Friday, December 31, 2010

Being A Mets Fan: Put In Perspective my 8 year old, Metsfan04.

I was ranting (as usual) about my concerns for this team, especially with a much anticipated lack-lustre 2011 season quickly approaching, when my 8 year old daughter, metsfan04 summed it up perfectly:

No matter what this teams does, or doesn't do, we as Mets fans are just that - FANATICS. That's what makes us fans. Those of us old enough to remember the better days of '69, '73, '86, '00, as well as the hearbreaks of '73, '88, '00, '06, '07, '08...are fans.

Sometimes it's words out of the mouths of babes that brings us back when we are led astray.

The Alderson plan will take some time to come to fruition, if it ever does. But no matter if it does, or does not, the true answer is always the same. We are Mets fans, and truth be told, I love the Mets.

Thanks to the precocious words from my 8 year old to put it in perspective.

Happy New Year to all out there, and if you are on the road tonight, please be careful. It might not be you who shouldn't be driving, but others. Be careful, be safe, and LET'S GO METS!

Mets end year on quiet note.

Like most kids that are off the week after the xmas holiday the Mets only cobbled together a deal for a minor league light hitting infielder.  Otherwise its a quiet end to a dismal year.

Most are trashing the Mets for 2011 since there pitching is slightly lacking. Especially against the powerhouse Phillies who added Cliff Lee.  The Mets do not expect to spend $$ this off season and there sticking to there guns.

With the calendar now ready to change over to 2011 that means basically 6 weeks to pitchers and catchers report. Once the superbowl is played in early Feb all eyes will them be geared toward spring training. During the next 6 weeks the prices of some pitchers will go down since it gets to the point of wanting to get the free agent portion behind them and get geared up for the season. 

The Mets have targeted pitchers like Jeff Francis and Chris Young and there some speculation that the Mets might be interested in Brian Fuentes for the bullpen. I cant see that since his price tag is a bit high since he wants a multi year deal.

Whoever the Mets sign it wont be for any big dollar amount. the New York A's are sticking to there guns with keeping costs down as well as enthusiasm for the fans. 2011 is around the corner.Don't worry fans since that means the 2011-2012 off season is only 10 months away.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wally One Step Closer To Flushing

Wally Backman has been promoted to manager of the Binghamton Mets after his inaugural season at Brooklyn (A).

Backman, a fan favorite to succeed Jerry Manuel, was in the final running along with Bob Melvin, Chip Hale and eventual winner, Terry Collins. Backman, as I have long written, debated, and argued - should have been the manager of the Mets in 2011 - is inching closer to Flushing.

Along with Backman's promotion, Tim Teufel was promoted from Binghamton (AA) to Buffalo (AAA) as manager.

Collins' contract is reported to be for two years (2011, 2012) with a club option for 2013.

Backman in his first season as skipper of the Brooklyn Cyclones (A) brought them to the Championship Series, before losing.

Are the Mets grooming Backman to be manager in about two years? Many Mets fan, yours truly included, certainly hope so.

Sources: Adam Rubin, Cots Baseball Contracts

6 former Mets on Hall of Fame Ballot: Does John Franco get a call?

As we start getting back into our routine here in blizzard happy New York the Mets have some former players that are on this years Hall Of Fame Ballot. Right now there are 6 players that used to play for the Mets that could get in. Of course only 1 maybe 2 has a real shot of getting in if not this year somewhere down the road. 

The 6 we have are Roberto Alomar,Carlos Baerga,John Franco,Lenny Harris,Al Leiter and John Olerud.

Alomar might make it this year but no thanks to his 2 ugly years he had in NY. Last year he was 8 votes shy and could find those votes this year.

The crew of Baerga,Harris,Leiter and Olerud might not have what it takes to stay on the ballot with 5% of the vote. Check out ESPN for a pretty good comparison on Olerud and Hernandez's career. 

Franco did have a ERA under 3 for his career and still leads all southpaws in career saves by a lefty with 426. Of course if Wagner doesn't retire he would pass him since he only trails by 4. Still though I do not think we will see Franco getting the call this Jan 5th. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holy Hu! Mets Add "Depth" To Middle Infield

As we here in the northeast shovel out of Mother Nature's latest meteorological phenomenon, the Mets were busy building their middle infield.

The Mets acquired no name SS/2B,
Chin-lung Hu from the Dodgers for AAA pitcher Mike Antonini.

Hu, who will be 27 in February, has participated in 96 Major League games over the last four years. His Major League Batting Average is a paltry .191 in 173 offical At bats. He appeared in 14 games for the Dodgers in 2010.

Mike Antonini was 2-3 with Bisons (AAA) with a 5.11 ERA and a WHIP of 1.351. He spent last year split between Binghamton (AA) and Buffalo (AAA) going a combined 8-12, 4.49 ERA, 1.236 WHIP. Antonini is 24.

It is expected that Hu will play a reserve role, and compete with
Brad Emaus, Luis Hernandez, and Ruben Tejada for a position on the Mets.

Sources: Baseball Reference, MLB Trade Rumors

Sunday, December 26, 2010

RA Dickey: The True Meaning Of Christmas

For all those out there in the blogosphere who celebrate, we here at 24 Hours...hope you all had a joyous Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, unfortunately with each passing year, the true meaning of Christmas is lost; lost on selfishness, presents, spending money, and getting "what I want."

