Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Fanatic Following Of K-Wright

David Wright, more recently known as K-Wright is presently in a four way tie for second place in the Major Leagues for strike outs.

Wright, who has struck out 27 times in just 82 AB's is striking out once every three at bats.

We here at 24 Hours... are proud to be the first to report that K-Wright didn't strike out tonight.

As many have discussed, Wright's struggles this year are frustrating. More frustrating is that Wright is picking up where he left off last year, where he was incapable of getting a key hit when needed.

K-Wright is trying too hard, and has abandoned what made him a household name: hitting to RF. He is trying to pull everything, and is pulling his head off the ball. That along with chasing pitches out of the strike zone, caused by his pressing too hard, has turned K-Wright into a mediocre ball player.

Metsfan73's advice to K-Wright is simple:

  • Stop being the Mets spokesman. You talk a lot to the press, but say very little.

  • Stop being the King Of Endorsements.

  • Stop trying to be the media darling.

You have one responsibility - play baseball. You are trying too hard, and are being distracted by a hectic schedule.

It's time to get back to your roots. This team has been too complacent, and has accepted losing. With such asinine comments as "we battled hard", "It was a tough loss", etc. I am about ready to puke.

Two words for K-Wright and the Mets: Fundamental Baseball. It has become the long forgotten aspect for this team, and the proof is in the win-loss record.

The team allegedly looks to Wright for leadership. It's about time he showed leadership by playing fundamental baseball, and stop trying to pull everything over the 18' LF fence.

1969-2009 40 Years 24hours Celebrates the 1969 Mets Pitcher Don Cardwell

The Mets had many young players with the 69 club and also some crafty veterans. One of those veterans was a 34 year old right named Don Cardwell.

Don Cardwell was born in December 1935 in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Don Cardwell was signed by the Phillies in 1954 and made his first major league start in his career in 1957 with the Philadelphia Club and moved on to the Chicago Cubs in 1960. With the Cubs in 1960 he threw a no hitter in his first game after being traded. He is the only pitcher in history that had a no hitter in his first start after being traded. That along with the Mets winning the World Series was the highlight of his career. He was a very good hitting pitcher amassing 15 home runs in his career.

He was traded to the Mets from the Pirates on the eve of the 1967 season with Don Bosch in exchange for Dennis Ribant and Gary Kolb. Cardy was a throw in with the Mets really interested in Bosch.

He became an elder statesmen to rookies like Mcgraw and Seaver and actually was the opening day pitcher for the Mets in 1967. Wes Westrum did not want the rookie Seaver to have to deal with the pressure.

Don Cardwell was 5 and 9 in ‘67 and 7 and 13 in’ 68. In 1969 he went 8 and 10 with a 3.01 Era in 30 starts. The Mets record though in games Don Cardwell started was 12-9.

Some highlights for Cardwell in 1969 included

In May pitched a complete game win 8-1 and also hit a home run.
Pitching a 1-0 shutout against the Pirates and drive in the only run of the game in the 2nd game of a double header.
While the Mets battled the Cubs that summer Cardwell had a stretch of 5 consecutive wins to help the Mets over take the Cubs.
Pitched 1 inning in the 1969 World Series and let up no hits or runs.

The Mets traded him in July 1970 to the Braves and he finished his career with a 102 wins and 138 loses.

After his retired from baseball he went back to his home town of Winston Salem NC and worked in the car business. He passed away at the age of 72 in Jan 2008. It was mentioned that his 2 favorite possessions were a picture of him when he pitched a no hitter and his NY Mets 1969 championship ring.

Sources: Ultimate Mets data base and the knoxville news sentinel

Fernando Tatis vs David Wright. Who would you rather see at the plate?.

Did you catch yesterday when you saw one of the Mets get a 1 out single proceed to steal second and then break one Ramon Castro hit a single so he would get the green light by Razor Shines? Then he hits a home run to give the Mets the lead at the time and also at the time placed the Mets number1 pitcher in the position to win? David Wright you say? Of course not that was Fernando Tatis! The comeback player of the year who again is making the best of his playing time and hustling every chance he gets.

While David Wright deal with the boo birds and tinkering with swing which you can read about in this article over at the
NY Post Fernando Tatis is picking up where he left off last year before he was lost for the season when he injured his shoulder. This guy gives all every chance he gets. David Wright? Mr Clutch he is not. David grounded into a double play with 1 out yesterday and struck out in the 9th When all he had to do is squeak out a opposite field single and the Mets probably could have tied the game. Now Wright cant do it all the time but can he do it at all ?

Hey Jerry you like playing the hot hand all the time then make sure Fernando Tatis gets in the lineup . He makes things happen!

Tacos and Kevin Burkhardt

If you have not tried them yet make sure that you do the next time you are at Citi Field/Shea Nu. I have to tell those tacos with a little hint of the fresh salsa they give you is really amazingly good. Just ask Mets announcer Kevin Burkhardt. While waiting in line to order these tacos for the first time 2 people behind me was SNY announcer and all around great guy Kevin Burkhardt.

Being the idiot I am I had to ask the guy a couple of questions and could not leave him alone in the piece he was finding in not being bothered for 5 minutes. Of course once in a while he had his producer asking him once in a while how much longer he was going to be but there burning questions I had to ask and here below is my exclusive interview with him while on line waiting to order tacos. This will not be found on any other site!

Hey Kevin big fan of your work on the broadcasts. I have to ask you Kevin these tacos worth this wait? " I love these tacos . If it was up to me I would eat them every night" Wow you heard here first people Kevin is a taco fan. Hope his wife knows this. Of course she does.

Now on too really down deep stuff. Hey Kevin besides Citi Field what is your favororite park ? He thought a minute while prusing the taco board and turned to me and said " It has to be Petco park there is nothing bad about that place" except the team of course. "Everything about that park stands out. Then he went on to mention that he loves Wrigley for other reasons which I understood since I was there about 10 years ago and fell in love with the old park. He also gave kudos to the San Fran park.

I mean this guy has the best job he gets to watch the game and sample the food and chat with fans about the Mets since he is a die hard Met fan who started out doing play by play to the football video game techno bowl.

I have to tell you he was right those tacos were pretty awesome!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mets bullpen coughs up another one

The 2 big guys from Seattle helped the Mets lose the last 2 games to the Marlins. Yesterday it was Sean Green and today JJ Putz walked the first 2 batters he faced after Johan Santana battled for 7 innings and gave up 2 runs.

The Mets of course could not get a hit where it was needed. Left men in scoring position. They had chances to score in the 8th and had the first 2 men on in the 9th but of course David Wright struck out and for some reason Jerry Manuel pinch hit for Ramon Castro who had 2 hits already in the game and Omir Santos popped out to end the game and now the Mets limp into Philly having lost the last 2.

