Saturday, July 31, 2010

Deadline passes and nothing at end for the Mets

No Mets deal to report this afternoon. After trying to unload Castillo and headcase Ollie the Mets were shut out of any deals .They really did not want to give up any decent prospect. Even Ramon Ramirez from the Red Sox didnt work . He was just traded to the Giants. Hey at least Met fans can enjoy the past with the weekend HOF festivites at Citi. Of course nice to talk about a killer deal the Mets did but hey who are we kidding.

Dotel to Dodgers Mets showing interest in Red Sox Ramon Ramirez

Former Met Octavio Dotel has been traded to the Dodgers for Andrew Lambo and James McDonald while the Mets are trying to work a last minute deal for reliever Ramon Ramirez

10 minutes left and Mets are still left holding bag

AS of 350PM the Mets are the proud owners of a player to be named later when the Blue Jays traded for Yanks have made a move for in the last 24 hours. The Mets are still on the doorstep looking for a dance partner.

90 Minutes To Go Still No Trades: Mets Lineup V. DBacks - JUly 31, 2010

Like many out there, I have been watching the trade wires to see what the Mets are not going to get. As of now, still no trades other than yesterday's block buster deal that sent Mike Jacobs to the Blue Jays for a Player To Be Named Later.

Thanks to Adam Rubin for today's losing lineup:

1. Reyes
2. Pagan RF
3. Wright 3B
4. Beltran CF
5. Davis 1B
6. Carter LF
7. Thole C
8. Castillo
9. Takahashi

If the Mets lose today, they will be back at .500. This is a shame after having today's luncheon with former Mets greats on the eve of the Hall Of Fame Celebration scheduled for tomorrow. Reminds me of Shea Goodbye where all these greats came back to see the Mets bow out of the play-offs losing to Floriday in game 162.

Mets Tried To Unload OP & Castillo For Cubs Zambrano

Jon Heyman tweeted today that the Mets offered Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez to the Cubs for starter Carlos Zambrano. The Cubs declined.

Ken Rosenthal
later tweeted that the deal


"...never had chance. Cubs can rebuild Z's value final 2 months. He will not be moved today.

Heyman later opines that Ollie will not accept minor league assignment. Jerry has said he will not use Ollie at home.

It is time the Mets part ways with the much maligned and beleaguered Mr. Perez.
Since there is no market for him, they should cut their losses and release him.

There is only a little over three hours until the deadline, and all is quiet on the Flushing Front.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mets Trade Jacobs: Lineup V. DBacks - July 30, 2010

Tonight's Mets lineup V. Arizona:

1. Reyes-SS
2. Castillo-2B
3. Pagan-LF
4. Wright-3B
5. Beltran-CF
6. Davis-1B
7. Francoeur-RF
8. Blanco-C
9. Pelfrey-RHP

Still no official word yet if Bay will be disabled, but it looks more and more like he will.

In other news, the Mets have traded 1B Mike Jacobs (AAA Buffalo) to the Toronto Blue Jays for a Player To Be Named Later. Most likely nothing much. Not the type of killer move we were hoping for.
Nick Evans was promoted to AAA Buffalo from AA Binghamton.

Lineup Source: NY Mets

Minaya Makes Deadline Deal

...never in his stead as Mets GM.

Many Mets fans like we here at 24 Hours...are waiting with baited breath t
o see what, if any, deals will be made this year to either bolster or rebuild this team we follow.

I'm not going out on a limb when I say nothing, or at least nothing helpful nor significant will happen by the trade deadline close tomorrow.

When the Mets hired Minaya away from the Expos in the fall of 2004, it was perceived that he was a free-wheeler trader, and with his "complete autonomy", he would be a real maverick every July 31st. He has made only one trade on July 31 for the Mets. That trade ca
me on July 31, 2006 when he made the mistake of trading Xavier Nady to Pittsburgh for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez. The panic trade was made after the Mets wound up losing Duaner Sanchez for the season when injured in a taxi accident going on a late night munchy run.

Other than that, not one trade has been made by Mr. Autonomy at the trade deadline. The ironic part about that, never have the Mets in that time said they were in a selling mode because of the team's failures; no, they have always been "in the mix" in their deluded minds.

Over the last two or three years the new catch phrase has been "waiver deals" after the deadline. A player must clear waivers (not being claimed by any team) before being able to consummate a trade after the July 31st deadline.

Why do I bring up all this
agony? Because the Mets and Omar aren't going to make a trade, let alone a significant one. As always, the Mets will blow smoke up our keister to try and make it sound like that missing ingredient is on the way. It's not Mets fans.

...And you know why? Because Omar has never had "complete autonomy." He is simply Jeff Wilpon's marionette. The Mets have shown such disrespect for the intelligence of their fans over the years, that they actually think they can hood-wink us into believing something better is on the horizon.

The Mets are strapped for cash. Do we really think they will make any deal this deadline? They didn't make much of an inquiry to Oswalt or Cliff Lee, and they expect us to believe that they are still financially secure. Baloney!

Cliff Lee is a free agent at season's end. He will most likely become a Yankee around the New Year, but do we expect to be a player in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes? Don't get your hopes up.

This team is more than one player away, but to do nothing will keep us further away. I'm not implying that a block-buster deal must be made, but at least something that will help the team. Ted Lilly isn't the answer. Neither is Brendan Donnelly. These are the wonderful names we've heard bandied about. Makes me want to get season tickets for

Sources: CBS Sports and my convoluted mind.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Manager Jerry says it all on the Oswalt trade

Even though the Mets won today 4-0 and actually won a series the Mets manager said volumes when he said nothing about Roy Oswalt going to the Phillies.