Fortunately, this attitude and mentality is not that way with Mets knuckleballer RA Dickey.

In today's
New York Daily News, Roger Rubin has a wonderful article on Dickey and his compassion for people. Dickey, who spends his off-season with his wife and four children in Tennessee, reached out and touched the life of Jennifer Lanzaro, a 33 year old woman that was stricken with sever Cystic Fibrosis.

Lanzaro had, as quoted in the News:

"...reached out to the Mets after the season with a wish to speak on the phone with Dickey. He was thrilled to do it and they chatted about baseball for more than a half hour. Her uncle, James Lanzaro, was in the room and watched her light up."

The sad part is that Ms. Lanzano passed away on November 13th, less than two weeks after Dickey's call. Dickey took the news hard, saying:

"It's terribly unfortunate. I wanted to invite her and her family to come see us at Citi. I'm really feeling for their family."

Jennifer's uncle, James Lanzaro, after witnessing the phone call, added:

"When they spoke it, was like she already knew him. She knew every stat, every player on the team. Watching how happy she was, you would have thought they were best friends."

Nuke LaLoosh had been Jennifer's favorite player, but she was intrigued by Dickey because he was the underdog who won. The one who was among the first cut by the Mets in Spring Training last year and who made it to the big club and went 11-9 with a respectable 2.84 ERA.

Continuing, her uncle said:

"She loved that he was an underdog and a fighter - you could say just like her. He will be remembered by our family for what he did."

Dickey's modesty is apparent. When speaking on his role as a ballplayer, Dickey offered:

"It seems what we do is important, though I don't really feel like I'm more important than anybody else. I guess it's because of the work (baseball players do) and joy people get from watching baseball. ... It was a great honor to just make a difference only if it was for a short time."

"Really it almost seemed like she just wanted to listen to me talk about playing with the Mets. I just let her be excited."

Dickey can only empathize with the Lanzaro loss. Family is of the utmost importance to the Dickey clan, who are expecting their fourth child, a son, around the Opening Day. Dickey is sure not to go two weeks without seeing his wife, Anne, and their three children. If that means on an off day his day might start at 4AM for a 6AM flight out of LaGuardia, just to spend 24 hours with his family.

Each year Anne and RA remove their kids from school a month early:

"We'll talk to the principal and teachers to find out exactly what they'll need to learn and what will be covered in the days they miss and then my wife and I will teach them at home. Baseball and family is an unhealthy dynamic, so we try to do things the way they should be done."

Comparing that to his encounter with Jennifer Lanzaro:

"It meant something to me. I'd hate to say Christmas brings it out more than other time. It shouldn't be more important than anything you do in July. But if there's one thing about this time of year, it fills me with a sense of gratitude.

"This is a time of year that makes you want to spread joy and do things for others."

Is what Dickey did important? Did it mean anything? The answer is a resounding "YES!"

Just ask James Lanzaro, who said:

"(Dickey) should know that everything he did made a difference. He will always be in our hearts for that."

Society, let alone baseball, needs more men like RA Dickey, who proves that just because you are successful, does not mean you are above others. Dickey is a testament to that.

What is the true meaning of Christmas? Just ask the Dickey's and the Lanzaro families.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jason Bay opens up about his first year in Queens

Jason Bay chatted it up with Kevin B on thursday edition of Hot Stove. He offered no excuses for his poor offensive performance. Bay was upfront saying it wasn't so much the park but said he has had bad year's before and just wants to get out there again and prove that he can do it.

 He was so matter of fact about it saying about his '10 bad year that he comes out saying I don't care what I did wrong . He did say that he did try to make some adjustments that he doesn't normally do and will keep himself in the zone for 2011.  Be great if Bay had a monster year in 2011 since he will be with the team 3 more years.

Check out the video and what he had to say about his defense at Mets Hot Stove

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Festivus? No Chance - Happy Birthday Kooz!

Many people have been tweeting and blogging wishing all readers a Happy Festivus. I am not inclined to do so. I prefer Christmas the old fashioned way...scanning the Sears catalog and feathering the pages of all the stuff you must have, but don't need.

I marks the 68th birthday of my favorite Mets pitcher, Jerry Koosman, better known as KOOZ.

Over the years I have written about Koosman, and although he has fallen on some hard times, he still was a tremendous pitcher, who was clutch in the post season.

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan wish the great lefty a Happy Birthday.


Mets need help in all areas including Advertising-Marketing

This is has to rank up there as one of the worst promo's of recent years. The Mets who have done nothing this off season that relishes being a Met fan besides showing restraint cant ever create a decent promo for there season ticket holders. Ok first the bad video

Now a Mets promo video that is slighly more effective. It has everyone's fav Mr Met. This promo video was used during a road trip a couple of seasons ago-Of course seeing our beloved Shea again is always a plus! Think the Mets should have used Mr Met in the first video but he probably read the script and was smart enough to decline. Thanks to Matthew Artus

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sean Moves On To Green(er) Pastures: Former Met Reliever Signs With Brewers

It is being reported that (former) Met reliever Sean Green has signed on with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Green, whom the Mets acquired in the blockbuster trade that sent
Endy Chavez, Mike Carp and Aaron Heilman to Seattle for JJ Putz, Green and Jeremy Reed. Unfortunately for the Mets, Green never really panned out well. In his first year with the team (2009) he went 1-4 with a 4.52 ERA in 79 games.

