'm looking forward to putting my Mets uniform on."

We're looking forward to that too Ryan. When healthy, Church is among the better rightfielders in the NL. He plays a solid RF, and has the potential to hit .280 with 20 HR's. He is the type of hard-nosed players this team needs, and might be the diamond-in-the-rough that Omar is famous for finding.

Happy Holidays from 24 hours. The latest on Derek Lowe

We here hope that everyone enjoys the holidays and that Met fans might see Derek Lowe under the Xmas tree before everyone takes it down . We held out that maybe we might see him there late xmas eve but alas we might see him as a Met before New Years.

For the latest on Derek Lowe check out this article over at the New York Times here

Merry Christmas

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan wish everyone a blessed Merry Christmas.

2008 was a difficult year for not only OUR METS, but for people in general. Unemployment, rising petroleum prices, business' closing their doors, homes being foreclosed, etc.

Personally, I have found this blog site a needed relief to state my views and opinions, as well as trying to keep our loyal following up-to-date on Mets news.

During this holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc. it is important to realize what is most important: your family, your health, and the Mets.

Here's wishing everyone out there a Merry Christmas, and big thank you to all those who have logged onto and will continue to log onto our site.

~ metsfan73~

P.S. Omar, where is Derek Lowe? He wasn't under my Met tree this morning

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Boston Globe is reporting the Mets are close to signing Derek Lowe

Hi all. Holidays are upon us and the Mets are working on a deal for Derek Lowe that was reported earlier today in Boston Globe. Somewhere in the 3-4 year range and around 15M per.

Read the latest here

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santana, Please Don't Go...To The Classic

Ben Shpigel - NY Times reports that Omar Minaya is going to speak with Johan Santana about forgoing this Springs' World Baseball Classic.

Minaya and the Mets have concerns about Santana over-doing it on his recently surgically repaired knee. This, on top of a career high 234.1 innings pitched, and with the Mets on the hook for another five years and $118 M committed to Santana is enough for the Mets to be concerned.

In the first 'Classic', Luis Ayala blew out an elbow, Ricardo Rincón, Francisco Liriano and Bartolo Colón all battled elbow or shoulder problems, and Jake Peavy and Dontrelle Willis were among the pitchers who had subpar seasons.

Although the Mets are 'pro' Classic, they would prefer if their Ace declined Venezuela's invitation to play.

Derek Lowe Now On Mets Radar

"It's fair to say he's a very good pitcher. He's got a very good agent. Right now, what we're going to do is put him on the board and continue to have dialogue with the agent."

Those words, spoken by Omar Minaya, were stated last week when speaking of free agent right-handed pitcher Derek Lowe.

With the Yankees reaching an agreement with free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira, the Mets and BoSox appear to be the front runners for Lowe. One word: Halleluia!

It's nice to finally get the feeling that Lowe is on the Mets radar, and he would compliment Santana and the younger pitchers well, and hopefully show this team how to win.

According to Gordon Edes - Yahoo Sports the Mets are deep in negotiations with Lowe, and though no offer has been made, Lowe is a top priority for the Mets.

As reported by Edes, “the Mets’ bargaining position also is enhanced by the fact that rehab coordinator Chris Correnti, who was brought on board to work with the Pedro Martinez, has trained Lowe for the last 11 years.”

Lowe has been a durable and reliable starter. Not a #1, but a solid #2 or #3 pitcher. It would nice to have Lowe under the Mets tree this Christmas.

The Mets are reported to be satisfied in getting a lesser pitcher such as Oliver Perez, Tim Redding, and Randy Wolf, but if they can land Lowe, at a reasonable price, it would be the apex of a tremendous off season.

Other Sources: Anthony DiComo -

Let The Cheering Begin

Well, we’ve been waiting for some news. Leave it to Mr Yankee, Bob Klapisch - ESPN to try and stoke the fires.

He laments that the Mets signing of Francisco ‘K-Rod’ Rodriguez will make the Mets more hated by such teams as the Phillies and Marlins. He cites Jose Reye’s handshakes on the top step of the dugout and now K-Rod with his index fingers of both hands pointing to the sky after a save – will make the Mets more hated. One word: GOOD!

I am not a proponent of show-boating, in fact I hate it. But I don’t consider Reyes a show-boat. He is a young kid who loves to play, and loves to do well. Met fans don’t want an android devoid of personality like Jeter. We want to cheer and we want to scream for our team.

Klapisch compares the antics of this team to 1986, where the team of Hernandez, Backman, Strawberry, Dykstra, Carter, et al was loathed. But, as Klapisch points out, they won. This team chokes. Very true. But the question must be asked: does Jose’s handshakes make the Mets a worse team? No. In fact, remember how ordinary Reyes was until Beltran spoke to him, and told Jose to be himself? It was then that Reyes put together a real good season.