Manager Jerry has been lobbing for another arm to go with Johan Santana and was asked as per Adam Rubin"if he was a little jealous of the Oswalt acquisition, Manuel just smiled, patted the inquisitor on the arm and walked away."

What else can be said. The Mets just didnt feel like giving up a pitcher like Niese was not worth getting a star like Oswalt. Guess the Mets brass feel this season is lost. Saying and doing nothing really speaks volumes.

Mets fans are a bunch of chumps to the Wilpon’s.

Usually we lash out at Manager Jerry which my partner in crime has done earlier with the way he handles the Mets lineup. Or maybe we let Omar have it but this one is just for the owners of the Mets. This lashing is for the Wilpon’s

I really cant believe that I am waking up today and watching the Phillies, YES the PHILLIES get Roy Oswalt as the good ole Mets do there usual NOTHING! A week ago the Phillies were in the same boat as the Mets . Floudering as they had been losing with the loss of old as dirt Moyer and losing Utley and now they lost Victorino but do the Phillies pack it in ? Of course not they go for it. What do the Mets do? ZZZZZZZZ

From what I read the Mets felt the price of Oswalt was too high. Who decided this? Omar? Ricco ? The Wilpons? Give me a break will you. If too high means Jon Niese the Mets really are clueless. Is Niese any better then the Phillies J A Haap? Do you see the pitching staff of the Braves and Phillies? Do you think they we can get it done with Santana and Niese? Of course Pelfrey could be a #2 but he isn’t lately. Don’t the Mets realize they have to give up talent to get talent? Do they really think that Niese will be a pitcher like Oswalt? Wouldn’t you like teams coming into to NY facing Santana and Oswalt and maybe Pelfrey as a # 3?

How would you like to be Santana at this point? He watches the Phillies get another dominant starter while he has to deal with Pelf and rookie Niese following him. I am sure he has to think that he ruined his career by coming to the Mets at this point. This guy gives you all you got and what do the Mets do to support him? Big Mistake! Huge!

Why do the Wilpons run this team like a mid market club? Don’t the Mets want fans to come to the games besides when they celebrate the past in late Aug and September? Then put a team on the field that is deserving of fans that have stood by this team like we did in 2006 and 2008 and the first year of 2009 in the new park. If your so concerned about ticket sales for 2011 do something for the fans now in 2010 and show you actually care as teams around you make moves.

I’m not saying make a move for the sake of it but realize that we NY fans want more and deserve more and do not want to watch the Phillies or the Braves make killer moves while we just sit on hands wondering if the Mets will make a move. That to me is the same passion that should be part of the ownership. I realize your in it to make $$ and prestige etc but when a rival in your business makes a move to better themselves how can you sit on your duff? As owners if your players are not playing up to snuff will you take action! and DO SOMETHING ! Show us some sign of life in your owner’s box!

Rubber Match: Mets V. Cardinals - July 29, 2010

Today's Mets matinee lineup:

1. Reyes SS
2. Pagan LF

3. Beltran CF
4. Davis 1B
5. Hessman 3B
6. Thole C
7. Francoeur RF
8. Cora 2B

9. Dickey RSP

Jerry's panic moves continue. Wright is getting a much needed day off, but Jerry still has to screw with the lineup daily. The last two games the Mets have put up 14 runs, but each day it seems he is messing with the batting order.

Pagan has done well in the three hole. LEAVE HIM THERE! Why not bat Cora 2 and Thole 8?

Manuel once again is proving on a daily basis that he has no clue what he is doing. Whether they win today or not. You can't keep micro managing; put the lineup together and let the players do their part. By constantly tinkering with things, there is no consistency...which is what this team has been lacking (except for consistently disappointing us).

Mookie Wilson was on WFAN this morning, and what he said was great: everyone had a role - Mookie was lead-off, Backman 2, Hernandez 3, Strawberry 4, Carter 5, etc. There was consistency, and everyone knew their role.

With this team, with the constant micro managing, people don't have roles other than they don't have roles.

Panic has set in...

Lineup Source: Adam Rubin

Mets come back wasted lose in 13:Phillies get Oswalt?

While the Mets wasted a comeback in there home park by losing 8-7 in 13 innings there rivals the Phillies have worked out a deal to get Roy Oswalt pending his approval.

According to Heyman on his twitter account the Astros will get Lefty J A Happ and right Vance Worley along with 2 other pitching prospects. The deal was delayed due to the fact the teams were discussing how much the Astros would have to pay of Oswalt salary. More details to follow.

The Mets almost had there first 6 run comeback since beating the Cardinals 8-7 in 2006. Santana was not on his game in the first inning giving up 6 runs on 8 hits. He was not able to get the last out in the first as all 6 runs scored with 2 outs. The Mets chipped away and Santana avoided a loss as the Mets tied the game in the 8th. The Mets blew chances with runners on in the 9th with 1 out but were not able to score. There bullpen was stellar until the 13th. Now they can watch there rivals make a go for the division while the Mets probably wait to see if they still have a shot by watching the waiver wire come August.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bay To DL? Mets Lineup V. Cardinals - July 28, 2010

Tonight's Mets lineup courtesy
Kevin Burkhardt:

1. Reyes SS
2. Castillo 2B
3. Pagan LF
4. Wright 3B
5. Beltran CF
6. Hessman 1b
7. Francoeur RF
8. Blanco C
9. Santana LSP

Rumors are starting to float that Bay might be DL'd if he isn't feeling better tomorrow; he is feeling no better today.