Green had an injury filled year in 2010, where he only appeared in 11 games for the Mets. He was sidelined most of the year with a
stress fracture of his rib. He tried altering his delivery to be similar to another former Mets, Chad Bradford. Green never experienced the success Bradford did with the Mets.

Matt Pignataro is reporting that Green has signed a one year deal with the Brew Crew.

Mets waiting on pitching market before filling out role players.. Why?

Mets need a fourth outfielder. Mets possibly also need a infielder that can be a utility player and also a guy off the bench to fight for that last spot on the roster with Nick Evans but the Mets wait. 

The Mets have a priority these days. It called wait out everyone and then get a bargain basement deal for a starting pitcher that can eat innings. So look for the Mets to wait until sometime Jan 2011 to add to there depleted starting pitching staff. Since this there priority no one else offensively can be had.  Does this organization have a issue with multi tasking or they just sweating out the role player market?

Yeah cause a guy like Reed Johnson or Fred Lewis will break the bank. Johnson really fits into the New York A's moneyball way of thinking. He walked 5 times last year in 200 + at bats.

All the free agent outfielders it seems had down years in 2010. Jody Gerut,Scott Hairston, Citi Field killer Willie Harris included.  So why is that off a down year they will command so much? They can be had for a song and a 1 year deal at this point. Marcus Thames can still hit pretty good and he signed last year for less then 1M and hit over 2.80 for the Yankees.  Way too  much for the New York A's . Maybe if he signs a deal that has him doing double duty calling season ticket holders maybe the Mets would be interested.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mets Thinking: Some Insight For Mets Fans

As I have written before, and will most likely continue to scribe, my jury is still out on Sandy "Elvis" Alderson. I love the fact that he has a plan and that he will stick to it.

What concerns me is I believe he probably feels that the entire team needs to go, and he will blow it up and rebuild it. That could take many, many years, and that is not an option. There are players that need to go, but that does not mean everyone needs to go. Again, this is just one fan's opinion.

I have my concerns that this will be Jose Reyes' last season as a Met, and the more time goes on, the more I believe this will be the last season with #7 leading off and playing ShortStop for the Mets.

In a noontime chat with Adam Rubin, I indeed asked Rubin this very question:

"My biggest concern that this will be Jose Reyes' last season in a Mets uniform. From your dealings and insight, do you think there is any chance of him being on this team in 2012 and further?"

Rubin: "I think there's a distinct chance Reyes is not a Met in 2012, although I'm not writing him remaining off. That will be the first true insight into Sandy Alderson, in my opinion. If Alderson is fundamentally opposed to giving six-year contracts to 28-year-olds, and someone else will, will he let Reyes walk? Or will he deviate from his beliefs because of what Reyes means to the franchise? Perhaps he'll blink and bend. I don't know."

I don't think Elvis will blink. He needs more than ever to show he is in charge, and "caving in" to Reyes might prove otherwise. I don't subscribe to this theory, it's just another point of view. Reyes is the catalyst for this team, and it will be virtually impossible to replace his defense (yes, he is a good defensive SS), his 60 stolen bases per year, his 17-20 triples annually, 100 runs scored, 70+ RBI's, etc. The Mets go as Jose goes.

Another question I had for Rubin was Josh Thole. I personally don't believe Thole is an everyday starting catcher. I see him more of a platoon type catcher at best. I hope I am wrong, but the Mets will need more than 4-6 HR's from their catcher. Thole has improved tremendously in a relatively short period of time, but I still don't foresee him being a true #1 catcher.

I asked Rubin:

"Do you foresee Josh Thole being the starting catcher, Paulino, or a platoon with the two? Personally, I don't see Thole as an everyday starting catcher. "

Rubin: "Terry Collins has said Josh Thole will be his No. 1. Even if it is a platoon, Thole is the No. 1 since he'd be facing the right-handed pitchers, whereas Paulino would be facing the left-handed pitchers. The good thing about the Paulino signing is that he has proven he can be the No. 1 if Thole falters, whereas backup predecessors such as Henry Blanco and Ramon Castro would not be able to handle that workload."

The big questions were why haven't the Mets addressed the starting pitching, especially with Johan on the shelf until June. Rubin is as perplexed as fellow Mets fans in the lack of activity the Mets have shown. Their biggest voids to fill are the starting and relief pitching.

As recently stated, we need to be patient, regardless of how difficult it might be. This team didn't fall apart overnight, and will not be rebuilt into a contender overnight. If this team plays competitively and finishes around .500, that would be fine. If they don't, and no moves are made during next off-season, then let the worrying begin.

Mets kicking tires on Freddy Garcia

The Mets are still playing the waiting game with trying to upgrade there pitching staff. As we have about 10 days left in 2010 there is no one under the tree for the Mets that can pitch at this point.

Jeff Francis has still not told anyone if he might go back and sign with his former Team the Rockies. Mets are still waiting out Chris Young. They might wait until they see what Brandon Webb signs for to get a guide on what injured pitchers are receiving these days. Webb though hasn't pitched in 2 years.

The Mets might be interested in Freddy Garcia that went 12-6 for the White Sox last year.  He was with the Mets in 2009 but released after 2 games with Buffalo as he rehabs a shoulder injury. 

Pretty slow off season for the Mets but at least Alderson and his crew have been true to there words.