Now enter K-Rod. According to Klap, the Mets will be more hated, and teams will gun for them more.

Klapisch tells of a story in the All Star game where Mariano Rivera asked the clubhouse manager to keep Rodriguez’ locker far away from him.

Now, I can remember this summer Jimmy Rollins being all excited, clapping his hands, and pointing heaven-bound after hitting a key double against the Mets. Now according to these sports ‘experts’ and players, is this showing up the other team? I was pissed, but I understood. It was a key hit in an important situation.

Now why is what K-Rod does so bad? Dennis Eckersley, the Hall of Famer, used to be a real S.O.B. when he saved a game. He used point both index fingers in a pistol fashion and fire at the batter he just struck out. No one said anything then. He even showed up a good friend and former teammate (and class act) Dwight Evans – in the play-offs.

I hope the NL continues to hate the Mets. I also hope this team can take this hatred and use it in a positive fashion to win games. The Mets today are better than they were in September. All we now need are one, preferably two, starting pitchers, and we are set for ’09.

Bobby Valentine wont be offered a contract extension

Well I am sure the media will make the most of this if either Jerry Manuel or his Yankee counter part Joe Giradi have problems sometime in 2009. It has been reported that Bobby Valentine will not be offered a contract extension by the Chiba Lotte Marines . That means after 2009 he might be coming back to the United States.

Which of course means that if anyone falters there will be some story that Bobby Valentine will be coming to New York. Jerry Manuel signed a 2 year contract with a club option for a 3rd year. More then likely though Jerry wold have a free ride this year but 2010 watch out!

Read the story on Bobby V here

Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes METSFAN73 There Is A Santa Claus

YES! The news I've been awaiting and anticipating. David Wright will play for Team USA. I can't believe it! Christmas came early!

The World Baseball Classic, the most brilliant invention since the Designated Hitter, Astro Turf, and Inter-League play, will commence again this Spring. *

I can't wait to see how the US does. Imagine if they win? It would be as exciting as seeing a competitive curling match in the Olympics.

I love it when Santa comes early. Wow! David Wright playing for the United States in the World Baseball Classic. Who says there's no such thing as Santa?

* metsfan73 believes the worst things concocted for our game are: artificial turf, the DH, and inter-league play.

Mets mail bag

If you have a moment check out Marty Nobles Met mail bag. He answers questions this week on a couple of topics including something you never hear about . The Mets left field situation. People seem to have issues with the Tatis/Murphy platoon which honestly I do as well.

He also takes questions on Jake Peavy and Ty Wiggington . He never seems to answer my questions on the lack of any pop on the Mets bench.

Check it out here

Mets Interested In Garcia?

Ben Reiter - Sports Illustrated is reporting that Omar Minaya and the Mets are interested in right hander Freddy Garcia. Garcia pitched briefly with the Tigers at the end of last season. It is believed that Garcia might get a one year deal.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

While we wait on more deals by Omar our beloved Shea is ....

As everyone starts to get ready for the holiday season, alot of us , me included have been busy with holiday stuff. Of course that does not mean we forget about what we love. That being our beloved Mets . Well It has been a while since I have found myself cruising the Internet for interesting new/old pics of Shea stadium I see the boys at Stadium page have been updating the Shea demo pics. They are now working on taking down the overhang that was above the upper deck as you can see in this picture . That left fiedl upper deck is where I took my last picture of myself at Shea with the Citi Field sign in the background. Also bittersweet when you see the picture of Tom Seaver getting ready to unload a fastball on some poor hitter.

How much longer will it be when Shea is no more?

Check the latest pics over at stadium page here

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Former Met Doc Ellis Dead At 63

Former Mets and Yankees pitcher Doc Ellis has died at the age of 63 of liver failure.
Ellis had been on a liver transplant waiting list since May, but was unable to find a liver to keep him alive.

Ellis pitched for the Mets in 1979, where he compiled a 3-7 record with a 6.04 ERA.
Ellis is best remembered for hurling a no-hitter in 1970 while pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates, while high on LSD.

In 1989 Ellis, while being interviewed by the St. Peterburg Times and pitching for a senior pro league, offered this insight, “I went to a Cocaine Anonymous meeting the other day. I was scared to death. I had never pitched and not been high. Never."

Ellis was a true character, and at times conducted interviews with his hair in curlers.

Mets Notes John Maine fires back at the Phils. Mets intererested in Daniel Cabrera.

I guess the media needs a story so now they got John Maine on record responding to the Phils Cole Hamels. The title of the story is basically telling the Phillies to shut up but of course no one ever said that. As usual the media is doing its job in trying to sell papers.

