Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Day After: Mets Look To Dig From The Rubble Of A Humilitaing Defeat - Mets Lineup Vs. Phillies April 30, 2011

Last night the Mets suffered a humiliating loss to the Phillies, 10-3. The score wasn't even that close. Mike, roll up in a ball and, Pelfrey was miserable. Big Pelf allowed 4 runs in 4.1 innings.

Dillon Gee, who hadn't been used in a week allowed a Grand Salami to Ryan Howard. Here is a tip to ALL METS PITCHERS: knock Howard off the plate every now and again. No Mets pitcher dusts opponents off the plate, and hitters are allowed to dig in and crush Mets pitches.

Jason Pridie was put back in the lineup, and hit his second career HR in the 9th.
Fearless Ike also hit a HR, his 5th, along with a team leading 20 RBI.

Today the Mets look to gain respectability against the CheeseSteak. The game will be shown Nationally on Fox at 1:00 today.

Today's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Murphy - 2B
3. Wright - 3B

4. Beltran - RF

5. Bay - LF

6. Davis - 1B

7. Thole - C

8. Pridie - CF

9. Niese - LSP

CBS Sportsline, Adam Rubin

Friday, April 29, 2011

Does Mike Pelfrey have what it takes to pitch against the Philies?

Big Pelf has been under the weather over the last week/ 10 days or so but has said he is ready to go against the Phillies tonight. Collins has mentioned he can only go by what the big guy tells him since its not an injury that has sidelined him.  He has lost over 10 lbs with his stomach issues but feels he is ready to go. 

If Pelfrey is ready to go I am all up for the guy being a gamer and taken pride in being on the mound for his team. The problem lies in the fact he never seems to do well against the Phillies. Ojeda said in the post game last night that he thought since Pelf wasn’t feeling too great in his last game that he was a little calmer on the mound. Whatever works if you ask me.

I just dont not want to here an excuse if he gets blasted. No I was gassed etc  If you take on the task of pitching against the Phillies then no excuses. 

The Mets have kept Dillon Gee around I am sure partly since they aren’t sure if Pelf could pitch.  Gee seems to have no issues when he pitches no matter who he faces. Pelf could learn from the rook.

Interesting stats-   Mets have hit 1 more homer so far this season then the Phillies  21 to 20 and also have a high slugging percentage .401 to .387.  Phillies are getting no production from Ibanez or the 2nd base position.

Pelf is 6-4 with a 5.08 ERA against the Phillies

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reyes' Reaction Re-invigorates Mets & Re-Invents Reliable Mets Running Man

We have all been reading today on how Jose Reyes' response to a poor "Out" call on his triple last night ignited the Mets, and though that is true, I can't say I agree.

Jose Reyes has been the ignitor for this team for a long time, just last night he might have finally got his due.

The media, this site included, have incessantly scribed that "The Mets Go As Jose Goes," but last night might very well have been Jose's Swan Song. I do believe that Jose will be gone at the trade deadline, let alone the end of the season, but last night just re-enforced, not proved Reyes' value as a ball player and a Met.

I hope
Elvis has been paying close attention to how important Jose is to this team. Wright gets the pub, but Reyes is the man. A ball players worth isn't listed in the box scores, but what he does day in and day out.

Jose is a Met, and always will be a Met in my heart, and last night wasn't the coming of age, no, it was the apex of what Jose Reyes is to these NY Mets. As
I have posted in earlier posts, enjoy Jose now, not after he is gone.

Jose Reyes, dreads, tats and all, can play for me any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

Huge win Mets score 4 in ninth

I would think last night's win was the biggest win of the year. After being shafted by a shoddy ump call in the 8th with the Mets down by 1 the Mets still were able to get a win and beat the Nats 6-3.

The Mets are on a roll winning there last 6 games. Largest win streak since last June and there now just 2 games under .500 and 1 to play against the Nationals.

Reyes hit a gapper in the 8th with 1 out and was called out at 3rd for over sliding the base. His hand never left the bag. Reyes and Hale went ballistic and Collins came out but to no avail. Now with 2 outs and nobody on Daniel Murphy rocked a 3-2 change in he right field pen as a pinch hitter and gave the Mets a run that tied the score at 2.