Monday, December 20, 2010

This Is My Mets Fan Christmas List

The expectation for ’11 is frightful

Fans are getting spiteful

Ownership just doesn’t know

They need to go, need to go, need to go

This time of year allows us to reflect: Reflect on this past year, the upcoming year, and ways we can improve ourselves as people. The same can be said for fans of sports teams, and while looking back on the 2010 Mets, and the new look 2011 Mets, one can only dream.

We can dream about sunnier days of long ago, most notably 1969 & 1986, with a sprinkle of 1973, 1988, 2000, and 2006.

The Mets made a big splash in signing Sandy Alderson after the much maligned Omar Minaya was dismissed. They hired a “fiery” manager in Terry Collins, but since then have done very little.

To be fair, signing Catcher Ronny Paulino, Relief Pitcher CJ Carasco and Boof Bonser, and Rule V middle infielder Brad Emaus and Pitcher Pedro Beato – weren’t terrible moves. The Mets need help behind the dish as well as in the bullpen since Feliciano and Takahashi signed elsewhere. Fans are upset because there haven’t been, nor going to be, big name signings this off-season. I think I can live with that, but it is difficult.

I can accept that the Mets, for the first time since Joe McIlvaine was GM, have a plan, a direction in which to head. My concern for the new GM and his highly paid minions (JP Ricciardi, Paul DePodesta, etc) is that they don’t construct the team in a “Money Ball” fashion. A lot has been reported about how Alderson built the A’s of the late 1980’s, and although they won three AL West division titles in a row, they only won one World Series while being the heavy favorite in all three series (1988, 1989, and 1990). Granted, those Oakland teams weren’t what we know as a Sabermetric team, but the A’s teams that followed, led by former Met prospect Billy Beane, have under-achieved.

I don’t have a problem with stats. I have a problem when stats are the only tool used for evaluating talent. I think there can be a happy medium between the two, and hope this new regime uses talent evaluators as well as pouring over statistics. Sometimes a players’ stats don’t show the whole picture.

This leads me to my prayers and wishes for the future of the Mets.

1. That being hamstrung with poor long-term contracts from his predecessor, that Alderson while remaining stagnant in not pursuing free agents, does not do this after the 2011 season, when the bad contracts of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo come off the books, as well as Carlos Beltran’s $18.5M contract.

2. That he realizes what he has in Jose Reyes, and inks him to a contract extension. Smart money believes (as do I) that this will be Reyes’ last year in a Mets uniform, and that is sad.

3. That the pitching staff is fortified with a stronger starting core. Johan’s best days might be very well behind him, and although Pelfrey can be stellar, he isn’t a true #1. The ChiSox Mark Buehrle will be a free agent after the 2011 season

4. That Elvis Alderson strengthens his scouting department (Omar Minaya?) so they draft quality players that will be main-stays on the pro club for years to come.

These are just a few wishes I have. I realize it won’t be resolved this year, or possibly next, but Elvis appears to have a plan, and will stick to it. It might take time, but we must be patient. We should start to see results by the end of 2012.

What can we expect this year? I figure around .500. I can live with that if I see improvement as the season wears on. I want to see fire in bellies of the starting position players, and aggressive play that makes things happen. If I see that, even if they only win 50% of their games, I will feel better heading in 2012. This is not a lot to ask for.

Yes fellow fans and bloggers, the expectation in frightful, let’s just hope the future is delightful.

Source: Cots Baseball Contracts

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Former Mets ink deals: Greinke traded?

3 Former Mets inked deals in the last couple of days. Fan favorite Endy Chavez inked a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers. He missed all of 2010 rehabbing his knee from an injury back from June 2009. The 32 year old tore ligaments and cartilage in his right knee when he collided with Yuniesky Betancourt when he was playing for Seattle.

Mets opening day starting first baseman who quickly lost his job to Ike Davis,Mike Jacobs signed a deal with the Rockies. He signed a deal that will pay him 700K if he reaches the Majors.

A reliever that I never understood why the Mets let him go or didn't try to resign, Dan Wheeler signed a deal with the Boston Red Sox. The deal is worth 3M after the Rays declined to offer him arbitration and paid him a 1M buyout. 

Also there is some chatter that the Royals have traded pitching Zach Greinke to the Brewers per Duk .

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mets top 10 prospects

Mets new list of top 10 prospects have come out via baseball america and Mejiia leads the show. Pitching is something the Mets are lacking as you can notice with Matt Harvey #4 who has not pitched yet in the minors. For some reason F Mart is still on this list. He really hasnt amount to much and constantly gets inured.

1. Jenrry Mejia, RHP 2. Wilmer Flores, SS 3. Cesar Puello, OF

4. Matt Harvey, RHP 5. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF 6. Reese Havens, 2B

7. Lucas Duda, OF/1B  8. Fernando Martinez, OF 9. Aderlin Rodriguez, 3B

10. Brad Holt, RHP

Puello is a speedy little 19 year old who played Single A for the Mets in 2010 where he stole 45 bases and hit .292 with 22 doubles in 404 at bats.

Rodriguez split his time between rookie ball and Single A Savannah . He has some pop but he just turned 19 this November .

Stat source Baseball reference

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pedro to the Yankees : Orlando Hudson heading to San Diego

As the Mets continue with the lets wait until we can get everyone for a buck mentality 2 players are off in other directions.