Jerry Manuel who obviously has no love for Ramon Castro basically is telling him that he does not want him around. Good job alienated Castro because I am sure Santos will go down anyway since the Mets do not want to release Castro and his salary.

David Wright needs a day off. He looks lost totally out there and its about time he gets booed.

Mets notes for Wednesday. Johan Santana on the mound!

Mets had a little ceremony for Gary Sheffield before last nights game to celebrate his 500th home run. Will he be signing the Mets wall they plan to put up?

Brian Schneider will not be coming off the DL as planned. His calf is still acting up. Guess Omar told him to take a couple of extra days since they seem to have fallen love with Omir Santos. He gets the day off today and Ramon Castro will get the start.

Tatis and Cora get the starts again today and Daniel Murphy will be batting 3rd.

Johan Santana and Dan Warthen worked with Ollie Perez before last nights game trying to get into Ollie’s head to have him follow thru with his arm after he releases the ball. I think he should just be rocking more.

Will there the Mets score any runs for Johan today? I hope so! Nice to see the Mets cruise again like they did Monday night. Also would like to see Johan go at least 7 today against the aggressive Marlins.

Source- Daily News

Jerry Manuel upset with Mets lack of fight. Try being one of us Met fans!

In an article over at Jerry Manuel talks about how his team lacks fight. "I think what is somewhat discouraging is that we didn't put a run back on the board after that. That's what is discouraging" Jerry goes on to say.

Well Jerry nice that you finally realize that or at least mention it. This team has alot of offense but when they fall behind late the fire seems to go out and instead of burn brighter. All they need to do is look down the road at the Phillies who the other night staged multiple comebacks in there band box home. A couple of years ago the Mets would be behind and rally back. This team does not show that at all right now.

The team did nothing offensively the last couple of innings in the game. They could not get a runner past 1st base. The team does not have a killer instinct and honestly I do not want to hear David Wright give the politically correct answer anymore to questions. Hey David get pissed ! Throw a chair! You do not have to call out anyone but get some intensity when you have to deal with the media. Maybe that can transfer over to the game. Or better yet hang with Johan for a week be his tail for a week!

Sean Green might not be up for pitching 2 days in a row

With the Mets struggling against the Marlins earlier tonight, Sean Green was brought in to hold the game with the Mets leading 4-3. Well by the end of the 1 inning he pitched the Mets were now down 7-4. Mr Green who pitched on monday gave up 4 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks with the big blow the 2nd home run to Mr Cantu. Maybe the Mets should re think the bullpen a little.

Of course now Brian Stokes was brought in and he held the Marlins scoreless. Used mostly in games that are not tight affairs Stokes era is 0.00 with 6 strikeouts and 9 hits in 11 innings. Stokes has a rubber arm so maybe Jerry Manuel can re think Greenie and Stokes place in the bullpen.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carlos Delgado out until friday

No DL for the Mets cleanup hitter but he will not be in the lineup for the Mets until they head down the turnpike and face the Phillies this weekend.

According to Omar Minaya, Delgado recieved a cortison shot for his inflamed hip that he hurt when he slid into 3rd the other day with a triple. Yes the big man had a triple but at his age he might want to think about a stand up double next time.

Where are you Marlon Anderson?

Someone hits there 500th home run and the man Sheffield replaced is quickly forgotten.

Except if your former ball player turned writer Doug Glanville that penned a piece for the NY times that you can read

Darryl On WFAN

This morning Boomer and Carton on the morning show on WFAN had Darryl Strawberry as a guest.

One of the intersting things he mentioned was that he compares the 1986 Mets team to the 1998 Yankees, in that there was no way either team was going to lose.

There were other interesting tid-bits which you might enjoy. For the full interview go to Darryl Strawberry On WFAN

Mets release Freddy Garcia

Over at Adam Rubins blog it has been mentioned that the Mets have released Freddy Garcia. He was talking about maybe retiring if his next start he did not see improvement in his fastball which was hovering around the mid 80’s

Also this is a story about how scouts think that Daniel Murphy should go to triple aaa to work on his fielding in the outfield.

Left field is the Bermuda triangle

As Gary and Ron started to settle in for the game they did not have to wait long before something happened in the void of outfield that is being called the Bermuda triangle. Gary Sheffield muffed a fly ball on the first play of the game that eventually scored and would be the only run that the guy that looked like John Maine gave up. With Murphy on the bench I am sure he said see its not me there is something out there. Even manager Jerry Manuel in his post game press conference mentioned that he would check it out on Tuesday .

I have to say it was nice not to see a lead be chipped away for once. The Mets bullpen did a fine job but can J J Putz take any more time when he is out there? He can give Steve Trachsel a run for his money when it comes to time between pitches. Putz did not seem to have his trademark stuff but did finally record 3 outs.

Of course since He is hitting over.300 Luis Castillo needed a rest so he pulled up lame with back spasms in the 4th inning legging out a hit. Try hitting the ball out of the infield so you do not have to run so hard Luis!

Well David Wright actually hit the ball to right center for a rbi single and then launched one to the wall that Cody Ross just missed for a triple. Good job Mr Wright! You are the key in this lineup.

Gary Sheffield got rob by Cody Ross on a great play . Check out Cody Ross's grab of Gary Sheffield scorcher Sheff seems to be really getting some nice swings on the ball.
Kudos to Omir Santos for his first home run a grand slam. Welcome to NY!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Adios Freddy?

Adam Rubin - Surfing The Mets is reporting that Freddy Garcia, a minor league signee this off season, will contemplate retirement after his next start, Saturday at Louisville. Garcia's ERA is a whopping 8.18, and his fastball has been clocked at only 84 – 85 MPH, with a curveball in the 60's.

I honestly thought Garcia was a good signing (24 Hours...January 21, 2009), but he has fallen off rather quickly after shoulder surgery in 2007. Garcia was a low risk signing, and didn't kill the Mets budget too badly. I honestly thought he would be a diamond in the rough. Even Metsfan73 can get wrong once in a while.

DelGado, Ollie, Santos Oh My...

Carlos DelGado was a late scratch from tonights game. He has a sore hip from sliding into third base on a triple he hit yesterday.

Oliver Perez will not be sent down to the minors for a tune up...yet. He will be allowed one more start, against the Phillies, a team he has had much success against, to show if he can snap out of this abysmal funk he has been in. If Ollie doesn't fare well, he may very well be removed from the starting rotation.

Omir Santos started his third consecutive game tonight. He hit a Grand Slam in the bottom of the first, so he is showing everyone that he belongs. The Mets want to get a good read on Santos, because he will most likely be optioned down the AAA Buffalo when Schneider returns. If Schneider and Castro continue to struggle, Santos might very well be called up later in the season.