In the top of the 9th with the Mets down by 1 Bay and Davis lead off with hits and Harris was safe as he tried to bunt them over. Hu with the bases loaded hit a sac fly to the warning track that plated Bay and moved the runners up. Thole then slapped a the ball up the middle and was thrown out at 1st but Davis scored. Davis for the 2nd night was alert with his base running and scored and now the Mets were up by 1.
Not for long since Murphy doubled 2 home and the Mets won 6-3.

Loved seeing the team all doing there part in the 9th inning just getting on and moving runners over. Of course Wright did his part. He struck out to end the rally.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turner & Nickeas Get Start, Dickey Takes Hill: Mets Vs. Nationals - April 27, 2011

Daniel Murphy and Josh Thole are getting a (lately) rare night off as RA Dickey takes the mound for the Mets against the Nationals.

Thole, who seems to have been Dickey's personal backstop since his promotion last season, is giving way to Mike Nickeas.

Jason Pridie is also getting the night off in lieu of Scott Hairston. Hairston, who is off to a rough start since breaking camp in Pt. St. Lucie, will look to break out in a positive fashion.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes-SS

2. Turner-2B

3. Wright-3B

4. Beltran-RF

5. Bay-LF
6. Davis-1B

7. Hairston-CF

8. Nickeas-C

9. Dickey-RHP

Mets pen showing improvement:pitching inside

When the mets were losing game after game everyone focused on walks . the Pen was part of the issue.  The Mets were averaging 4 walks per 9 innings.  No way to win games to have all those extra players on base. 

Adam Rubin has a new post  where he goes into detail how for the time being the Mets have stop the onslaught of bases on balls. He even gets into some stat detail on Pedro Beato and his performance. 

 Beato has shown good swing-and-miss ability with his fastball. In his last three appearances, opponents have swung at 18 fastballs, missing eight. So far, hitters have swung and missed at it 27 percent of the time, a rate that is nearly double the major league average.

The kid looks good but its the first time through the league.  What I want to point out is I think the Mets are being more effective since there trending towards pitching inside more. This way they backing up the batter who then misses the outside pitch.

When the Mets were playing the D Backs they were pitching Upton high and inside and he was not able to turn on it . i think the Mets are being more effective in how they pitch to the batters weaknesses.

Again its a small sample size but its working.

Ronny Paulino to join team in Philly

Baring any other issues Mets catcher Ronny Paulino will join the club after the National series when the team parks it in Philly for 3 games. 

Paulino, was clear from the DL yesterday but since his latest muscle issue the Mets will have him play for the Bisons a couple of more games. 

The Mets picked up Paulino since he crushes lefties. Of course he cant do much damage when he sits on the sidelines.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mets vs Nationals April 26th

The Mets start a 3 game set with the Nationals tonight and welcome back Chris Young off the DL  The Mets will face Jordan Zimmerman who is 1-3 so far this year and 2.1 Lifetime against the Mets with a 3.51 ERA.

Mets will not see 3rd baseman Ryan Zimmerman who has a strained abdominal muscle. Adam La Roche can barely throw due to a shoulder issue but can still hit .  Money bags Werth is hitting around .220.  No error prone Desmond at short who is on baby leave.

The Mets will have Thole in the lineup who is .600 with 3 hits and walk against Zimmerman. Davis and Murphy each went yard on Zimmerman in 6 plate appearances. 

Mets line up:  Reyes,Murphy,Wright,Beltran,Bay,Davis,Thole,Pridie,Young. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Power play between Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins?

The Mets have an off day before they travel via Amtrak down to the Nations capital to start a 3 game set with the Nationals and then over to Philly for the 2nd time this year to play 3 with the Phillies.  The Mets are on a roll right now winner of the last 4 against teams they should beat. The d Backs defense was awful and yesterday the Mets built a lead early and was able to mostly cost the rest of the way. 

After the game as was noted by my esteemed colleague in an earlier post the Mets made some moves to there bullpen. 2.4M dollar man D J Carrasco was heading to Buffalo and Dillon Gee was staying with the team.  Not sure I like the idea of having Gee in the pen as long relief.   Alderson said after the game that it might be just for 7-10 days.  I can see Gee maybe staying around just in case Chris Young falters.  The team might prefer to have Gee make an emergency start instead of Carrasco who really was not too effective in his start last week. 