Mets lefty who has spent his career with the Mets and has the most appearances in the Major Leagues the last couple of years Pedro Felicano is heading to the Yankees for a reportely 2 years deal worth 8M.  Not sure who the Mets will use as the lefty to get the Phillies big bats out but I am sure they can throw Ollie at em.

Also 1 player that wanted to sign with the Mets and most fans wanted him the last couple of years will be out of our grasp once again.  O-Dog, Orlando Hudson is working on a deal with the Padres.  Thats ok we have Castillo!!!!  oh joy...

Carlos Beltran looking forward to play for new Manager Terry Collins.

Lot of fans do not know what to make of Beltran. They know when he is healthy he can hit like the best of them. Some think he is soft and once has a little physical issue pines for the bench. There is also the thought that Beltran is not really passionate about playing . Well if you watch him on hot stove last night you might get a different view of the Mets Centerfielder. 

Beltran was a spotlight guest of Kevin B and Beltran mentioned that with a new manager it might be great for the clubhouse to have the fiery Terry Collins. Beltran mentions that the players would appreciate someone showing there passion in front of the players and even if necessary throw things around if its needed to stir things up. The actual quote was it be ok if the Manager" came in and threw a couch over one of the players head"  Beltran said that the players sometimes need that fire and passion to be shown in the clubhouse and he be all for it. 

This is something you dont really see out of Beltran. Of course he was the one that stepped up last summer when Tejada was taken out by Utley. Sometimes Beltran might get a bad wrap since he isn't as vocal as some think he should be. Lots of what is being said of Beltran is really the media perception of him and after that show I certainly get a different view of him.

He also chatted about his rehab and his off season work and of course he was asked about playing Right field.   To check out what he had to say about his health with his knee etc check out the video SNY Beltran

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dwight Gooden Tending Bar: Maybe Not The Best Idea

According to TMZ, former Met ace Dwight Gooden was scheduled to be a guest/celebrity bartender at Sofrito.

Due to legal reasons Gooden was not permitted to tend bar, so he lent his name and services to the kitchen, where helped cook up some vittles.

Who thinks up these things? Some coke head stuck in the 1980's? Dwight Gooden has a history, a long, long history of alcohol and substance abuse. What better way for an addict, or recovering addict to spend his/her time...tending bar. On the other hand, why would Gooden even consider this venture? The last thing he needs is another intoxicated incident, or at the very least, have his name involved in any environment that has anything to do with alcohol.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mets talk about Phillies new pitcher Cliff Lee

Good time for the Mets to have there xmas party at Citi Field. Nothing like talking about there rivals more then there excitement to play in 2011 under the new Manager and GM that was brought in. 

There was David Wright in his Santa Suit talking about Cliff Lee which you can check out the Video from Adam Rubin at ESPN NY

If you need more insight check out the politician to be Sandy Alderson and his take on the Phillies new Ace which of course now makes them have 4 # 1 pitchers . The Video can be seen here

Lots of talk about well the Phillies look great on paper. You know what I would like the Mets to look even half that good  " on paper. Alderson just loves to spin things.  Just a FYI the Phillies sold 35,000 tickets once the signing for Lee was announced.  Mets phone lines?  Hello?  They have the players calling the Season ticket holders.  Come out and see us get no hit by 1 of the Phillies aces......The season hasn't started yet and its over.

Jason Bay ready to play

Last winter the Mets spend 66M on a outfielder that help the Mets with there offense at Citi Field. Remember how the Mets spent $ last year while this year they have been shopping at the dollar tree. 

Well we didnt get much production out of Mr Bay in 2010. He had a pretty lousy year and then was lost to a concussion after he met up with the LA Bullpen fence in July.  Well he seems to be ready to go if you think handing out gifts with having a headache is a good sign.

Bay spent yesterday handing out gifts and chatted with the NY Post. Bay said  "It was always about the headaches,". "I got so used to having headaches, I didn't know I had one. . . . Since the end of September, I haven't had one headache issue."

 "By all accounts, I haven't played baseball, either," Bay said. "But the workouts we go through are much more strenuous than baseball, and it's one of those things, it's not like a hamstring or an elbow where you try to rehab and make it stronger."

Of course Bay might want to make sure he is up for the challenge next year since he hit .286 against Roy Halladay  and over .300 overall against the Phils pitchers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good luck selling season tickets now.

Mets have been pushing and pushing season ticket renewals and yesterday was a big day for that Mets GMSandy Alderson was every where.He was on answering twitter questions he was on WFAN talking to Mike F for an hour. 

 Now of course it has blow up in there faces.  The Phillies have signed Cliff Lee and now have a rotation of Halladay,Lee,Oswalt,Hamels and for now Joe Blanton. There rotation is being compared to the 90's Braves with Glavine, Maddux etc and the 70's Orioles with Palmer and Mc Nally, etc. 

 We have Pelfrey and ...mid 30's knuckleballer in Dicket and a kid in Niese until Johan comes back.

 I bet those phones are ringing off the hook at Citi Field! Especially to get tickets to one of the 9-10 games the Phillies come in!

Cliff Lee To Philly: Who Are The Real Losers, Mets Or Yankees?

I love it when the Yankees get scorned. For a team and fans that act like the spoiled only child, and get whatever it is that they want, it is a bit refreshing to learn that Cliff Lee is headed back to Philadelphia, as reported by the New York Post.