Wright In: David Wright will play every game this series against the Marlins. Despite Wright's slump, Manuel will not rest him this series. Wright hit a triple tonight against the Marlins, and has made two sparkling defensive plays. Wright was also sporting a crew cut before tonight's game. Wright said it's more 'aerodynamic'.

Murph sits: LF Daniel Murphy was scratched in favor of Gary Sheffield. Manuel saw some sub par at bats from Murphy, and wanted more power in the lineup. The Mets have only 11 HR's this season, tied for last in the NL. Murphy had a pinch hit triple this evening.

Fossum Replaced: The Mets designated Casey Fossum, and have called up lefty reliever, 40 year old Ken Takahashi. Takahashi will be used in long relief.

Source: Brian Costa - Star Ledger

Mets lineup minus Murphy and Castro

The Mets have there line up for the first game against the Marlins and its a bit different. Has Daniel Murphy worn out Jerry with his fielding? Delgado sits with a sore hip.

Reyes Castillo Beltran Sheffield Wright Church Tatis Santos Maine

931 should be daily lottery numbers not Ollie Perez's Era

Ollie the man of many words says that he is not right. Wow thanks for the revelation Ollie. Your ERA sounds like numbers I should use for the daily lottery. Hey Ollie you think you can do something about it?

Everyone has ideas on what to do with Ollie from putting him in the bullpen to placing in Triple A. What does Ollie think should be done? No clue. That is where it gets scary. The man who can not get his fastball over 90mph is not sure what the problem is. Should he ask the Mets catcher Santos if he knows what the problem is? Or maybe Dan Warthen ? Or how about David Wright who cant get himslef right can help since he seems to have a new habit of striking out 2 or 3 times a game.

What ever the issue is from it being not rocking on the mound before the pitch or some sort of injury Ollie needs to get right soon. He is being paid way too much to be pitching lotto numbers.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Casey fossum designated for assignment. Do not worry Pedro another lefty is in route

The Mets after todays blow out designated Casey Fossum for assignment. The Mets will have veteran lefthander Ken Takahashi 0.77 ERA in 11 2/3 innings so far in buffalo take Mr Fossums place . Pedro Feliciano can breathe easy again knowing he wont be the only lefty in the bullpen

Gary Cohen mentioned during the game that Pedro is on pace to pitch in to close 100 games already. Feliciano pitched a scoreless inning today and had a nice sequence against Mr Flores who eventually struck out.

Ideas that can make Citi Field/Shea Nu/GHMP better

Of course almost everyone could not wait for the new stadium to open . The boys over at baseball fever had a thread dedicated to the construction of the Mets new home.

Well now its here and it seems everyone is a critic.

Bill Price of the Daily News wrote an article of couple of things that would make the new stadium more homey to be a Mets fan.

From having old time Mets throw out the first ball like David Kingman or Doug Flynn to bringing back Shea great days like Banner day or Old Timers day. To me I would love it to see Doug Sisk give up a home run to lose a game or Ron Hunt take a pitch on his arse.

Honestly though I like the idea of renaming the Ebbets Club. I am not against the rotunda and its homage to Jackie and some of the ole dodgers pics but too me the Ebbets club is over the top.

He mentions naming it after a former Mets manager which someone on the 24 hours staff I know would agree. To me name that works because what ever you name the chances of me getting in there is close to the same percentage of Ollie Perez having 3-4 consistent starts in a row slim to none.

I would like the Mets to rename the Promenade Club the Shea club. To me that is where the Mets faithful would be. Of course there would be Mets faithful on all levels but this way more fans can see it. Have a couple of pics of Shea in there maybe a brick or maybe one of the banners they had on the fence that signaled the Mets division wins etc. Again what is wrong with honoring the Stadium that Met fans grew up in just like your honoring Ebbets Field?

John Maine a little jumpy on the mound

Seems like Oliver Perez is not the only one who is a bit excited when he gets on the mound. According to Adam Rubins blog John Maine is feeling a little excited and has too much adreline on the mound.

Maine would normally pitch a side session between starts but instead threw batting practive to help him calm his nerves.

Not sure what is causing his elated indorphines but I hope he takes something from his buddy Big Pelf start and not from Ollie's start today. Honestly I can not imagine what it is like to sit there and watch Ollie pitch . I mean in the stands you want to throw things at him but in the dugout?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mets Continue To Slight Past Stars

Today in Ken Davidoff - Newsday, there is a story where former Met Ron Hunt has contacted the Mets asking if he could have a pair of seats from Shea Stadium as a memento. Hunt was given a resounding 'NO'. Hunt would not disclose with whom he spoke with.

Hunt was the first Met selected to start the All Star game in 1964. He was the first Met to get a hit and hit a home run at Shea Stadium.

Hunt told Newsday when he called the Mets, "They wanted money, and I told them, 'I played for 7,000 dollars [a year] and had to play for four years to get a pension. If you can't get me two seats, then stick them up your --."

Hunt, who lives on a farm in Wentzville, MO, has a collection of seats from the Polo Grounds, the old Busch Stadium in St. Louis, and Crosley Field in Cincinnati. He really wanted to add two seats from Shea to his collection, but was told the price was $869 for a pair. Hunt recounts, "They told me that everybody was buying them, and I said, 'I'm not everybody, I'm the first All-Star. There is no second there."

When the Mets were contacted, VP of Marketing and Communications, David Newman explained, "Because Shea was [New York] City-owned property, there were no comps or discounts."

Davidoff has a novel idea: “...what if the Mets allotted, say, $43,450 to get 50 pairs of seats for people important in the franchise's history? Or even $21,725 for 25 pairs? That would've been a nice, inclusive gesture.”

Once again, the lack of respect this organization has for those who played for them is inexcusable. Would giving a lousy pair of seats to their former 2B who was the one who hit the first HR at Shea, got the first Mets hit at Shea, and was the first Met elected to start an All Star game. He also finished second to Pete Rose in the 1963 Rookie of The Year voting.

Big Pelf Off The Shelf And Pitching Like His Old Self

Today Mets starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey allowed Mets fans to exhale a sigh of relief when he pitched 5.2 innings, leading the Mets to an 8-2 victory over the Little League team from our Nation's Capital.

Big Pelf not only pitched 5.2 innings, giving up two runs, but more importantly, he induced 15 of 19 batters to hit grounders through five innings. Pelfrey's velocity was increased by approximately 2 MPH, reaching between 93 and 94 MPH on his sinker, which had much more 'bite' to it than it did in his previous outings thus far this season. He missed his last start due to tendinitis in his pitching arm, but never used the discomfort as an excuse for his poor pitching.