Now I can see Collins wanting Gee to stay due to his performance but it must have been tough to have Alderson sign off sending D J down ala Oliver Perez to find himself.  What happens if D J gets shelled as a Buffalo starter?  Will Alderson be ready to throw away 2.4M?  Doubt it

Terry Collins probably will be stuck with Carrasco in the long run and Gee might head down to Buffalo in a week.  We won’t be too surprised if Collins puts up a fight for Gee in a week to 10 days if he does well.  Of course Alderson will have the final say and Collins might just have to be the company boy. Doesn’t seem to be his strong suit.

Oh Gee! Mets Complete Sweep, Send Carrasco To Buffalo

Yesterday the Mets celebrated Easter and Carlos Beltran's 34th birthday by completing a sweep of the hapless Arizona Diamondbacks. The Mets defeated the DBacks 8-4 and are now on a four game winning streak.

Jon Niese started the game and pitched well, allowing 3 runs in seven innings, in earning his first win.

David Wright went yard twice, for the 16th multi-HR game of his career, and recently promoted Jason Pridie hit his first Major League HR, depositing the ball in the Mets right field bull pen.

After the game the Mets announced the activation of Chris Young from the disabled list, and in a surprising move, assigned DJ Carrasco to Buffalo. Carrasco, he of the cool stirrups, hasn't pitched particularly well, going 0-1 with a 5.91 ERA in 8 appearances.

Gee on the other hand has pitched well. He is 2-0 with a 2.31 ERA since being recalled. It is expected that Gee will work in long relief out of the pen, as
Adam Rubin wrote yesterday. I am glad Gee is on the roster because I believe he earned the spot this spring, and with his pitching late last season. Putting him in the bullpen might very well retard his development. His role should be as a starting pitcher, not a long reliever. There were reports that Jon Niese was on thin ice, and possibly heading to the bullpen, but his start yesterday appears to have quelled that notion.

This four game winning streak has been a nice interruption from the losing ways we have been witnessing. Are the Mets on the verge of something big? Probably not, but as the old saying goes, this team wasn't as bad as they looked while losing, but they probably aren't as good as they have looked over the last four games while winning. The true test will come over the next two series where the Mets travel to Washington and Philadelphia to face their NL East foes.

Baseball Reference, CBS Sportsline

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Beltran: Mets Go For Sweep On Easter Sunday: Mets Lineup V. Diamondbacks - April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate, and a Happy 34th birthday to Mets RF Carlos Beltran.

Today the Mets send Jon Niese, who has struggle this year, to the mound against Armando Gallaraga in hopes of winning their fourth straight game and sweep the Diamondbacks.

It is expected that Dillon Gee, who has pitched well, will be optioned back to AAA Buffalo after today's game.

Today's matinee lineup:

1. Jose Reyes - SS

2. Daniel Murphy - 2B

3. David Wright - 3B

4. Carlos Beltran - RF

5. Jason Bay - LF
6. Ike Davis - 1B

7. Josh Thole - C

8. Jason Pridie - CF

9. Jon Niese - LSP

50 Years from the Mets and Matt Silverman

Nice to wake and realize your team has won 3 in a row. Small victories for a team that is still 5 games under after only 21 games . Well with the Mets starts it invokes times from the early days of the Mets when they won only 40 games in 1962 which is 50 years ago.

This marks the 50 year the NY Mets have been in existence and of course we will see some celebrations and new books that re hash over those 50 years. Well Matthew Silverman has a new book called NY Mets  50 Amazing seasons a complete illustrated history.

The book grabs you right from the beginning as it goes over the Mets expansion draft for the first Mets team in 1961 for the '62 season. One of the nice features in this 197 page book is that intertwined throughout discussing the Mets history it has what it calls the Mets top 50 .  Each player in the top 50 has there own little baseball card front that uses the '1973 Topps card likeness which to me is a real treat since that is the first year I was just starting to collect baseball cards.

There alot of great pics since its an Illustrative history through out the Mets 50 years and even includes recent photos from the 2010 season. One of my favorite is the 1986 division clincher game against the Cubs that I actually attended and made to the field after that victory. Back when they allowed fans to trample the field. It also has 10 pages of records and stats that can get and Met stat geek excited . 

Cant believe its been 50 years but Silverman does a nice job reflecting back on a team that has been ingrained in our hearts through the many many lean years as well as some of those great years!.

If you like your own copy you can purchase it here

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Raining In NY: Potential Lineup Mets V Diamondbacks - April 23, 2011

With the rain coming down real hard in NY, the chances of the Mets playing today's game are slim. Last night the Mets played well enough to beat the Diamondbacks 4-1.