According to the Post, Lee turned down a 7 year $154M contract and accepted Philly's offer of 5 years and more than $100M, with a sixth year player option.
( deal stands at 120M for 5 years with a reachable 6th year vesting option)

The Yankees were notified that Lee was heading in a different direction, and then shortly there after, Texas was informed that Lee had accepted an offer from the mystery third team (my thought all along), the Phillies.

The question arises though, who is the biggest loser by this signing - the Yankees...or the Mets?
The Yankees lost out on a solid lefty who has owned them over the years. They lose out on having a top of the rotation that would have featured CC Sabathia and Lee. They lost out because they were jilted; their money, which always seems to "persuade" free agents, just wasn't enough.

(The big question will be how much of an albatross is this contract after year 3.)

The Mets also lose too. Not that anyone in their right mind expects the Mets to contend with Atlanta or Philadelphia, but if all things remain, what is it going to be like facing a rotation of Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, get the idea. That is one sick rotation.

So Mets fans, once you get over your glee that the Yankees lost out on their target, just remember, the Yankees won't face Lee this year. The Mets will face the Phillies 19 times.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mets to promote Ken Oberkfell

Sometimes just being a company man pays off. Since Terry Collins has only been with the Mets organization 1 year the Mets will give him someone on the bench that has been around a while. Finally company man Ken Oberkfell will be promoted and brought on as bench coach for Collins which will be announced early this week.

Obie has been the Mets triple A manager of the Mets triple A affiliate for 6 years and did do a stint as the Mets first base coach right after a couple of the coaches got canned in the Mid morning massacre back in 2008.

Oberkfell will compliment Collins well on the Mets coaching staff who also will bring back Mookie Wilson who will be the Mets first base coach. Mook will give the Mets there tie they seem to love back to there 86 team which is the last time the Mets won a World Series which to some younger fans is still something they have not witnessed.

Obie joined the Mets in 2001 after a fine career where at one point he was a teammate of Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez when they were with the Cardinals. Best of luck and maybe we see him as a manager some day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where are they Now: 3rd baseman Hubie Brooks

It has been a while since we did a where are now feature. It is something we both enjoy doing since we get a glimpse of a player that probably has faded from the Met fan consciousness. Here is our latest .

Before the likes of David Wright, Robin Ventura, Howard Johnson the Mets always had issues finding good 3rd baseman’s that could hit and field the position. During the early to mid 70’s Wayne Garrett was the Mets regular 3rd baseman but he really didn’t for much of an average. So we had guys like Roy Staiger, Lenny Randle and Richie “digs ditches”Hebner .Well then the Mets finally made a good draft pick and in the early 80’s the Mets landed a star in his own right on a team that was going nowhere named Hubie Brooks.

Hubie was the 3rd player selected in the June 1978 draft for the Mets and made the big league club in 1980. In 1981 he hit .307 with 4 homers and finished 3rd in the Rookie of the Year balloting behind Tim Raines and some guy named Fernando Valenzuela. In 1984 he had his best year with the Mets when he hit 283 with 16 homers and 73 rbi’s. He was of course over shadowed by Darryl Strawberry but he was a consistent 3rd baseman with a great arm.

The Mets looking for a difference maker traded Brooks after the ’84 season to the Expos along with a couple of other Mets to obtain Gary Carter. Brooks did return to the Mets for the ’91 season and played the outfield. Brooks played out his career with the Angels and the Royals before retiring at the age of 37 after the stroke shortened ’94 season. He is 4th all time on the Mets with playing 516 games at 3rd base only behind Wayne Garrett, Ho Jo and of course David Wright.

Earlier this year the NY Daily News did a feature on Brooks who is now 53, After he retired he moved back to the Los Angeles area, where he grew up. "I came on back home and had a daughter and we've been raising her," Brooks says of he and his wife Nedjin. "I haven't been in baseball at all. I've been able to be home.

On playing with the Mets during the early 80’s "The best thing that happened to me was to start my career where and when I did," I really enjoyed it. To see it change, it was so exciting to see." Here is the article from the NY Daily News 

Well we wish the best to Hubie and maybe we will see sometime at Old timers day at Citi Field.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis The Season: Rememberance Of Mets Christmas Past

This Tuesday the Mets will have their Annual Christmas/Holiday Party. Scheduled to attend are current Mets David Wright, Jason Bay, Carlos Beltran, and Ike Davis.

With the Christmas season in full swing, it's difficult not to look back on Christmas' past. Who doesn't remember the Mets Christmas/Holiday party of 2005? Yes, that was the Year the Mets starting pitcher
Kris Benson was slated to be Santa Claus, undoubtedly an honor. All focus switched to his Mrs. Claus, his (then) wife Anna (check out Willie Randolph's smile).

The less than conservatively attired Mrs. Benson portrayed a Mrs. Claus that was more fit for Penthouse than the conservative Wilpon party.

Not so strangely enough, Anna and her husband were traded to the Baltimore Orioles on January 22, 2006 for one John Maine and Jorge Julio.

Mets party's before or since have not garnered the attention of that fateful party in 2005.

Maybe David Wright will pop out of a Merry Christmas cake wearing nothing but a thong designed like the cover of a baseball, to get the attention of young female fans. Can't hurt, The Mets will need to do something to get fans to the stadium this year.