Tomorrow it is up to Oliver Perez to continue this little renaissance the Mets pitching staff is going through. Jerry Manuel is still holding the line that if there isn't improvement over the next round through the rotation, he might very well make changes to the pitching staff.

On a side note, after tonight's game, the Natinals will be entering in the spelling bee contest at PS 132.

He's Ba-ack...

According to Adam Rubin - Surfing The Mets , Nelson Figueroa has agreed to return to the Mets. I am surprised Figgy decided to return, as stated in my earlier post, 24 Hours...April 22, 2009. I thought we had seen the last of our Brooklyn native.

In other Mets news, the club has signed former Astro 3B/1B Mike Lamb. These signings, Figueroa, Lamb and Wily Mo Pena, might be to help jump start the Buffalo Bison's, who are off to a horrific 2-12 start.

Manuel Patiently Impatient

With the Mets early, yet annual and customary slide in the standings, along with poor starting pitching (excluding Johan), Mets manager Jerry Manuel said we as fans must be patient, but that he will only give one more opportunity for the current rotation to correct itself before 'debating changes'.

Said Manuel, “I’m at the bridge. If I’m at the bridge, then I’ve got to take some folks with me. That’s kind of how I feel about that. I’ve got to see a little better than what I’m seeing. I might have to say, ‘Hey fella, we might have to do some jumping here, grab life vests or whatever you want to take with you.’ We’ve got to do something.”

General Manuel said he might have to look to either skip some starters turns in the rotation, bring up someone from Buffalo (can you say Freddy Garcia?), or move people to the bullpen. Jerry is bothered by the number of walks his pitchers have allowed (are you listening John Maine and Oliver Perez?), the shaky defense, and the terrible clutch hitting his team has shown thus far:

“We are still, for the most part, going to be somewhat patient,” Manuel said. “That means that at least another turn through and obviously during that period, we are looking for obviously some improvement. It might not manifest itself in wins and losses, but it could manifest itself in stuff, location, executing pitches and those types of things.”

Mets GM Omar Minaya, who didn't accompany the team on their road trip to St. Louis, said he and Manuel have not yet discussed any changes. Minaya went on to say that he didn't expect his staff to struggle so early in the season, and also expects improvement as the season goes on.

When asked, Minaya offered, “You envision them doing better, but I also understand that in a long season, those things are going to happen. There will be periods where some parts of the team will function better than others.”

Continuing, “We feel we have a good team. We just need to let some of our guys play. We’re in April and committed to our guys. Although we haven’t played well in the last couple of games, as a whole, I like our team.”

If Big Pelf and Perez don't pitch better on Saturday and Sunday, more arms might be summoned to help an already overused bullpen.

Jerry Manuel: “We haven’t played our best baseball yet. I think once we go through this period and then a period of us playing very well, then I think you can make a determination of where we fit and where we should be at the end of the season.”

These statements sound the same as those made at the end of 2007, all of 2008, and now 2009. We as fans know it is early in the season, but the problem that isn't being addressed is that the play of this team is a carryover from 2007 and 2008. All these adjustments players claim they have made in the Spring and off season is hogwash. David Wright finally went to RF last night. Yes it was another out by Wright with runners on first and second, but at least he went to RF. Why has it taken until the 16th game for him to do that? Why isn't this team attempting to steal more? Hit and run more? Advance the runners more? These are all fundamental lapses this team has had since the Willie Randolph era. The only difference is in the year.

Source: Jonathan Abrams - Mets Notebook

Will the Mets ever make it easy

New Ballpark, new year, new bullpen, almost the same story..

Why do the Mets have to struggle to win every game? Johan gives up 1 run and its like he let the Mets down. Can Castro use 2 hands? Can anybody get a hit with a runner on 3rd and less then 2 out? Can SNY stop showing the graphic of the Mets avg with RISP and how many men they left on base?

Just some questions I have after watching last nights game. It would be nice to see this Mets team load the bases and maybe do what the Phillies did last night and hit a Grand Slam. How about a double that clears the bases? Why do we have to be treated so unfairly? What did we do as Mets to be tortured this way? Do we all need to constantly watch our hair turn grey when a Mets reliever needs 3 outs to a win but feel the need to give up a couple to make it interesting?

Is there any reason security needs to harass Mets fans that like to place K cards up? If you did not see that story check it out over at

Did anyone notice the Nationals game plan at the plate against Johan? How many of the Nats swung on the first pitch? I mean Johan was gone after 6 innings and Scott Olsen at the time of the bottom of the 6 only had like 75 pitches. You think the Mets can learn. Teams are coming in with a game plan against the Mets.

Where is the Mets plan? Oh yeah I forgot make Mets fans stroke out and leave everyone on base .

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mets tickets for June -October to go on sale

The Mets will finally be placing the remainder of the season on sale. Single game tickets for June through the first 3 days of October will go on sale on May 3rd.

It is about time if you ask me . People would like to plan there summers .

Will the Mets ever have a leader on this team?

Yes the Mets have issues. Yes it would be nice if this team would play the way there expected to play. Well my question is this. Will someone please step up to a leadership role on this team already!

We know that Johan can be a leader but he is a pitcher and it comes to reason that the Mets need a leader that is an everyday player.

With Delgado in his walk year I do not see him taking the reigns. Plus he really does not play well with the media. So here is the list of possibilities.

Jose Reyes? I do not see it. Still needs to grow up a bit. He needs to be told by Manuel to control the infield and take a leadership role with that. So he is taking baby steps.

David Wright? Possibly. He does seem to get along with the media but does he have what it takes to fire up his teammates?

Carlos Beltran. It might not be his personality to lead but I think he could be the guy. He does lead in away with his play and finally seems comfortable playing in New York. The guy right now is doing it all in the field and with the bat and except for his lame comment about not sliding the other night because he did not want to get hurt seems to be a guy that all players could gravitate too.

Now if Castillo was not on the team the Mets might have had a fiery guy playing named Orland Hudson. Well he is with the Dodgers so to me its like ok guys lets have someone step up on this team and act like you’re a true New Yorker and open your mouth!

Jerry Manuel tells pitchers to shape up or there will be changes. Hollow words?

After yesterdays loss Mets manager Jerry Manuel had some hard words for his starting staff of course besides Johan Santana. According to Adam Rubins blog Jerry went on to say that there be some changes in the rotation if things do not correct themselves by the next cycle of starts.

I can not see any of the starters quaking here. The Mets minor league pitchers are not burning the fields down in triple a. Jon Niese had 3 horrible starts and Freddy Garcia had 1 ok start since getting a chance to pitch. Also who knows what to expect from Tim Redding who is poised to come off the DL after this home stand.