Read what Maine actually said here

Also Omar Minaya mentioned in the story that the Mets have some interest in the the pitcher the Orioles non tendered Daniel Cabrera.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mets pitching plans on hold as they wait for Scott Boras

The Mets seem to have to wait until Mark Texieria gets signed before they can engage Boras about Derick Lowe or Ollie Perez as per Jon Heyman earlier today. The Mets seem to also be interested in a back end starter. Not sure why they are not moving on that front.

If the Mets sign Lowe will that affect how much Tim Redding or Jason Marquis cost them? Or is it more over the cost. If they sign Lowe will they go real low budget on a back end starter?

Read the latest from Jon Heyman here

Top 10 Mets of 2008

If you have a moment on this snowy day, check out the post who lists there top 10 Mets of 2008. No real surprises here . There is a player that has been traded already in the top 10. You think it maybe Heilman?

Check it out here

O A No Go?

WFAN is reporting that Jon Heyman has found that the Mets and Oliver Perez are 'far apart' in their contract negotiations. He believes that the Mets most likely will not bring Perez back.

If this is the case, does this open the door for the Mets to go after Derek Lowe?

Putz Happy To Be On A Competitive Team

JJ Putz was introduced to the NY Media yesterday. Putz, the former Seattle closer, who was obtained in a mega trade between the Mets, Mariners, and Indians, will set up newly acquired Francisco ‘K-Rod’ Rodriguez.

Although Putz would prefer closing, he said, “It wasn't the ideal situation. I really loved closing. But I'm just going to take it an inning earlier, so it's not going to be that big of an adjustment. I'm fine with the role. Like I said, bottom line, I just want to win. I hadn't had a chance to really do that in Seattle. To come to a team that's built to win right now, I'll pitch in the sixth, seventh — whatever it takes to get us a championship."

Putz, who will wear # 40 for the Mets, when asked how he would handle the NY media and the way his last name will be an open-ended joke, said, "I've been dealing with this for years, I can handle it."

When asked if he got bothered by his last name in high school, the 6’ 5” 250 pound Putz said, "Dude, I was bigger than everybody in high school.”

Welcome to NY JJ!

Howard Ulman - Seattle Times

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Jinx?

Listening to WFAN – Benigno and Roberts, Evan Roberts brought up an interesting ‘phenomenon’. Met players who have played Santa at the team’s annual holiday party.

2004 - Kris Benson Santa – Anna Benson – Mrs.Claus goes Ho-Ho-Ho’in – Benson traded after the inappropriate attire of Mrs. Benson

2005 - Mike Cameron – Played Santa and had that horrific collision with Carlos Beltran

2007 - David Wright – couldn’t buy a hit last year in the clutch

2008 - Mike Pelfrey…

Could this be as bad as the Sports Illustrated Jinx?

Maine To Be 100% By Spring Training

Katie Strang - Newsday reports that John Maine will be 100% by Spring Training. Maine started soft tossing about two weeks ago.

"I'm good to go," he said. "I'll be one hundred percent by spring training."

Nick Willhite NY Mets 1967

According to the LA Times, Nick Willhite, who briefly pitched for the Mets in 1967, has died of cancer.

The Mets obtained the reliever on June 10, 1967 from the California Angels in exchange for
Jack Hamilton. This was the only season he pitched for the Mets.

Willhite started his baseball career with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1963. He was out of baseball at age 26 after the 1967 season.

After his baseball career, Willhite held a multitude of jobs, including being a pitching coach for Brigham Young University, Milwaukee Brewers, and NY Yankees.

Willhite’s life spun out of control; he was divorced three times, and was a drug and alcohol addict that was living on the streets of Salt Lake City. He reached out to former teammate
Stan Williams, who teamed Willhite up with BAT (Baseball Assistance Team), which assists former players in need. In 1989 Willhite entered an alcohol and drug treatment center, and went on to become an addiction counselor himself.

Willhite was 67 years old, and was living with his son in Alpine, Utah when he passed.

Latest Derek Lowe rumor. 5 teams show interest including the Mets

News is starting to slow down as we edge closer to the xmas holiday but the latest is that Derek Lowe has 5 teams showing interest. The Mets , Braves,Red Sox and the Angels and maybe the Cubs since Jake Peavy no longer seems to be an option.

I think the Yankees dropped out after there absurd signing of A J Burnett of over 80 Million. If either the Angels or the Red Sox sign Texieria, that team might drop out. If the Red Sox do sign him the Mets chances might improve base on the fact that Lowe as mentioned he rather be on the East coast might be a free agent that does not sign until sometime in Jan.

Read the latest courtesy of Jon Heyman here

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mets announce Spring training schedule that concludes at Citi Field April 4th

The Mets earlier today announced there full spring traning schedule that concludes with the first 2 games at Citi Field against the Boston Red Sox April 3rd and 4th. Instead of giving our readers the link all the games are listed below.

Feb. 25: Orioles, Ft. Lauderdale, 1:05 p.m.Feb. 26: Marlins, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.