Mike Hessman will get his first Mets start at 1B so Davis can rest.

Gooden Job By Mets In Honoring Past Hero

This Sunday the Mets will have a long over-due celebration and induction ceremony for four men who were an integral part in the great Mets teams of the mid-late 1980's; the Mets will honor Frank Cashen (GM), Davey Johnson (manager), Darryl Strawberry (RF) and Dwight Gooden (RSP) by inducting them into the Mets Hall Of Fame.

We will report more about this weekend's events as the day draws near. This post is about something different: about the caring by the Mets towards one of their problemed stars. My partner and I have hammered the Mets relentlessly in the past about their refusal to honor THEIR HISTORY. All I have to say is NICE JOB JEFF!

On Saturday the Mets are having a Hall Of Fame Charity Luncheon where fans can meet the soon to be Met Hall Of Famers, along with other Mets Hall Of Famers. Tickets are still available at 718-803-4074 or by going to Such stars as Davey, Frank, Dwight, Darryl, Keith, Buddy, and others will be there.

The highlight, in my opinion, is the Mets will sign Gooden to a one day contract so that he can retire a Met. Great job! I have never liked Gooden's off the field behavior, and always liked Darling better as a
player, but to have lived through that era, there was not a more electric pitcher I've ever seen than Dwight Gooden over that five year period. In that period he was better than Clemens, Maddux, Glavine, Kerry Wood, Josh Beckett - Gooden was the best, most over-powering pitcher I've ever seen over that small period of time. Stats don't show it. Watching him every fifth day did.

Over the years, the Mets tried to get Gooden involved with the team. Admittedly, Gooden said he wasn't ready, so he would refuse invitations. Said Gooden:


“I was upset with myself, everything that took place. I didn’t know how I’d be accepted. I felt I let fans down, the organization down. I hadn’t been back since ’94. It just never worked out. At Shea Goodbye, I was iffy whether I could go. Now I see what I’ve been missing all the time. I wish I spent more time there.”

Signing Gooden to that one day contract so that he can retire a Met is a great job by the Mets organization. Yes, he pitched his only no-hitter as a dreaded Yankee, won World Series as a Yankee (as well as a Met), but he is a Met. Not a Yankee, not a Devil Ray, not an Astro, not an Indian. He is a Met, and on Saturday he will be honored as such.

In closing, the former Mets Ace said: ________________________________________________________

“Even with the numbers I had, it still doesn’t seem real. It’s definitely a closing to my career. Obviously, the stuff off the field shortened my career, but this gives me a lot of closure, makes you feel you did do enough.

“The biggest thing is I get to share it with the fans that meant so much to me. Coming back for Shea Goodbye, the ovation was overwhelming. I get teary-eyed thinking about it. Sunday will be my way of saying thank you to the fans, my family. Even though I’m the one going in, a piece of them is going in with me.”


To read about Gooden and the Mets HOF weekend, check out
Steve Popper's great article.

Mets go Bay-less and crush Wainwright.

For a night Mets fans get to go to bed with a bottle of Tums. The Cards scored first and are like 30-9 are something like that when they score first but last night even with the Golden Boy Adam Wainwright the Mets slugged there way to a 8-2 victory.

Jason Bay was sidelined for a mild concussion from his run in with the outfield wall in the Dodger Series. I originally thought it was Manager Jerry over managing but Bay was scratched and will not see action for a couple of days.

Facing Wainwright for the first time in NY since ….The Ace couldn’t get his Curveball over and the Mets were able to make him pay with a couple of dunks by Beltran and a blast by Frenchy.
Before you knew it the Mets had a 4-1 lead . The Mets kept adding on and had 3 innings in a row with crooked numbers. Maybe now we don’t have to hear Gary Cohen below out the stat that the Mets have not scored in so and so innings. It gets tiring. Sometimes I think that every stat is at your fingertips is a downfall when it comes to a broadcast but that’s for another day.

The Cards did make Niese sweat a couple of times where you thought no lead was safe . He only pitched 6 innings until Manny Acosta came in and shut the door getting 3 outs facing only 2 batters.

Shout outs go to Frenchy and Reyes for home runs . Frenchy just cleared the left Center wall against a curveball that just spun out over the plate and Reyes shot was to the Pepsi porch on a fastball in his wheel house.

K Rod came in to get some work in and only faced 3 batters!! The game ended with the strike out of Pujous who is like 2 for 19 against the Mets so far this year and the Mets are now a whopping 2 games over .500 and gained a game on the Braves who lost.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thole Catching: Mets Lineup V. Cardinals July 27, 2010

**** UPDATE ****

Dave Jauss will manage tonight's game: Jerry suspended one game for bumping ump last week.

Tonight's Mets lineup V. Cardinals tonight courtesy of Steve Popper:

1. Reyes-SS
2. Castillo-2B
3. Pagan-LF
4. Wright-3B
5. Beltran-CF
6. Davis-1B
7. Francoeur-RF
8. Thole-C
8. Niese-LHP

Once again Jerry refuses to sit Wright who has been terrible since the All Star Break. With Barajas on the DL, Thole will be catching tonight. Pagan getting the start in LF so Bay sits. Bay has the best stats against Cards Wainwright. As my colleague accurately states "Jerry is in panic mode."