Look the pitching does stink but its not like the Mets have alot of guys ready to step in. Nice try Jerry to shake up the team but what you going to do release Ollie? Demote Pelf after he was hurt? Nope. maybe the words will just rattle some cages and get these guys going. Jerry does love to talk!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mets get blown out and swept by Cardinals.

Well there you have it 3 games and 3 loses. Now the Mets head home to face the Natinals and Thankfully Johan is pitching. With today loss of course everyone is now thinking oh my what to do with the starting pitchers. What can you do but look forward to seeing them turn it around.

Now with the Mets loss today there were some bright spots.

Alex Cora had 2 hits and scored 2 runs. He had a double in his first at bat that 1 hopped the wall. Nice to see him hit for extra base power.

David Wright had an actual hit to right field that drove in a run.

Carlos Beltran, who leads the league in hitting, had 3 hits including a 3 run home run and is hitting .404 and now has 12 rbis.

Fernando Tatis stole a base which is only the 6th for the Mets this year.

Bobby Parnell pitched in and out of a jam and actually induced a double play ! Wow will wonders ever cease.

The Mets now are 6-9 as they head home to play the Nationals and the Marlins before they head off to play the Phillies.

The Mets need to get some pitching soon or they going to find out how long the summer can be!

Carter Atones

Gary Carter, presently manager of the Long Island Ducks, while reflecting on last year’s campaigning for Willie Randolph’s managerial job while Randolph was still employed, has said he now realizes what he did was ‘politically incorrect.’

"We all make mistakes in our lifetime. With what happened, that politically incorrect statement what I said about my interest, then I would say yes it is a mistake. I wasn't trying to step on anybody's toes or undermine anybody. My intentions, I think, were sincere. They certainly were not malicious by any means. When it comes down to it, I've learned from that. It won't happen again. I can tell you that."

When speaking of his relationship with the Mets, Carter deduced, "Our relationship is fine. I have been invited back to several things. They have treated me fairly and nicely through the years. They rewarded me when I was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I have no ill feelings and I don't think they do as well. I think it's just a matter of a couple of things that have popped up like last year. I haven't heard any repercussions from it from their standpoint. I was invited back to the closing and was honored to be a part of that.''

Carter, who during his playing career bothered teammates by always looking to be quoted or photographed, was a tremendous player, and has shown he can manage as well. He also went on to say that he inquired about the open managers positions with both the Mariners and Brewers, but at that time, both teams had another candidate in mind. As Carter said, "It's sometimes a chess game and just being in the right place at the right time.''

Think we have it bad check out Lenny Dykstra

In a week where we see our team lose the first 2 games of a series to the Cardinals the Mets look for away out of there lousy play and sub par starting pitching. As fans sometimes we might look at teams or people that have it worse then our team to kind of pick us up.

This weeks I would rather be a Met fan than ... Goes to Lenny Dykstra who's Mike Fish pens an article that goes on and on and on about poor Lenny and how is financial world is breaking apart at the seems. The man who wanted to cater to all sports figures by giving them his glossy rag and spill out stock tips.

Well Lenny is falling on hard times. He seems to have over 20 suits against him from previous employees and investors. He has fired people due to them not funding things on there on personal credit cards to eating peoples deposits on deals that go sour. He bought Wayne Gretzky's house to flip and now owes back taxes on it. He even owes his brother $$$ and whined to his mommy about needing $23,000 to fund a trip on a private jet and pay for the fuel on her credit card since his are maxed!. The guys wife just packed up and left.

Now I am not big on enjoying other peoples misery but if you read the story you get a jist that Lenny is no saint. Sometimes you have to pack it in. There seems no shame in who Lenny tries to Sham. Hey Keith and Ron watch out he might be coming for you! See Met fans at least you did not invest in Nails!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mets pitching off to a slow start. What is with all the walks?

As the Mets battle the Cardinals tonight and find themselves behind 5-1 in the 7th inning my question that begs an answer what is with the Mets and the starters? Besides Mr Johan this team starters are really struggling.

The record of the Mets last year after 14 games was 8-6 and after 26 games it was 14-12 . The Mets now look like will be 6-8 as they can not figure out the Pinero. As a Met fan you expect more of course but after last nights loss at least this team is not beating themselves tonight so far. My question with these starters is what is with all the walks and why are they afraid of Kahil Greene? The guy has like 90 walks in game and a half.

Johan has 5 walks in 19 innings . Maine has 9 walks in just under 15 innings . Mr confusion Ollie Perez has 12 walks in 15 innings Big Pelf has 6 walks in 10 innings .

The Mets cant not win games with all these walks so when you think of it with the errors in the outfield and the pitchers who can not find the plate the Mets will wish Johan pitches everyday. Lately I know I do.

Will Figueroa Return?

After Sunday’s respectable performance against the Brewers (6.0 IP, 5H, 3 Runs, 3 K’s), the Mets, in their infinite wisdom, designated Nelson Figueroa for assignment.

If he passes through waivers, he can either report to AAA Buffalo, or declare free agency. That is the question: if he clears waivers, why would Figgy want to come back? This is the team he rooted for growing up, and when he got a start last summer, he said it was ‘a dream come true.’ The Mets bounced him between the bigs and the minors last year, and he still performed however the Mets needed him – whether it was to spot start or to be the long man out of the bullpen. Has John Maine or Oliver Perez really earned the right to be beyond reproach? Figgy is no Cy Young, but he truly loves being a Met, and gives his all when called upon.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he passes through waivers, and declares free agency. He was very hurt when the Mets designated him. On his blog site, his wife wrote, in part, of her, "anger ... at a situation that makes me want to scream and to cry," Alisa Figueroa said of her husband, "Nelson is upset. He did what is asked of any starting pitcher in baseball -- he gave them a quality start and kept them in the game. He did not expect to be told that wasn't good enough and that they needed to make a move and he was that move. He expected more than one day in the big leagues this time around."

She continued, "When he called after the game I said, 'What's up?'" And he said, 'It's not what's up, it's who's down. They just designated me.' I sat in complete shock. I had no words. The feeling of complete numbness entered my body. I think I sputtered, 'I'm so sorry' and Nelson said, 'Yeah, I need to call you later.' I didn't want him to call because I didn't know what to say."

Figueroa has handled himself well in his time in NY. I just hope the Mets will reward that with more respect, but I have a funny feeling that he will not be back with the Mets. If he isn’t claimed off waivers, I think he might opt for free agency. Can you blame him?

Brian Costa - The Star Ledger

Ugly loss for the Mets.

Last night the teams play just got so bad you had to shut it off. It was a train wreck to watch Daniel Murphy fall down on a ball hit to him. This is right after Beltran does not slide on a close play at the plate that Molina would have had no shot of tagging Beltran if he slide. If Beltran scores Reed replaces Murphy in left field and possibly no error occurs which Ron Darling pointed out.