Baseball Reference , Adam Rubin, and Bellazon

Mets pick infielder Emaus and Reliever Beato in Rule 5 draft

Well the Mets did a little homework I see when it comes to the Rule 5 draft.or was it the workings of there new GM assitant J P Riccardi.  The Mets picked up a infielder from Toronto, Brad Emaus and pitcher Pedro Beato from the Orioles. 

Emaus split his time with the Blue Jays double A and triple A club this past year and below is a scouting report on the 24 year old.

The closest thing to Dan Uggla in this year's Rule 5 is probably Emaus, who doesn't have Uggla's raw power but is an offensive second baseman/third baseman. He posted a career-best 15 homers in 2010, but nine came at Triple-A Las Vegas' Cashman Field. Emaus controls the strike zone (81 walks and just 69 strikeouts in '10) and his .290/.397/.476 line looks pretty tempting for a 24-year-old. However, he's a well below-average runner (despite his 13 steals in 15 tries this season) and his defense at both second and third is below-average

The Mets also picked 24 year old Pedro Beato who played for the Orioles on there Double A team . He was there closer and notched 16 saves.  He has a 7.5 per 9 innings strkeout rate and 2.9 BB walk rate per 89 last year. 

A quote from Sandy Alderson regarding Beato via Adam Rubin "He throws hard, has had some command issues in the past, is having a good season so far in the Dominican winter league over 20 innings," 

The Mets will have to keep both on there Major league roster otherwise return them to there prospective teams. Emaus could back up Wright at 3rd but his fielding/throwing at 3rd is much to be desired. 

Red Sox get Crawford : We get Boof!

Day 3 of the winter meetings ended with a bang for the New England's team the Boston Red Sox. They signed speedster Carl Crawford to a 7 year deal worth 142M. First guy I am sure to never hit 20 homers and sign a deal over 100M .  The Red Sox lineup really has changed now with Adrian Gonzalez hitting behind David Ortiz and throw Carl Crawford in there.  Very nice.

 Who did the Mets sign on day 3?  hold on to your hats..The guy with the best nickname ..Boof Bonser! The 29 year old who finished the season with the A's penned a minor league dela with the Mets and he will I am sure be invited to spring training for a shot at the Mets rotation.  He spend most of the year in the minors last year but still had 6.1K per 9 inning ratio.

Look for the Mets to pick up a player or 2 from the Rule 5 draft scheduled today.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Latest on Parnell, Tejada and Frenchy finds a home.

Mets not making much news on the signing front today but Terry Colling gave his 2 cents on some players. He thinks the Mets will have Bobby Parnell pitching the 8th inning leading up to K Rod in the 9th. Parnell has tried this before under Manager Jerry and didn't succeed too well at this. Parnell should really step up. He needs to use his secondary pitches so he can blow hitters away with his fastball.

Mets rookie Ruben Tejada should spend most of the year in triple A according to Collins.Hopefully the Mets will not be hurt with injuries so the kid can maybe bulk up and hit a bit better.

Another former Met finds a new home. Jeff Francoeur signed a deal with the KC Royals for 2.5M plus incentives with a mutual option for 2012. My partner in crime at this point is in mourning. We wish the best to Frenchy who can throw like the best of them. Will miss seeing that laser on 1 hop to home plate to nail a runner. Jeff, a fan favorite, will only be in NY when the Royals face the Yankees. The Mets will play the west coast teams in interleague play in 2011.

Source -
NY Daily News

Mets: All Quiet On The Flushing Front? Maybe Not...

As my partner in crime scribed earlier, the Mets made two moves yesterday in acquiring Ronny Paulino and CJ Carrasco.

Although these moves seem insignificant, they actually aren't. The Mets are in dire need of bullpen help with the departure of
Hinsanori Takahashi.

As for Paulino, the Mets have no viable back-up to expected starter Josh Thole. Henry Blanco won't return and Omir Santos fled the Mets for the Tigers.

All this being said, the biggest move might involve Mets Centerfielder Carlos Beltran. It is being rumored that Beltran is in the sights of the Red Sox. As for Beltran's apparently unmovable $18.5 contract for 2011, Sandy Alderson was not opposed to eating some of the money:

I think we’re realists. If we felt given all of the components of the transaction that it was in our interest, yeah. Eaten money before and prepared to eat it again.”

Aside from Beltran accepting the trade, which many think he would do, who do the Red Sox have that the Mets would want? Jacoby Ellsbury? I have read many in Boston are frustrated with his lack of defensive ability.

Another name mentioned is
Daisuke Matsuzaka. Matsuzaka is owed $20M over the next two years. That could help fill the void that was created with Johan Santana's shoulder surgery.

I for one don't want to see Beltran moved. I think he has been a whipping boy for the press and fans over the last six years. If you take out his debut season of 2005, he has been a solid Met. Has won Gold Gloves, hit 40 HR's one year, and has been the only clutch player over that period of time. I do believe he is on his last legs, with the need for microfracture surgery looming.

If the Mets work out a deal for Beltran, who will play RF? Lucas Duda? Nick Evans? Offensively and defensively, that would be a huge drop off.

As fans we have to give Alderson time to fix the mess that was left to him, but he can't start his regime as Mets GM by tanking the season. It is a precarious position, and unfortunately we have to be patient, which is nearly impossible.

The other point becomes if they assume Matsuzaka's hefty contract, it will mean another off season (2011) of few moves. The Mets appear to be financially strapped, and are just waiting for Castillo, Beltran, and Rodriguez' contracts to expire. If they obtain Daisuke, the won't be alleviating much need money.