Jason Pridie will get another start today in CF and Dillon Gee will get the ball for today's start.

Today's lineup (weather permitting):

1. Reyes - SS

2. Murphy - 2B

3. Wright - 3B
4. Beltran - RF

5. Bay - LF
6. Dazvis - 1B

7. Thole - C
8. Pridie - CF

9 Gee - RSP

Source: Kevin Burkhardt

Brad Emaus sent back to Jays then traded to Rockies

Somebody liked the potential of Brad Emaus.  The Mets were not happy with his .162 average and shopped him back to the Blue Jays. If the Mets were playing better they might have kept him around a little longer.

Well Emaus who just landed back with the Blue Jays now is on his way to the Rockies. He was traded for a 27  year old righty pitcher names Chris Malone according to the Rockies Twitter account.

Since he was sent back the rule 5 doesnt come into play so the Rockies can ship him out to the minors.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pridie Up From AAA - Starting In CF, Pagan To DL: Mets Lineup V. Diamondbacks - April 22, 2011

Breaking News: It is believed Angel Pagan has been assigned to the DL and Buffalo CF Jason Pridie is starting in CF tonight for the Mets.

Mets lineup:

1. Jose Reyes - SS

2. Daniel Murphy - 2B

3. David Wright - 3B

4. Carlos Beltran - RF

5. Jason Bay - LF

6. Ike Davis - 1B

7. Mike Nickeas - C

8. Jason Pridie - CF

9. Mike Pelfrey - RSP

hough no official word has come down from the Mets regarding Pagan going to the DL, it is widely believed that he has indeed been assigned to the DL.

Adam Rubin

Wright homers, Bay doubles and we still get a win.

For 1 night all was right in the Mets world. They welcomed back Jason Bay in the lineup for the 1st time since last July. I am sure Collins had his lineup posted with Bay before he left the clubhouse on Wednesday night. Collins who I am sure has been on the brink of exploding was thrown out in the first inning when the ump thought the Astros fouled tipped 1 of Capuano's pitches when Nickeas had caught it for strike 3. Collins had to watch the game from the clubhouse. Well the Mets won does that mean he will watch the rest of them that way?

Jason Bay came back and went 1-4. He struck out in his 1st at bat and you could tell he was over anxious. Then he doubled and scored in his 2nd at bat. Last time up he had a littleleague homer when Hunter Pence misplayed his pop up that wond up rolling to the wall.

David Wright struck out his first time up and then clocked a J A Happ pitch into the left field stands for his 3rd home run of the year. He later doubled that plated 2 runs. About time he did something to help this team.

Capuano pitched 7 innings and really had his changeup working.

Thankfully for 1 night the Mets won a game and gave everyone the chance to breath.

Even Sandy Alderson can chuckle for a moment who spent part of his day Thursday on WFAN which you can listen to the podcast:

Alderson speaks to the fans to let them know this is there team nothing will change for now. Of course as fans we know this we just expect the team not to play like the bad news bears every night.

Pic Getty images

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thole In The Two Hole, Murphy At 2B; Mets Lineup V. Astros - April 20, 2011

Josh Thole, playing the role of Paul LoDuca, will be batting second tonight as the Mets and RA Dickey take on Houston and Bud Norris.

Thole, who since last year has marked himself as Dickey's catcher, will take his .260 batting average to the two hole where he will try and move along Jose Reyes, who has been left stranded many times this year by Angel Pagan, Willie Harris, and others.

Daniel Murphy will get the start against the righty Norris, and will look to improve upon his anemic .226 avg. Hopefully now having Justin Turner on the roster will ignite not just Murphy, but both players, as they platoon until there is a clear cut favorite for the starting 2B job.

Tonight the Mets look to avenge their miserable loss to the Astros last night (6-1) by fielding:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Thole - C
3. Wright - 3B

4. Beltran - RF

5. Davis - 1B

6. Pagan - CF

7. Harris - LF

8. Murphy - 2B

9. Dickey - RHP

Sources: Baseball Reference

Daniel Murphy and Terry Collins after boneheaded base running blunder.

Mostly what you hear is the drone down media version of what happens. Pretty vanilla at best. Murphy saying oh I wasnt thinking when he was thrown out at 3rd trying to steal down late in the game with no out.  Well here we have what the exchange from Mets manager Collins and Murphy in the dugout tunnel. . Thanks to Bob Klapisch

Terry Collins watched in quiet rage as Murphy was thrown out -- waiting while his player collected himself and returned to the dugout -- before exploding.