Uphill battle against the Cards& Wainwright

Isnt it great. The Mets are not hitting and they face lights out Adam Wainwright tonight who has a ERA in July under 1.00 Sweet ! The Cardinals, winners of there last 7 out of 10 have a 1 game lead over the Reds. Then we have the Mets who despite a horrible west coast Road trip still are 14 games over .500 at home . Now the Mets numbers in July offensively are pretty horrible.

According to ESPN NY here is a sample.
Jeff Francoeur .157
Carlos Beltran .167
Alex Cora .180
Jason Bay .194
Ike Davis .217

Now Bay has feasted on Wainwright in the past with 6 hits in 18 at bats and Blanco who seems to get a hit every time he plays has 4 hits in 7 at bats against Wainwright who has not pitched in NY since a playoff game in 2006 which escapes my mind. Maybe Beltran will sit.

Mets sit and wait as House crumbles

A 2-9 road trip and the Mets sit on there laurels and decide that doing nothing suits them fine. Ho Jo is safe for now and the Mets might just wait until the end of the week before they make a move if any. Typical Mets . By the time the Cardinals leave on Thursday it might not matter if the Mets do anything because they could fall behind the Marlins in the division and the wild card and fall under .500

I Don't get it. The team is faltering and the only infusion is Mike Hessman who had his wrist broken and just came back to the Bisons and is hitting under .200. No one does well after a wrist injury and he is a career minor leaguer to boot. He had a cup of coffee with the Braves. At least Wright can sit a game as the Mets season seem to go down the tubes.

The only wins from the Mets pitching staff since the first week of July is from Johan. The team needs a jump start offensively and Mets brass says no problem we can endure more of this so we can ensure an August of discontent. Look I am not saying we should make a move for the sake of making a move and I know that hitting coaches don't win games but something needs to shake up this team and doing nothing doesn't seem like the way to go but hey that's the Wilpons for you .

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rod Barajas DL'd; Mike Hessman Called Up

The Mets placed catcher Rod Barajas on the 15 day DL and recalled Utility Fielder (1B, 3B, OF) Mike Hessman.

Hessman's offense should help the Mets. He is hitting .279 with 18 HR's and 58 RBI. Hessman is 32 years old.

Barajas injured his right oblique on Saturday against the Dodgers. Amazing how Barajas, mired in a slump is DL'd while Reyes and Pagan weren't when they suffered the same injury.

Source: Andy Martino - Surfing The Mets

Manic Monday

Good stuff comes from Joel Sherman of the Post today stating the Mets could make some changes in there coaching staff on there day off. According to an AL executive "that it is the Mets’ tendency to have big-picture meetings on off-days, and the way their road trip was going – and the way it would continue to go – the executive figured that the meeting could have real substance. And not just because the trade deadline would be less than a week away. "

If its Ho-Jo axed that is fine. Something has to give since the players will not be released. There hitting is anemic. The Philles jettisoned there hitting coach Milt Thompson. Ho-Jo is a favorite I know but something as to be done to get this team moving in the right direction and we already know it will not be Manager Jerry.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

That's all I can stand, I can't stand NO MORE!!!

O.K. so it's been a long time since I last posted and I want to make it clear that this is only the opinion of 1 guy……and the name of this site is 24 hours from suicide…..well that's how I feel, suicidal…this team absolutely drives me insane, and there are days when I love them and days when I can't stand it. This road trip has me on the ledge and Mr. 73 needs to pull me in.

Let's start with the bad…Oliie is still here…he needs to go. When will management wake up? Go get another pitcher…please!!! We have been asking for another arm since last year. Castillo is still here….he needs to go. The bullpen is terrible…they need some life. The starters are good, but they need to give more than 5 innings. Pelfrey is doing the best jeckyl/hyde routine I have ever seen. I love Dickey…he is a gamer. You can't ask more from R.A. Taka needs to go back to the pen. The offense can't score for Johan or any else.

O.K., now the good. Maine just had an operation and is done for the season….maybe they will release him in the off season. Neise is doing great, lets hope he keeps up the good work. Johan is a MAN!!! he looks to be on track for a much better second half. Rueben Tejada is a serviceable 2nd baseman, but he can't hit….well if the rest of the line up would just hit, you could live with Rueben. I feel like the 7th inning stretch song should be "the streak by ray stevens", because this team is a bunch of streaky hitters that either all get hot at once of they all wilt at the same time.

It's interesting to see that this team went into full free fall after the return of Beltran & Castillo and the benching of Frenchy. Don't get me wrong, Frenchy is not a great hitter, but once again you can sacrifice that if everyone else is pulling their weight. Frenchy brings a cannon of an arm from RF and he is a gamer as well. I know you can't sit Beltran because he makes too much and he is Carlos Beltran, but Pagan has been our best hitter and to have him suffer just because a guy comes back from injury, well, where is the justice. I would play Pagan and make Beltran suffer for the betterment of the team. Besides Beltran isn't gonna sign here in another year anyway. Now to Wright & Reyes. Jose gets on, and scores, the team does well….Jose you need to get on and stay medically safe. David….for some one who has an average above 300, its a very deceptive one. Like one of my buds on Facebook stated "David Wright hasn't had a meaningful hit since little league." I tend to agree. Jason Bay over the last 2 games looks better, but the first half the season, he was pressing at the plate more than an old skool printer. Maybe putting the bat on his shoulder is better than waving it in the air. Let's hope he corrects whats ailing him.

I will not comment on the backstops, because they are 1000% better than the situation we had last year.

I LIKE IKE!!!!!!!!! He is the brightest young star of the year. Solid at first and he can hit, as long as he or the media don't put too much pressure on him.