We all know that Murphy can hit but his fielding has been sub par to say the least with not hitting the right cut off man to lousy throws. He needs to stop concentrating on hitting and go full tilt on fielding because the Mets will not be able to run him out there constantly if he will cost games.

Last nights game was worse then watching the Bad news bears . The Mets were pathetic and Ollie was as usual not consistent to stop the Cardinals. He refused to challenge hitters in the 4th and 5th innings especially Kahil Greene.

The Mets have the talent and need to start playing like a team that has talent. A .500 team is not how we want to spend our summer watching.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

40 Years Later: The 1969 NY Mets

This season we will celebrate and chronicle the players of the 1969 NY Mets.

Ed Charles was born Edward Thurston Charles on April 29, 1933 -was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. Charles is 5'10", and his playing weight was 170 lbs. He batted and threw right handed. Charles, who was well respected by his teammates, was affectionately known as 'The Glider' and 'The Poet Laureate Of Baseball."

Charles was originally drafted by the Boston Braves in 1952. Charles didn't advance to the pro club due to Hall of Famer Eddie Matthews occypying 3B. While in the Braves Minor League system, Charles was introduced to racism in the deep south. The poetry Charles would later pen would reflect the frustration and racism he encountered in the deep south.

In 1962 The Glider was traded to the Kansas City Athletics Again, he didn't get much notice, and was traded by the A's to the Mets for Larry Elliot on May 10, 1967.

After the 1967 season, in November, the Mets waived Ed Charles. He tried out, and made the Mets in 1968.

In 1968, Charles led the Mets with 15 HR's for a poor Mets team that only scored a total of 478 runs. He knocked in 53 runs, and hit a respectable .276 AVG. His 15 HR's led the Mets.

In 1969, the Mets 'Magical Season', Charles split his 3b duties with rookie Wayne Garrett. As is common today, but not in 1969, Charles played against lefties while Garrett played against righties.

In the 1969 World Series against the Baltimore Orioles, Charles scored the winning run in game 2 on a single by Al Weis. Of the five games played in 1969, Charles participated in four.

The Mets won the World Championship in five games, sweeping four after losing game 1. After the series Charles announced his retirement, deciding to retire on a high note.

Charles will never be considered for the Hall Of Fame, but the leadership he provided to a young Mets team in 1969 is invaluable. Charles always handled himself with class, and, along with 1B Donn Clendenon, taught the Mets how to win.

Althought his career was interrupted by racism, Eddie Matthews, and military service (1/2 of 1953 and 1954 seasons), that didn't prevent Charles from being a memeber of the 1962 Topps All Star Rookie Team, and a leader of the World Champion New York Mets.

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan salute the Glider for his hardwork, loyalty, and tutalidge to help a young team learn and accomplish baseball's Holy Grail.

Sources:, Ultimeate Mets Database, Baseball Library

Mets bring back there normal lineup against the Cardinals

The Mets will be facing the Cardinals shortly and it is nice to see Ryan Church back in the line up. The Mets send Ollie Perez to the mound looking for his second win against righty Todd Wellemeyer who is 1-1. The Cardinals have lost there last 2 games but do have some guys who are starting off the season pretty hot. Ryan Ludwick is hitting a stellar .405 with, five homers and 15 RBI . Chris Duncan carries a 12-game hitting streak into the contest.

The Mets will have the lineup of Reyes, Murphy, Beltran batting 3rd tonight with Delgado 4th and Wright 5th followed by Church, Castro and the hot hitting Castillo batting 8th. Perez hits ninth.

It’s All In The Pen

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time, the Mets bullpen had an ERA of 3.67. This year? The Mets have a bullpen ERA of 1.89, which is the best in baseball, nearly half a run lower than the second lowest ERA, 2.33, belonging to the Seattle Mariners.

Through their first 12 games, the Mets are tied with the Cubs and Braves for most relief appearances, 43, but their average innings per appearance is merely .88, which ranks #2 along with the Cubs, behind #1 Atlanta, for the lowest.

Ben Shpigel - NY Times

Met fans all have a say regarding the Doc Gooden autograph.

Nothing like a little drama on a day off. The Mets had no game yesterday but everwhere you look or if you listened to sports radio there was conversation about Doc Gooden’s signature. Bet he would never thought signing a name would lead to all the hubbub but hey Doc its NY what do you expect.

To check out some of the musings on it check out the piece
Metstradamus has on it.

Also the
NY Post with what Jay Horowitz mentioned on why the Mets will keep it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mets listen to fans and will not erase Doc Goodens autograph

In a move that the Mets did not because they thought it was a good idea but more due to an overwhelming backlash the Mets will not erase the autograph that Dwight Gooden did the other day in the Ebbets Club.

According to the Daily News the Mets will place that board somewhere else that is accessible for all fans to see and have other Mets sign it including Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza and Mookie Wilson.

The Mets really need someone in that organization that is in tune with being a Met fan because has Jobu said earlier the Mets do not have a clue . To not realize that the fans are dying for the Mets to embrace the past really just leave you question what the Wilpons think besides his undying love for all things Brooklyn.

Mets sign another outfielder Willie Mo Pena

With the Mets not having enough issues with who to play the outfield these days they thought it would be fun to add another outfielder to the mix as they signed Willie Mo Pena to a minor league deal.

He was released earlier this year by the Nationals when he refused an assignment to triple a. No doubt the Mets could use him in Buffalo where the Mets affiliate is a hard charging 1-10 to start the year.

The Mets had originally signed Mr Pena back in 1998.

Was that Ryan Church rolling his eyes?

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

I know, I know, it's been a long time since the last 'Talk Me In Off The Ledge', and Jobu and Long Island Met Fan have been waiting with baited breath for my next installment, but normally this early in the season, there isn't much to rant about: then comes today...

My esteemed colleague Jobu, in his last post, has sparked the fire.

I have complained continuously about the Wilpon's lack of sense of history when dealing with the Mets. For an ownership that is neurotically concerned about public perception, they are deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to what the fans really want.

Fast forward to this past week when Dwight Gooden signed a bare wall with: "Doc Gooden 84 R.O.Y., 85 Cy Young, 86 W.S. Champs." This bare wall is located in the Ebbets Club, and was in dire need of some Mets history. Gooden obliged. Jay Horwitz, Mets VP of PR, said the autograph will either be covered or removed. Now, back to a sense of history - EBBETS CLUB...why not Shea Club? Why not Joan Payson Bar & Grill? Maybe they could serve a Hot Rod Kanehl Klub Sandwich. The Rube Walker Reuben? Maybe the John Pacella Pub? The Flushing Tavern? Grand Central Parkway Grill? Throneberry's Tavern? The possibilities are limitless. The difference between my lame ideas and those of the Mets? My lame ideas are laden in Mets history.