“What the [bleep] are you doing?” Collins shouted, according to a person who’d been made aware of the exchange.

“Mike [Nickeas] was up, [Mike] Pelf[rey] was on deck; I was trying to get something started,” Murphy responded.

“So now you’re the manager? I was going to pinch-hit [for Pelfrey],” Collins shot back. “I’m the manager, not you. Get your head out of your [bleep].”

Murphy had just doubled and should have stayed there. He had made something happen by hitting a double. Love how Collins layed into him. Murph deserved it.

Look for a Jason Bay sighting Wednesday and Parnell to DL

After another embarrasing loss last night to the Astros the Mets will probably be saying welcome back to Jason Bay before game time tonight.

Bobby Parnell might be headed to the DL with a numbness in his middle finger. He has been horrible and if its something that is real or whatever he needs to be shelved for a bit. That will open the door for Jason Bay to get on a flight from Florida and try to rescue the pitiful Mets who arent hitting.

Bay has not played in a game since last July when he met up with the bullpen fence in LA. The Mets will be able to lengthen there lineup with Bay back . I bet we will see Pagan back in the 2 hole. Of course they will leave non productive Wright in the 3 hole so he can kill all rallies.e

The Mets looked at the 6 game home stand as a place where they can pick up ground with a couple of wins against lousy teams. Though to do when your just as bad as the teams your playing. Right Scott Hairston?

Source ESPN NY

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As The Mets Turn(er); Emaus Designated, Turner Recalled

News just broke that the Brad Emaus experiment is over, and not a moment too soon. Emaus, who showed some difficulty playing 2B, also was having his woes in the batter's box.

Emaus sported a Hall Of Fame like .162 Batting average, smashing 0 HR's, and driving in an incomprehensible 1 run. The kid, who is JP Ricciardi's
Golden Child from his Toronto days, never should have made the team. The much maligned Luis Castillo had a better spring, as did Justin Turner, who is being called up to replace Emaus.

Emaus will be offered back to the Blue Jays for $25,000 if he passes through Rule 5 waivers, and as
Dave Lennon scribed:

"Emaus looked overmatched, but maybe
really needed the $25,000."

Turner is hitting a respectable .300 at Buffalo, with 0 HR's and 2 RBI. His OBP is .364.

The strange part of all this, is that the Mets only gave Emaus 14 games. Not very fair, but the decision is the correct one nonetheless. Another absurdity is that scoring runs hasn't been the Mets problem. Their problems have lied in not being able to keep the opposition off the board.

Welcome to Flushing Justin Turner. We wish you all the best, but you will most likely will be shuffling back to Buffalo before the All Star Break. At least you should get a few games under your belt facing two lefties that the Astros will trot out to the mound.

Adam Rubin, Dave Lennon, Baseball Reference

David Wright might be leader in the clubhouse but not at the plate

How many times do we have to hear about Davd Wright and the fact that all of his mentors are gone and how is taking more of a leadership role in the clubhouse. Today you can read the latest of how Wright helped teammates with dinner ideas and clothing over at  Of course its important to help new teammates but can we lead by example with they way we play on the field? 

Wright has 1 homer and 3 rbi's in his last 10 games. What a leader. How many times has the 3rd baseman been up with runners on and not even stroked a single. I read somewhere that Wright might be pressing without Bay in the lineup. Please stop ok. Wright is a good player but he is not someone you want up there with the game on the line.

The Mets had a nice little comeback going  in game 1 the Dh against the Rockies and all Wright had to do was bloop a single to get the Mets a win with Reyes on second instead he loops one deep in the air. Could he have shortened his swing? Maybe that would have impressed a new teammate.

Wright has talked about cutting his strike outs down. That is going real well. 19 K in 60 something at bats. 

The local scribe should be writing about how David Wright won game after game with a clutch hit or homer but time after time its a feel good story about his clubhouse presence. Not what you want to read about your # 3 hitter in the lineup.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jason Bay Heading to NY but where in NY will he wind up

Bay has had enough of the sun and the beaches . He is ready to say goodbye to his extended home since mid February when the Mets started spring training. Jason will be heading to NY to discuss options with team officials. The questions is where will he land.