I think this team is in dire need of some home cooking. However, if they start to look ugly, the boo birds will be out in force calling for the heads of Jerry & Omar. It could be a long summer and many dog days thru August……I just hope I am wrong.

LET'S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!

Wright Might Sit In Today's Finale Vs. Dodgers

Adam Rubin brings up a point I've been screaming from the mountain-tops over the last few weeks - that the Mets might sit David Wright in today's finale against the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

Wright has been abysmal in the last 14 games, being 10-53 (.189) with his strike-outs back oin the rise.

Wright has struck out an astronomical 111 times this year, and if he continues at this pace, might very well strike out over 180 times. Wright is fourth in the league in strikeouts, trailing only
Mark Reynolds (139), Adam Dunn (120), and Justin Upton (115).

The advantage of resting Wright today is that he will ultimately get three days off in a row: today, tomorrow's off day, and all day Tuesday until the night game against St. Louis.

One problem is that the Dodgers are sending lefty Clayton Kershaw to the hill, and with Tatis on the DL, Cora is most likely Wright's fill in, and he bats lefty. My opinion...who cares? Too much is made of this lefty-righty nonsense. I don't see Wright getting sat when a righty is on the mound. It's one game, and Wright has hurt the Mets since the All Star Break.

Simply said, give Nuke the day off. Both he and the Mets could use it.

ESPN, Baseball Reference, and CBS Sportsline.

John Maine has shoulder surgery

Looks like Maine's days as a Met pitcher have come to a end. He had surgery to clear out scar tissue in his ailing shoulder. The Mets pitcher would more then likely be non tendered at the end of the season.

Maine could not re capture his earlier success with the Mets and lost favor with Warthen and Manager Jerry with not being upfront about he felt and was even taken out of his last game after only 5 pitches.

Talk about cold. There was a quote from Manager Jerry asking if Maine made it back tot he Majors during this latest DL stint when would he pitch and the Managers response was on Met off days!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tough 13 Inning Loss For Mets & Perez

The Mets just lost the game to the Dodgers in 13 innings, by a 3-2 score. Once again the Mets offense was non existent.

Mike Pelfrey started and lasted an amazing...five innings. Once again, pitch count was high, registering 82 pitches, allowing two runs.

The Mets were held scoreless until the sixth inning, when they tied the score. That was also the last hit they got, being held hitless for the final seven innings.

Elmer Dessens pitched out of trouble in the 11th and 12 innings, getting out of a bases loaded jam.

Perez came on in the 12th with one out, and closed out the inning a pop up to Blanco, and forcing a FC at second for the final out.

With one out in the home 13th, Perez allowed a game ending, yes another walk-off, HR to James Loney. The Mets are a horrific 2-8 on this west coast road trip, and wathcing their play off hopes circling the drain.

Rod Barajas was removed from the game in the top of the sixth with strained right oblique. This is the third oblique injury to Mets this season (Pagan, Reyes, Barajas). Henry Blanco replaced Barajas.

Sources: CBS Sportsline, ESPN.

A Santana win and Jason Bay the big hit: Who would have thunk it

It should not read like something so foreign but it does. Johan gives up 1 run and gets a Win and Jason Bay clears the bases with a double. See thats the ticket! Now just duplicate that for the next 6 weeks and we will forget about the first 90+ games where he did nothing.

Honestly the defense in the outfield was incredible last night even leading legendary broadcaster Vin Scully to say" the Mets outfield will catch everything"

Bay almost gets his faced torn off when he hits the Dodgers outfield/bullpen fence on a ball hit by Jaime Carrol . Pagan had 2 nice sliding catches by the right field stands and Beltran got in the act with a sliding catch as well.

The Mets beat the Dodgers 6-1 and really just layed into there bullpen when they took out the starter Padilla who at 1 point had retired 17 in a row. Watching it you just though ok here we go the Dodgers somehow are going to get the lead and the Mets will be done. Santana to his credit was throwing first pitch strikes and if Castro had caught the 1 hop throw from Pagan to nail a runner coming home on a sacrafice fly he would have had a shut out.

Bay batted 7th last night and had kept his bat on his shoulder until getting ready for the pitch. He spent sometime in the batting cage with Manager Jerry and Ho Jo trying to tinker a little bit with his stance and set up before the pitch and he did hit the ball hard in each at bat with 2 hits and 3 rbi's.

Per Mr Rubin at ESPNNY Bay had this to say regarding the work in BP.. “It helped with the timing, I wasn’t getting the rhythm of my hands and my feet to work. … I just kind of put the bat on my shoulder to start, and once you get going they end up where they end up without all this other [extraneous] stuff. It sounds simple/stupid. I had never done it before. "

Mets might have a lineup now with Bay 7th and Castillo 2nd while Pagan bats 3rd. Of course until they lose.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bay To Bat 7th! Mets Lineup Vs. Dodgers - July 23, 2010

Tonight's Mets Lineup Vs. the Dodgers:

1. Reyes SS
2. Castillo 2B
3. Pagan RF
4. Wright 3B
5. Beltran CF
6. Davis 1B
7. Bay LF
8. Blanco C
9. Santana LSP

Jerry shook up tonight's lineup, moving Pagan to the 3 spot, Wright to the clean-up spot, Beltran #5, and most impressively, Bay to the seven hole. Not that I'm expecting much offense, but with the way this team is/isn't playing, it certainly can't hurt.

Thanks to Kevin Burkhardt for tonight's lineup.

Like watching a train wreck.