As I have stated before, I love the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and it does have it's place. The problem is, the Mets have been in existence for 48 years, and have a history of their own. Two World Series Championships (one more than Brooklyn), five divisional titles, four World Series appearances, six NLCS appearances, and the likes of Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza (yes, he played more years with the Mets than the Dodgers), Marv Throneberry, Choo Choo Coleman, Ed Kranepool, Frank Viola, Mickey Lolich, Ellis Valentine, Tommie Agee, Gregg Jefferies, and Cleon Jones. Good, bad, or ugly - these were our Mets. They should be embraced. We can laugh at the ineptitude of the 1962 inaugural team, celebrate with the 1969 and 1986 teams, have our hearts torn out by the 1973, 1988, 2006, 2007, and 2008 teams. This is our team!

History and lineage isn't A la Carte. Smart, dumb, good, or bad - it is all that comes together to make up our history. This team can frustrate me beyond words, but I will still be back tomorrow to cheer them on.

As for Gooden signing the wall, BRAVO! Not only should it remain, but Keith Hernandez should sign, Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza, Anthony Young, Mickey Lolich,
Randy Tate, Kevin Kobel, Bruce Berenyi, Ron Taylor, Nolan Ryan, Jerry Koosman, Jon Matlack, and every other Mets player(s) that come back and who have donned a Mets uniform.

How cool would it be to walk into the Ebbets Club and look at the wall adorned with a multitude of signatures of former Mets? Let fans take their picture next to all the autographs, you know sort of like people line up to have their picture taken next to the huge #42 in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

C'Mon Fred and Jeff, give us fans what we want. We want Dwight back. We want Darryl back. We want Wally Backman back. We want Jon Matlack, Jerry Koosman, Gary Gentry, Jerry Grote, Craig Swan, Ron Swoboda, Cleon Jones, Davey Johnson, etc. to be respected as part of OUR HISTORY. We want GHMP to be OUR Ballpark. The Dodgers had one (Ebbets Field) and have one (Dodger Stadium). Let the Mets and their fans have their own ball park. Nothing wrong with respecting the Giants and Dodgers, in fact I'm all for it. The problem is, the history of the inception should not supersede the history and existence of the Mets.

Do the right thing Fred and Jeff...Don't disrespect your fans. We couldn't care less about your corporate sponsors. We care about our team, whether it was Juan Samuel and Keith Miller playing CF, Gregg Jefferies playing 2B, Gary Rajsich playing RF, Del Unser playing CF, Dave Kingman playing 1B, Tommy Herr or Felix Millan playing 2B, Frank Taveras or Bud Harrelson playing SS, Roy Staiger, Wayne Garrett, Richie Hebner, or Lenny Randle playing 3B - this is our team, and we need to respect, cherish, and understand it. We are the ones who attend games when the team can't buy a win. We are also the ones who now sell body parts to attend a game. Rain or shine, good team or bad - we are the one's who attend whether the stadium is packed or not. We care. We live and die with our team. Citi Bank, Caesar's, Models, Pepsi, and Budweiser do not.

Talk me in folks, I'm on the ledge!

Are You Kidding Me...Get a Clue! No reason to erase Dwight Goodens Autograph!

No Need to rant here. I just want the organization to GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!
Please click on this link to view George Willis' column:

The Mets next hitting threat Omir Santos

As our big hitting catcher Brian Schenider works on getting his back up to playing shape so he can hit a solid .240 the Mets brought up Omir Santos to back up Raul Castro. He as been only up for 3 games so far and this kid has shown he can hit.

He hit 4 home runs in spring training and 1 of I remember was a moon shot in a lopsided spring training loss. Well Saturday Omir scored the only run in the Mets 1-0 contest as well as throwing a runner to end the game and yesterday laced a triple that would make Jose jealous.

His triple went to the wall in right center and this kid motored around to make it to 3rd. The ball he hit was a shot that eluded the brewers outfielders even speedy Mike Cameron.

He had a cup of coffee with the orioles last year but he can make you forget last years call up Roberto Cancel in a heartbeat. Looking forward to games this kid plays.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fernando Tatis at Second and Ryan Church sits

The Met go for the sweep today with Nelson Figueroa on the mound. He is in place of Mike Pelfrey. Pelf was not placed on the DL so the Mets had to designate for assignment Darren O Day. He will be offered back to the Angels since the Mets took him in the rule V draft.

Fernando Tatis plays second base today. Yes second while Ryan Church rides the pine with Gary Sheffield playing right field. Check out this line up.

Reyes, Murphy, Wright,Delgado,Beltran,Sheffield,Tatis,Santos and Figgy.

I am sure Mr Church will be steaming a little.

Best of luck to Figgy who had a great game against the Brewers last year at Shea with his family in Billy Wagner's box. Tatis at second?

Former Met Released

Former NY Mets prospect, Philip Humber was designated for assignment by the Minnesota Twins.

Humber is out of options, so he was not reassigned to the minors.

As you may recall, Humber was part of the trade that netted the Mets Johan Santana. Humber had some arm injuries early in his career, and I never felt he was given a fair chance by the Mets. He was drafted by the Mets in the first round in the 2004 draft - out of Rice. That being said, with his designation this week, it makes the Mets decision to include him in the Sanatana deal seem like a brilliant decision. No one ever thought Humber was Cy Young (or Johan Santana), but I was expecting good things from the young pitcher, once out of the Flushing Spotlight.

Humber, 26, gave up 6 runs in 4.1 innings with the Twins this year.

Citi Needs Shrine to Mets Past

In walking around Citi Field the other night of course there are things that people can say they do not like about the new place. People love to complain. It is in there nature. I am not big on complaining because I would rather have the new park then go back to Shea. How can you not love the new perspectives of watching a game. Nothing like hanging at the bridge chatting with Met fans about David Wright and is lack of clutch hitting and seeing balls hit towards you. Also watching the sun set and seeing the sky explode with colors from that vantage point.

Of course yes there are little things that bother me. The fact that if you sit in the right field promenade and the tall flag poles block the big scoreboard in right center field. Or for my friend Jobu who had issues finding his favorite adult beverage that was not beer.

I do have a question though why do you go into the Caesars club and have these large posters of Atlantic City casinos but no posters of any Met players? What is up with that?

Bill Gallo has a gripe that we have discussed in earlier posts that the Mets have no room or shrine to the Mets have the past. Yes they have the the flags on the outside adorn to the walls . Why do they have no statues? Or how about what they used to have in the Diamond club entrance? I read that all that is in storage. Mr Gallo thinks there should be a pioneer room catering to Mets history to the likes of Bill Shea and some guy named Gil Hodges.