There is a possibility of Jason Bay getting on a puddle jumper and heading up to Buffalo to get some at bats and work on his swing. Bay has not seen a pitch in a real game all season. In fact he has not played since last July.

The Mets are in need of Bay in there lineup as soon as possible since as usual David Wright is in a funk. He struck out 6 times during the 3 games against the Braves.

Look for the Mets to make a decision before they open a series with the Astros tuesday night at Citi Field where the Mets are 1-6 to start the season.

Source NY Post   3pm update...Bay on adivce from doctors heading back to Florida since the weather here and upstate NY still not very warm.  Bay will join team on Thursday. 2 days will make no difference since the weather locally will be no better Thursday.  Guess the Mets will rely on the Weather Channel if Bay should play or not. Pathetic.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Young DL'd, Misch Recalled, Mets In Trouble: Mets Lineup Vs. Braves Game 1 - April 16, 2011

"Rock bottom always has a trap door."
Mantra Addicts Are Cautious Of ~

This should become the Mets slogan for 2011. It was announced moments ago that the Mets best pitcher this season, Chris Young, has been placed on the DL. So much for a "mild" strain or tendinitis.

With Young's assignment to the DL, the Mets have recalled lefty long reliever/spot starter Pat Misch. Misch was released by the Mets at the end of Spring Training this year, but passed through waivers and was assigned to Buffalo (AAA).

Sunday's starter is not yet announced, but my gut tells me it might be fellow AAA starter, and Spring Training standout, Dillon Gee.

Today's Lineup for game 1 of the doubleheader against the Braves:

1. Reyes-SS
2. Pagan-CF

3. Wright-3B

4. Beltran-RF

5. Davis-1B
6. Harris-LF

7. Emaus-2B

8. Thole-C

9. Carrasco-RHP

Adam Rubin (Chris Young), Steve Popper (Lineup)

F-Mart on the DL :Chris Young to follow?

Mets much hyped rookie who hasn't amounted to much over the last couple of years is on the DL again after 1 week at Buffalo. Fernando Martinez has a tight hammy and was placed on the 14 day DL. The kid needs to play a full season but is prone to injuries. 

Chris Young has had to deal with tendinitis in his biceps tendinitis in his right shoulder since his first start. It has flared up in each start and he claims it has to do with the cold weather. He is suppose to start Sunday in Atlanta. The Mets met during the rain out to discuss options.

Young has been the only pitcher in the rotation that has been pitching well this first 2 weeks of the season so it seems typical that he would have issues. Of course the Mets took a flyer on him to begin with.  

It's actually a completely different spot than any of my issues in the past, which I don't know if that's comforting or not," Young said. "I can say in the past, I've never been able to -- with what I had last year, the shoulder strain and everything -- I wasn't able to play catch through it. It didn't get better as I threw the way this has, which I think is consistent with tendinitis."

Source NY Post & ESPN      Update- of course now he is on DL retro to April 11th.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jose Reyes: The Reyes of old

No more issues with his legs or his health as made Jose Reyes the exciting player we have watched for the last 7 years as the Mets shortstop.  I just finished reading  Bitter Bill's latest  amd it got me annoyed so I figured I need to chat about someone who is turning heads.

In his contract walk year Reyes is doing all he can do to either prove to the Mets that he belongs on this team's radar for a contract extension or he is make Alderson and crew wonder what he will bring in the open market. 

Reyes has still not shown the patience as a lead off hitter but hey I will take a triple any day then a walk and a stolen base. So Far Reyes has 20 hits which include 2 triples and 5 doubles which ties him for the team lead with David Wright in the doubles dept. He leads the team with a .328 avg and also leads the team surprisingly in slugging percentage. 

What I find interesting is Reyes is making contact alot more. He has struck out only 4 times in over 60 plate appearances.  He is the new version of never strike out Castillo but actually can hit and field his position.

What will the Mets do with Jose? who knows but he is doing all he can to show that it will not be an easy decision for Elvis and his crew. 

Mets record almost matches last year and other tidbits.

Nothing like a 4 game sweep to have everyone on your back. The Mets lost all 4 to the Rockies and if you ask positive Pete Terry Collins the Mutts are 1 swing away in most games from being 7-6 or something. Yeah ok Terry I have a bridge to sell you. The Mets are 4-9 and things dont look good. Well if you go back to 2010 the Mets are almost in the same boat.