Feb. 27: Cardinals, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.Feb. 28: Tigers, Lakeland, 1:05 p.m.
Mar. 1: Astros, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m. Mar. 3: Cardinals, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.
Mar. 4: Nationals, Viera, 1:05 p.m.Mar. 5: Italy (World Baseball Classic), Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.

Mar. 6: Cardinals, Jupiter, 1:05 p.m.Mar. 7: Nationals, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.
Mar. 8: University of Michigan, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m. and against Nationals, Viera, 1:05 p.m.

Mar. 9: Orioles, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.Mar. 10: Nationals, Viera, 1:05 p.m.
Mar. 12: Marlins, Port St. Lucie, 7:10 p.m.Mar. 13: Tigers, Lakeland, 1:05 p.m.
Mar. 14: Nationals, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.Mar. 15: Marlins, Jupiter, 1:05 p.m.
Mar. 17: Braves, Disney, 1:05 p.m.Mar. 18: Braves, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.
Mar. 19: Astros, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.Mar. 20: Orioles, Ft. Lauderdale, 1:05 p.m.
Mar. 21: Braves, Disney, 1:05 p.m.Mar. 22: Braves, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.
Mar. 24: Astros, Kissimmee, 1:05 p.m.Mar. 25: Tigers, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.
Mar. 26: Cardinals, Jupiter, 1:05 p.m.Mar. 27: Nationals, Port St. Lucie, 7:10 p.m.
Mar. 28: Marlins, Port St. Lucie,1:10 p.m.Mar. 29: Orioles, Ft. Lauderdale, 1:05 p.m.

Mar. 30: Orioles, Port St. Lucie, 7:10 p.m.Mar. 31: Marlins, Jupiter, 7:05 p.m.
Apr. 1: Cardinals, Jupiter, 1:05 p.m.Apr. 2: Orioles, Port St. Lucie, 1:10 p.m.

Apr. 3: Red Sox, Citi Field, 6:10 p.m.Apr. 4: Red Sox, Citi Field, 1:10 p.m.

The Mets plan to offer the tickets for the Red Sox's game at a discount. No time table yet when they will be available.

Are the Mets still looking for a reliever?

The ESPN rumor mill still suggests the Mets, might still be the market for a lefty reliever to complement Pedro Feliciano, One if the lefties they might be looking at Will Ohman now that the rival Phillies has added lefty hitter Raul Ibanez to its lineup.

Ohman, 31, posted a 4-1 record with a 3.68 ERA in 83 appearances with Atlanta this season. He struck out 53 batters in 58 2/3 innings, and held lefties to a .200 average and a .314 slugging percentage. Would be nice to have a second lefty reliever especially if Pedro goes down with an injury.

K Rod is happy to be a NY Met

He is looking forward to the pressure pitching in New York brings.

He is also said, ‘This is the right place to be, I’m happy to be here,’ he said in response to whether he believes he could have signed for more money last off-season, given the current state of the economy.

K Rod was also on WFAN after the press conference with Chris Carlin. The impression you get is that he has alot of confidence in his ability.

K Rod press conference on SNY this morning

SNY will air the Francisco Rodriguez press conference live today at 10:45 am EDT. Kevin Burkhardt will be asking questions of K Rod after the press conference.

JJ Putz will have his tommorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oberkfell Introduced As Bison's Skipper

The Buffalo Bisons, the new AAA affiliate of the New York Mets, today introduced Ken Oberkfell as the team's new manager.

Oberkfell was manager of the New Orleans Zephyrs, the former AAA affiliate of the Mets, before being called up to the bigs as first base coach when Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson, and Tom Nieto were terminated by Omar Minaya.

The Bison's also unveiled the new team colors – Orange and Blue – and a new logo - a charging Buffalo with its tail arched running through a depiction of the Buffalo skyline, the word "Bisons" at the bottom with "Buffalo" in smaller orange letters above.

It was apparent that Oberkfell would become the Mets AAA manager when he wasn't retained as Mets 1B coach.

Oberkfell, 52, is in his 13th year managing in the minors, his fifth with the Mets (Norfolk, New Orleans, now Buffalo). Oberkfell has a .503 winning percentage, going 812-803 in his previous 12 seasons as a manager. As skipper, he has led his team to the post season in four of his last five full seasons, beginning with a Florida State League (A) title with St. Lucie in 2003.

Mets Have Shown Interest In Japan's Kawakami

According to mlbtraderumors, the Mets have interest in Japanese right-hander Kenshin Kawakami. Kawakami is 33 years old, and has spent his entire career with the Chunichi Dragons.

He has a lifetime record of 112-72 with a 3.30 ERA over 11 seasons.

The Mets spoke with Dan Evans, Kawakami’s agent, at the Winter Meetings. Evans says he “has touched base with about half the teams in baseball.”