To me whatever the room or area is get it done yesterday. Would love to have the opportunity to read about the history of Eddie Kranepool, the all time Met hit leader at Shea or seeing a Lindsey Nelson jacket from the 70's when the line for Blue Smoke is wrapped around the left field stands.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hey David Wright get a hit that matters

It is very tough to pick on Luis Castillo these days. I mean I am sure in a day or 2 we will find something worth while that will annoy us Met fans that he does but right now the guy is hitting over 500 in his last 25 at bats so we need to find another poster boy.

I think at this juncture we will go with David Wright. This guy seems to fall below the radar with the media because he does not seemed to be picked on. Yes he is very quotable and makes himself available but come on .

Friday night in watching that game where the Mets had bases loaded 3 times in 9 innings there was always a fan that would come forward and just hope that David Wright would not be up at bat if we had a runner in scoring position. Why? because he does not get the big hit where needed. There I said. Hey get a hit crash! A hit that matter. This guy has besides the 3 home run that tied the game the other night has done nothing with runners in scoring position. NOTHING!

Met fans at the game all said the same thing he does not give us the big hit these days. He will hit a week ground ball or just hit into a double play or pop out or strike out on a fast ball away.

Hey David. Remember when you used to hit to right field? How bout trying that again huh? Then maybe we can pick another poster boy these days to rag on. Can you believe that Luis Castillo had 2 hits again today? Wow amazing things happen when you swing the bat!

Meeting Ron Darling

Last Saturday, April 11th, I had the pleasure of going to The Book Revue In Huntington, to attend a book signing by none other than former NY Met and current Mets broadcaster, Ron Darling.

Darling was giving a talk, answering questions, and signing his new book, The Complete Game: Reflections on Baseball, Pitching, and Life on the Mound. To say the day and the event was interesting would be an understatement.

Of the good-to-great Mets teams of the 1980's, many like Gooden the best of the starting pitchers on the Mets staff. The same can be said for the late 1960's and 1970's, where Tom Seaver was the main man. During this era, I was always a Jerry Koosman fan, and in the era of the 1980's, I always liked Darling the best of the starting pitchers. That's what made this particular day so great.

An old friend of mine, Tara, who is up visiting from Florida, was driving by the Book Revue in Huntington, and saw the sign for Darling's appearance. She called me on Friday evening, the day before, to inform me. Darling would be appearing from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Being the man of my house, I asked my wife if it would be OK. Also being the man of the house, I told her I was going after she gave me permission.

Saturday came, and it was a miserable day; rain, cold, heavy winds...the weather couldn't have been better. This meant less people would be attending, thus giving me a better opportunity to get the book signed.

Having grown up in Huntington, I knew the area like the back of my hand, so Metsfan73 and #1 son, Metsfan97, made the trip to the Book Revue.

Upon arriving and buying four books, One for my three children - Metsfan97, Metsfan99, and Metsfan03, one for me, one for Tara, and one, a surprise for Long Island Met Fan - we took our seats and waited for the guest of honor. When he arrived, he didn't disappoint.

Darling spoke for about 15 minutes, and answered questions for about 15 minutes, before signing books.

Some real interesting things Darling enlightened us to were:

  • Darling spoke of his attitude before starting a game. He freely admits he was less than a nice person, but between emotion and getting psyched up for the game, he turned into a different person.

  • When asked about his relationship with both Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez Darling informed that he gets along real well with both, but they aren't buddies where they get together after the game and go on vacations together. He said Gary is a great source of knowledge because he is such a Mets fan, and he knows their history so well, that both Darling and Hernandez learn a lot from him. With Hernandez, Darling has the utmost respect for Keith. He went into detail on how Keith taught the Mets not only how to win, but how to have a winning attitude.

  • Darling made jokes about Hernandez' 'Rush Limbaugh' vests, saying that Keith was miles to the right of Limbaugh.

  • When asked how he felt about this current team, and the great '86 team, is he proud that he was a member of the last World Championship Mets team - Darling said no one can ever take 1986 away from he and his teammates, but it's time for this generation to be the next World Champions, and he would be glad to pass that torch.

  • Darling was asked about the recent signing of Gary Sheffield, and he was not in favor of it because Sheffield is 40 years old, and will not be able to cover RF in the expansive new ballpark. He said Ryan Church is a much better RF, and might be one of the best in the NL, and the Mets should give him a fair opportunity. He also said he likes Sheffield alot, and that he has known him since he was 15 years old, when his Uncle Dwight (Gooden) would bring him into the clubhouse. Darling said that Gooden bragged that Sheff would hit 500 HR's, and the players got all over Gooden for saying that about his 15 year old nephew. Darling paused and then comically stated, "and we are still right...Gary has 499 HR's." Well Ron, Gary proved you wrong last night.

  • Asked who he rooted for as a child growing up in Massachusetts, Darling said he was a Red Sox fan. A Carl Yastrzemski fan. Darling said as a kid he used to copy Yaz' batting stance. He was also a big Boston Bruin fan, mainly a Bobby Orr fan.

At this point it was time for Ron to leave us and head to the loft, where the signings would commence. We waited about 40 minutes before it was our turn. When we got up to Darling, I asked him if he would mind if I asked him a question. He said, "Not at all, go ahead..." I asked him in all the years he played, was there any player(s) who he was real close to that were traded away, and how did he handle it. I explained that I remember in Keith Hernandez' book, If At First: A Season With The Mets, Hernandez explained he was real close with Ed Lynch, and it hurt when he was traded to the Cubs. Darling said he was close to Lynch too, and the other player where it hurt when he was traded was Suffern's own Walt Weiss, when they were teammates on the A's. He said from that point he decided it was a business, and he wouldn't get too close to guys he played with.

What a great day we had meeting Darling. I felt like a little kid, meeting Darling, and getting to speak with him ever so shortly, but I did get the chance. In the span of one week, I had been to GHMP twice, shook Jerry Manuel's hand, got some rubble that used to be Shea Stadium, and met Ron Darling. It is a day I will remember and cherish. It was like returning to my teen-age years/early 20's, when the Mets were on top of the world, and life wasn't so difficult.

I am still in the process of reading The Complete Game: Reflections on Baseball, Pitching, and Life on the Mound, but will give my review once completed.

P.S. All week I had been breaking Long Island Met Fan's chops that I had a surprise for him. I wouldn't give him any hint, only that we had to meet before last night's game. Funny as it seems now, every night when we wanted to get together, something came up where we couldn't. Finally, this past Thursday we were able to meet for a beer and I was able to hand deliver the book to him. We had a laugh and we reminisced about the 'Good Ol Days', and what lies ahead for this team.