The 2010 Mets were 4-8 and then went a winning streak and won 10 of there next 11 and were at 14-9 at the end of April .  Do I expect the Mets to be at same place at end of April?? No but they only need 1 win to change things around .  They need to really leave the sloppy play at Citi as they head to Atlanta and face the Bravos tonight and Mr Lowe.

Of course most people only look at the negative but you have to love how Mr El Sucra -Jose Reyes is playing. The kid is mashing.

Have to tell you I thought it was perfectly fitting that David Wright had the chance to win the first game with a clean hit. Of course Mr Clutch didn't come through but hey he didn't do his usual strike out routine.

D J Carrasco gets the start tonight. Why? They could have brought up Pat Misch or Mejia to give the Mets a chance but rather just abuse the good ole bullpen. Not a way to start a winning steak if you ask me positive Pete.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mets get chewed out by manager

Not happy that the Mets have lost 6 of 7 and with last nights 1 2 3 side retired the last couple of innings Mets manager Terry Collins rip the Mets a new one after there 5-4 loss to the Rockies according to the NY Post.

Not sure what help its going to do a team that is scoring 5 runs per game and pitching to a ERA over 5.00.  I think he needs to give his starting pitchers and his bullpen a little what for here....

The Mets Niese was cruising with a 3-1 lead and then within a couple of outs the Mets were down 5-3 off a 3 run homer to Tulo and a solo shot to Spilbouroughs. Tulo could have been walked but the Mets choose to pitch to him and he made them pay with a homer to right.   Mets did score 1 with a couple of singles and a sac fly from Pagan but the Mets didn't do much after that.

Mets play 2 today starting at noon with R A Dickey on the mound

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look for Izzy in 8th inning : Beltran to play 2 of the next 3

Terry Collins is communicating what he expects out of his team and if they dont perform they might see changes. Bobby Parnell has not pitched well and his fastball has been fat over the plate .  With that Terry Collins is looking to bring in Jason Isinghausen in a high stress situation and that could be as early as tonight with being called on in the 8th inning. 

Izzy pitched the other night for the first time for the Mets since 1999 and with Parnell faltering Collins is not wasting anytime to make moves. Blaine Boyer was the first casualty when he was designated for assignment. Boyer elected free agency. 

Carlos Beltran is in the lineup tonight and will play 1 game of the double header tomorrow.

Hot Murph Gets Start At 2B: Mets V. Rockies - April 13, 2011

Daniel Murphy gets a much deserved start at second tonight, and Willie Harris, who is becoming the regular LF for the Mets, gets another start.

Tonight's Mets Lineup:

1. Reyes -SS

2. Murphy -2b

3. Wright -3b

4. Beltran -RF

5. Davis-1B

6. Pagan-CF

7. Harris-LF

8. Thole-C

9. Niese-LHP

Dillon Gee might get spot start

With the Mets playing a double header Thursday the starting pitching might need another pitcher to be added for a spot start on Sunday. The Mets might go with DJ Carrasco or possible Buffalo Bison 25 year old Dillon Gee.

Gee started 5 games for the Mets last September and went 2-2 with a ERA around 2.20. The kid of course was used when the games were meaningless but held his own. 

He had pitched 2 games so far for the Bisons this year and is 1-1 . He could be online for a game against the Braves in Atlanta but then the Mets would have to make a move to clear a spot on the 25 man roster if that is the plan

Jason Bay kept on sidelines for another 2 weeks

The Mets didnt play a game last night but of course there is still news that seems to come out anyway. Jasob Bay will not be heading to Atlanta this weekend. The Mets will keep the outfielder in Pt St Lucie for another 2 weeks and will not see him until the Mets head to the Nations Capital to play the Nats on the 26th. 

Bay is recovering slowly from his rib impingement.  Which is not a shock since this could be a nagging injury. Bay still has not played a game yet this season.

Now does this mean the Mets will have a short bench for the 2 weeks he is out?  I think the jury is out on that one.

Mets will make up yesterday's game Thursday as part of a double header.  Mets might get tonights game in as the weather is suppose to clear before game time. Look for Niese to get his start tonight.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pelfrey's Pitching Performance Problems: Reasons For Failures Realized

Michael Alan Pelfrey, more commonly known as Big Pelf, has had a miserable start to the 2011 season, after being awarded his #1 status (with Santana on the DL).

Many have thought he doesn't have #1 "stuff" while others think he is not well adjusted.