All Quiet On The Flushing Front? Maybe not.

David Lennon and Baseball Reference

Mets spend 2.5M and sign Paulino and Carrasco

Dont look now but the bargain basement Mets have spent 50% of there avilable money on 2 players last night at the Winter Meetings. 

The Mets now have a backup catcher that can whack lefties in Ronny Paulino and add a arm to the bullpen by signing former D-Back reliever DJ Carrasco. Carrasco, a right hander had a ERA out of the pen of 3.68 and struck out 65 in 78 innings but also walked 34 which is high. He held batters to a .239 average last year.

Paulino will play behind Thole but now the Mets have a decent backup incase Thole goes down with injury. 

Paulino signed for 1 year at 1.3m while the Mets broke the bank and spent 2.5M on Carrasco over 2 years.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Former Mets Santos, Putz find new homes

2 former Mets will be playing with new teams come the 2011 season.  Catcher Omir Santos, who refused a assignment to triple A and was released by the Mets was signed to a minor league deal with the Detroit Tigers.  Santos who was named to the Topps Rookie All Stars last year didnt have any at bats with the Mets in 2010 and hit pretty a paltry .160 for the Mets in the Minors with the Bisons and the Binghamtom club. 

JJ Putz signed a 2 year deal pending a physical with the Diamond Backs to most likely be there closer. Putx worked in the White Sox pen last year.  The new deal is close 10M over 2 years with an option.

Wilpons being sued - what a shocker..Beltran drawing interest from Red Sox

At least the Mets are making the news.  Looks like the Wilpon's are being sued for the $$ they made in the Madoff scheme.  Statement from the Mets below.

"The Trustee for Bernard L. Madoff and BLMIS today has filed a complaint against various Sterling partners and entities. Because the parties are engaged in settlement negotiations, the complaint is filed confidentially, under seal. Consequently, we will have no further comment at this time. Regardless of the outcome of these discussions, we want to emphasize that the New York Mets will have all the necessary financial and operational resources to fully compete and win. That is our commitment to our fans and to New York."

The Mets/Wipons might have gained 50M in those dealings. Good reason why the Mets are not spending anything this year. 

Red Sox might have interest in Beltran but even if this is more then a rumor cant see Beltran waving his no trade clause.

Source Adam Rubin

Mets might have a signing today: Going after Ronny Paulino

The Mets have gone full throttle today.  They are on the verge of signing a backup catcher to Josh Thole . The Mets are working on a deal that will bring the former Marlin Ronny Paulino to Flushing. 

Paulino hit .259 in 2010 before he was hit for  50 game PED suspension.  The 29 year old has has 6 years major league experience split between the Pirates and the Marlins. 

He has averaged about 30% when it comes to throwing out would be base stealers.

Mets day 1 recap Moises Alou?

The first full day of the winter meetings are over and the only interesting item is the fact the Mets are looking to bring a former player for the Mets to there coaching staff. Moises Alou. 

If you remember Alou the last time we saw him he was limping off the field sometime early May 2008. The Mets are interested in him being there first base coach.  Of course as long as its not the conditioning coach.  Everyone in the media loves this guy since he would never stop talking. The Mets like Alou due to his positive vibe that he brought to the clubhouse.  If they want a positive vibe why not bring back Cliff Floyd?

The Mets might reward Ken Oberkfell with a bench coach position . The company guy would be a good compliement to Terry Collins.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beltran being shopped: Jeff Francis meets with the Mets

Carlos Betran seems to be drawing interest at the winter Meetings.  Seems that the Mets centerfielder might be easily dealt if lingering questions about his surgically repaired knee wasnt an issue.  The Mets might not get a good load of players at this juncture for him but if he proves himself the Mets might get a good bounty for him at the trade deadline next year.  

It is being reported that the Mets met with the agent of free agent and former Rockies pitcher Jeff Francis. 

Look for an episode of Hot Stove tonight with Kevin B on SNY who will interview Mets Manager Terry Collins for the umpteenth time. Collins did comment to the Mets media following about Beltran and said "he spoke w/ Beltran for 40 minutes and CF vs RF decision will be made w/ Beltran input and it will be one or other, not switch"

 Also the Mets will be interviewing former Pirate Andy Van Slyke for the hitting coach position. Others will follow as the Mets will probably interview 3 or 4 others.

Quiet as expected for Mets at Start at Winter Meetings

No incredible deals in the work as the Mets brass enter the first full day of the Winter Meetings.  As the D Backs work on a deal to send Mark Reynolds to the Orioles the Mets are just waiting to see where the dust will settle.  

No real Mets news coming out of the Winter Meetings as of right now except maybe if you think whats going with former Met Jeff Francoeur of interest too you. He is getting interest from the Phillies and the Royals.  The Phillies need someone to replace Werth.  Of course they have Dominic Brown the touted rookie so Frenchy might get more playing time with the Royals. 

The Padres have come out and said they will not be trading Heath Bell. The former Met reliever was someone some Mets fans would like to see replace K Rod in the pen but the Padres are holding on to Bell. 

Mets need to catch lighting in a bottle with whoever they go after.  The Giants last year picked up Aubrey Huff and got a great year out of him. So maybe the Mets can pick someone that had a down year that just needs a new home.  Right now the Mets are quiet.  Fun fun....