When things are bad everything gets magnified. If the Mets were winning people would not be on Beltran and Manager Jerry case about his Centerfield play. He just has played a week and people are all over him . Who is to blame at this point. Manager? Players ? GM? The manager usually takes the hit on behalf of his players. Well Omar dispelled that to the dismay of some fans who again have called for Manager Jerry’s head.

Omar was quoted as saying. “Jerry Manuel is our manager. Look, any time you’re going to have a couple of losing streaks, those things are going to pop up. But there’s no discussion at all. Jerry Manuel is our manager, will be our manager. I’m very happy with the job that he’s doing.”

I might be in the minority here but at this point the boys with the bats need to take some responsibility here. 4 Key players, Reyes,Beltran, Wright and Bay. These guys need to step up and realize that the other guys are the support and they are the ones that are leaned on.

I have had enough of Bay and his season long slump. If your lost call your previous batting coach Magadan and get back to hitting . I don’t care if Ho-Jo is hurt by doing that it or its frowned about. Your job is to produce Ho-JO isn’t helping and the Mets are not paying Bay 66M for 3 years its 4 and its about time that he makes something of this year.

Everyone seems to hate Beltran. Why? I can’t see him being a bad influence in the clubhouse. He should get a lot of credit for helping Pagan grow up. He just has to be honest with Manager Jerry that if he can play Center to step up. Offense will not be the issue with him.

Reyes and Wright. These 2 have to be counted on as leaders of this time offensively. Reyes annoyed me last night when he got thrown out by Russell Martin. His lead was short and he was just going on his speed. Not that the Mets would have hit him home but he cant be thrown out. Realize that hey this guy is gunning down guys and get a good lead or don’t go.

Wright has been hitting fine for the most part but he has starting fishing after balls out of the strike zone . Also he needs to lose it once in a while in the clubhouse. Grow a couple.

Every team goes through slumps but it’s about time the players be the ones that change the outcome.

Mets big move they Dump Fernando Nieve

Mets are ready to make changes to help them improve there pitching staff. No its not Dan Haren or Oswalt from Houston. Watch out world here comes Manny Acosta.

The Mets DFA homer happy Fernando Nieve and had Manny Acosta fly west and he will be with the team when the Mets lose I mean play the Dodgers Friday night. Too bad he he cant hit because right now that what they need.

Yes Nieve was giving up too many runs in his relief appearances but you would think they would do more then change a fringe pitcher in the bullpen. Of course Mex will be disappointed since he seem to have a man crush on Nieve.

Also can Frenchy just shut up and play. If this guy is so great in the clubhouse why cant he just take the Pagan route and be quiet and when asked to play show off with your offense. What kind of team guy feels the need to mouth he wants to be traded cause he isn't playing everyday.

From Adam Rubin Francoeur said if a move made sense for the Mets and “if there’s a chance to help me out,” he would welcome a relocation.

Hey Frenchy your not hitting. Get a grip. NO one is interested in your .240 offense

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mets Lineup Vs. Dodgers July 22, 2010

Thanks to Kevin Burkhardt for tonight's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes ss
2. Pagan cf
3. Wright 3b
4. Davis 1b
5. Francoeur rf
6. Carter lf
7. Thole c
8. Castillo 2b
9. Takahashi p

Carlos Beltran gets the night off, and Jeff Francoeur gets the start in RF. Jason Bay also gets a much needed night off, and Chris Carter gets a rare start.

Takahashi is pitching for his starting life. He has been dreadful over his last half dozen starts. Hopefully he can stump the Dodgers tonight.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mets Lineup Vs. Diamondbacks July 21, 2010: Mets Catching Rotation & Team Meeting

Thanks to
Steve Gilbert for tonight's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes SS
2. Pagan RF
3. Wright 3B
4. Beltran CF
5. Davis 1B
6. Bay LF
7. Barajas C
8. Cora 2B
9. Niese LSP

Jerry also mentioned today that
Blanco will catch Santana, Thole for Dickey, and Barajas the other 3 days (Kevin Burkhardt).

Also - this just in - Adam Rubin is tweeting that there is a "
Team meeting in Mets land." Great job by Alex Cora. Without his outburst last night, this meeting wouldn't have happened.

Former Mets Figgy and Hernandez headed to Houston.

Two former Mets, infielder Anderson Hernandez and pitcher Nelson Figueroa, were claimed off waivers by the Houston Astros earlier today.

Hernandez was designated for assignment by the Indians earlier in the week. Figgy was DFA by the Philles for the 2nd time this year and this time he was claimed. The 36 year old filled in for the Phillies pretty good in the pen and as a spot starter. I am sure at this point Figgy wishes he signed with a Japanese team.

Are The Mets Better With Pagan In Center?

I know it's early in his comeback, but Carlos Beltran, as reported here, is only a shell of the Gold Glover we've seen patrolling CF since 2005. As I said in that post:

I have guarded optimism of Beltran's return. I have always loved Beltran and the way he plays, but expecting the Carlos of old is foolish.

Since his return, Beltran has been respectable at the plate, hitting .263 in five games, with a triple and a double. This isn't my concern.

The added protection of having Beltran in the lineup hasn't helped Jason Bay the way we were all figuring. That isn't Carlos' fault. Bay must accept responsibility for his egregious short comings, not Beltran.

Where Carlos has hurt the Mets is with his glove. Where in years past, Beltran has been an elite Center Fielder, who could go back on balls with the best of them. Remember all the home runs he has stolen since his inaugural season with the Mets? Since his return Thursday from major knee surgery last December, there have been at least four balls hit that Beltran just couldn't get to. Two of the hits have gone for triples. Most recently was last night when Gerardo Parra hit a triple over Beltran's head. These are fly balls that Beltran used to gracefully gallop after and catch almost effortlessly. Now these balls are landing over his head winding up as extra base hits for the batter.

I have been in Beltran's corner since he signed with the Mets prior to the 2005 season, but he is not the elite outfielder we've come to expect in CF. It pains me to say thus far he has hurt the Mets with his defense. Can't believe I'm scribing those words, but it is true. I'm not surprised, but am hurt when I see balls go over his head and Carlos looks old and slow going after them.

Carlos is wearing a large, surely cumbersome brace on his surgically repaired knee which might indeed hinder his agility. Hopefully Beltran's apparent deteriorating defensive skills is nothing more than rust, but I'm not yet sold.

My suggestion to the Mets, free of charge of course, is to put Beltran in RF and allow Pagan to patrol CF. Once/if Beltran gets more comfortable and game ready, he can return to CF. Pagan is not, nor ever will be the OF Beltran was. His arm isn't as strong (real weak arm), and although fast, does not cover the ground Beltran did. But, at this point in Beltran's recovery, he clearly isn't the CF that Pagan is.

It is difficult watching players age and lose their skills. I have seen it with Piazza, Hernandez, Koosman, and Franco (among others). Maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I am not confident that Beltran will return to the world class CF that we've become accustomed to seeing. Although we live and die with the players that wear the Blue and Orange (not black!), it's about winning games. It's about putting the best team and players on the field. It's about results.

Unfortunately, Beltran hasn't been providing the results in CF thus far.

Picture Courtesy ESPN.

Thank you Alex Cora

Nice to know someone besides the fans are P O'd with the Mets lack of offense. While there were reporters joking with Pelfrey after losing AGAIN to the lowly D-Backs last night, 3-2 Alex Cora was heard yelling in the clubhouse and directing it at the clan around Pelfrey to "show some respect please, they just stuck it up our Arses!" Good job since you know Manager Jerry is not going to lite a fire under them.

Mets now have lost 5 of 6 on this road trip as they fall 6.5 games out of 1st place. They also need to pay attention to their rivals the Phillies since they seem to making waves in the rumor well with Werth possibly getting dealt for a front line starter. What are the Mets doing? Watching 66M man Jason Bay leaving runners on and striking out. Good times!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mets To Activate Perez Tomorrow; Send Thole Down

**** Update July 21, 2010 ****

The Mets sent utility infielder Justin Turner to the minors to make room for Oliver Perez

According to one Tweet, Adam Rubin says it is likely that Oliver Perez will be activated tomorrow, thus likely ending Josh Thole's most recent stint with the Mets. A short while afterward, Rubin reports that:


"Jerry says he'll advocate keeping Thole."

Once again indecision at a time when a decision is necessary.

Being that Barajas has been putrid offensively over the last month or two, maybe Thole should get some reps, and possibly send down someone like Valdes or Nieve. They haven't pitched well, granted, but Ollie hasn't pitched any better, and his velocity is down to about 88 or 89 MPH. When the Mets first got him back in 2006, he was throwing close to 96 MPH.

I honestly don't think Ollie is long for this team, and I believe he will either be traded for another bad contract or released flat out. I believe he will not be with the Mets after September 1, 2010...Just my gut feeling.

Mets vs D Backs game 2 lineup for July 20th :Thole behind the plate

As the Mets try to erase last nights disaster they send R A Dickey to the mound with his personal catcher of sorts Josh Thole. Otherwise same lineup.


Mets rumors- Jake Westbrook and reliever Scott Downs.

Mets might be turning away from Ted Lilly and should be looking at Jake Westbrook again according to Harper at the Daily News . The Mets didn’t really think he was worth trading for when they faced him but according to the article A Met rep said "He's a veteran with a reputation as a gamer so you have to think he'd be revitalized by getting out of Cleveland and getting into a pennant race”

He is owed bout 5M of his 11M salary for 2010. Is he going to give you innings yes but at 5 M? I would pass.

The Mets might have to give a decent prospect to get someone like Myers from the Astros who you know would relish pitching against the Phillies. The Mets were also scouting Scott Downs and Kevin Gregg of the Blue Jays- Problem is everyone wants Downs since there are not many decent relievers out there.

Mets fading quickly in the West.

We are only 5 games in from the All Star Break and the Mets are doing their best version of the west coast slide. They have lost 4 out of their first 5 on their 11 game road trip to the West Coast and have forgotten what it’s like to score runs . Last night they gave up 13 runs and only scored 1 run against the worst bullpen in the Majors. I hate when Gary makes mention of how bad the D-Backs pen is as the Mets basically do a belly flop against them.

Nice to have all the players playing but can we bust out against a team that is going nowhere this year. These are the teams we are suppose to beat and yes its only 1 game and if the Mets win the next 2 against the D-Backs then this game will be a distant memory. The D-backs are not as bad as the Indians and the Orioles when it comes to hitting but do we have to make it so easy for them?

Mets need to get the lead out since after the D-Backs they play the Dodgers and then the Red Hot Cardinals at home. Time to get a move on and win the games we are supposed to win. Pelfrey needs to get his head out of arse and remember what it’s like to get some sink on his fastball and pitch inside.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Reyes to lead off Castillo 8th Mets vs D-Backs July 19th

For the first time this year all the Mets are present and accounted for. Castillo is back from his DL Stint and Reyes is leading off. Per Mr Rubin the line up is.

Reyes SS
Pagan RF
Wright 3B
Beltran CF
Davis 1B
Bay LF
Barajas C
Castillo 2B
Pelfrey P

As mentioned earlier Ruben Tejada will ship off to Buffalo and Ollie Perez wil be activated sometime during the series

Reyes To Play Tonight & Bat Lefty

According to Adam Rubin, Jose Reyes will play tonight and bat lefty. This will be Reyes' first game since before the All Star break, and the first time he has batted left handed since a week before that.

Rubin also reports that for the second straight day the Mets have not activated injured LSP Oliver Perez.

Second baseman Luis Castillo is expected to be activated and Ruben Tejada has been sent down.

Tonight's lineup will come later in the evening.

Lots of Rumors but none include the Mets.

If you look at the Wild Card Standings the American League it’s just the Red Sox trailing the Rays by 3.5 games and the Twins are 6.5 out. In the National League though there are 6 teams within 2 games of the Wild Card Lead so that means there is a lot of chatter about improving the clubs before the trade deadline Next Friday. The Marlins are taking a lot of calls on Jorge Cantu and Cody Ross with teams like the Braves,Yankees and Red Sox all interested. The White Sox are still looking at Adam Dunn and they had some scouts at this past weekend’s Nats-fish matchup. The Padres and the Yankees might be looking at pitching now that they have some guys on the DL and of course Ted Lilly comes up as well as Oswalt . Of course nothing is heard in Mets camp.

The Mets be waiting to see what happens with Takahashi’s next start before they think of pulling the trigger on a deal for a pitcher or they might just be waiting for the team to fall out of the race by the end of the road trip. Manager Jerry has no interest in using Ollie in a start roll if he comes back with the team. His last start he only allowed 2 walks but gave up 2 dingers and had a fastball under 89MPH.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Castillo to be activated Monday- Tejada to Buffalo

As the Mets head over to Arizona for 3 games starting Monday night, look for everyones door mat Luis Castillo to be activated in time for the series and more then likely that spells Buffalo for Ruben Tejada.

Fans seem to think that Tejada should stay with the Mets but honestly the kid is over matched at the plate. His offense has been bolstered by being hit 6 times in a little over 100 plate appearances. There is no love loss for Castillo but he will hit better then Tejada once he gets his grove and will take pitches which is something this teams has forgotten to do lately.

Tejada defense has been great but with Castillo coming back and Reyes eyeing a return its better the kid plays everyday up in Buffalo.

Thole gaining cred with coaching staff

Back in May there was many fans that wanted the Mets to re up Rod Barajas to another year of catching with the Mets as he hit 11 home runs in 2 months . Mets were like yeah ok we will wait until after the season since he tails off in 2nd half. Well Barajas did not wait until the 2nd half since he his hitting below .200 since June 1st. Now it looks like Thole is the man. I think the Mets need to wait it out.

Pitchers around the league will get word of Thole and is ability to hit the inside fastball and will figure out away to get the kid out. The boys in the booth were saying last night during the Mets loss to the Giants that the coaching staff thinks Thole has grown as a receiver behind the plate in the last year. Well good he should . He is a kid and he should soak up things like a sponge.

If the Mets want to carry 3 catchers that is fine for the time being but everyone knows sooner or later the kid will not be hitting .500 and we will be wishing we had a catcher who could hit more then a single .

I like the kid but I don't think the Mets need to give up on Barajas just yet. If Bay and Davis were on a roll there be less of a spot light on Barajas. No time to throw in the towel on the guy who gave you more in 2 months then we had in all of 09 behind the plate.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jerry:: Reyes “For sure he will start Monday"

That's the word from General Jerry. As reported by Andy Martino, Reyes said:


“Feels good today. I expected it to be sore, but it’s better than I expected, so that’s a good sign…I will probably be in the lineup on Monday.”

Jerry backed up what Jose said by declaring:


“for sure he will start Monday…maybe for Sunday, but with kind of the cool weather, and that kind of stuff, I would like to give him the day to recoup.”

That's good news, because the Mets batting order sorely miss Jose and his energy. Hopefully Monday the Mets will turn around this power outage they've been suffering.

Mets Lineup Vs. Giants - July 17, 2010

Tonight's lineup Vs. the Giants and Matt Caine:

1. Angel Pagan, RF

2. Alex Cora, 2B
3. David Wright, 3B
4. Carlos Beltran, CF
5. Ike Davis, 1B
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. Rod Barajas, C
8. Ruben Tejada, SS
9. Hisanori Takahashi, LHP

Pagan is back in RF against the right hander (Cain). This will also mark David Wright's first appearance against Cain after the horrific beaning last year. The Mets look to bust out of their power brown out.

Tonight's game is 9:05 on SNY.

Adam Rubin ESPN NY

Reyes watch - Sunday,Monday .....

Well the Mets have been shut out in the first 2 games back from the break and every day its a different story about there shortstop Jose Reyes

Reyes has been Mia due to his sore oblique. He spoke to David Ortiz during the time at the All Star game and Ortiz told him you have to wait it out because if you go back too early you will just aggravate it again.

So Manager Jerry had mentioned that it is possible that Reyes would bat Sunday since he could bat righty with the lefty Sanchez pitching. Now it is more then likely he will miss the entire Giant Series and not play until Monday against the D Backs.

Of course when monday comes around this saga will have another twist I am sure. What happened to placing the guy on the DL? Oh yeah Reyes said no to that since he has more say then the Trainers or Manager Jerry he just sits and waits as we sit and wait. Fun.