Although well thought hypothesis', neither one is correct. To understand and to be able to resolve Pelf's problem, we must understand where Pelf the boy came from.

Pelfrey was born at Wright Paterson AFB in Ohio on January 14, 1984. He was raised in Kansas, and attended Wichita
State University. He was the Mets #1 pick in the 2005 draft (#9 overall), and was pitching with the big club in July of '06.

Wichita, Kansas boasts a population of approximately 603,717 people (2008), and is ranked in the top 10 of "Sunniest" states.

We may know that Pizza Hut and the Coleman Co. got their starts in Wichita. Wichita: America's Pizza Joint. Doesn't ring right.

Wichita also is home to the world famous Wichita Wingnuts baseball team of the American Association. With an intimidating name as Wingnuts, it's a wonder the opposition ever shows
up for a game.

With a peaceful wonderful place like Wichita, where Pelfrey starred in college, what went wrong? Pelfrey has been know for balks and yips, and last year, save for a month, pitched rather well. What went wrong?

The answer might lie in what happened on February 28th this year. That is the day that noted baseball psychologist Harvey Dorfman passed away.

as we scribed, is credited with helping Pelfrey with his "yips" and helped him to settle down. We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan, as always, have our fingers on the pulse of Mets Nation, and through systematic, diligent, and scientific research have found that Pelfrey's problems started with the passing of Dorfman.

Big Pelf does not have the comfortable shoulder to cry on any more. He doesn't have that closeness to discuss his
Yin and Yang of pitching and living. Whom can Mikey turn to to help him get by day-to-day?

The answer is easy. YOURSELF MIKE! Stop blaming your rookie catcher; stop making excuses for why you can't put a batter away with two strikes; stop over analyzing why your pitches weren't getting over the plate. In short, stop making excuses.

Pelfrey's pitch counts make me believe John Maine never left.

It is time for you to suck it up and take responsibility for your actions. No offense to the late Harvey Dorfman, but he didn't make you a good pitcher, you did. If you need a release from baseball to help you keep that mental equilibrium, then take up a hobby. You need to figure out what it is you need to do to compete.

You are dragging this team down with only lasting an average 3.73 innings/start. 11.2 innings in three games? That's not helping your team.

Take time Pelf. Relax. Get that competitive edge. If you need to look for a reason why this season has started worse than anyone could imagine; four words: Look In The Mirror.

If that doesn't help, you can always contact me Mike. I do care...

Source: Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce

Mets have fight but cant overcome mistakes

Some positives out of last nights loss to the Rockies 7-6. Mets box score

  •  Jose Reyes wow can he motor. 2 triples courtesy of Seth  Smith and his lack of ability to play the outfield. Jose is feeling and fine and is showing it as he out runs the baseball.
  • Mike Pelfrey- Lasted past 2 innings. Actually made it almost through 6 innings by using his fastball and he actually struck out 3 . He did give up 4 runs but he could have got out with 2 except for some shoddy fielding by Igarashi.
  • Iggy came in and got some big outs. Byrdak started the 7th but got 1 out & left with 2 on with via a hit and a walk. Iggy came in and closed out the inning.
  • Mets showed some needed fight and didnt give up. They were down 7-4 going into the bottom of the 8th but battled with a homer by Wright a double by Beltran and a single by Davis to make it 7-6
The question is of course how long will Collins stick with Parnell who was hammered over the weekend and came in tonight and was the igniter. He gave up a 2 run shot to Tulo and rushed and overthrew Thole at home on a play at the plate. This is a game the Mets should have won. The offense was there but the pitching defense as well as part of the pen let them down again!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mets vs Rockies April 11th

Mets start a 4 game set against the Rockies Jason Hammel tonight. The Mets are 2-0 against Hammel and he has a era of over 9 against the Mets. Tonight. the Mets need Mike Pelfrey to start pitching like he did early in 2010. They cant afford to have him shelled like he did against the Phillies. With Brad Eamus 0 for his last 11 he sits tonight and we will see jack of all trades master of none, Daniel Murphy at 2nd base. 

Angel Pagan has looked lost and despite the fact  of him seeing fastballs behing Jose Reyes he is dropped in the order. Good ole wiggy is now with the Rockies and he can talk shop with his buddy Wright.  

Batting order for tonight Reyes, Murphy, Wright, Beltran, Davis, Pagan, Harris, Thole, Pelfrey.

Mets 4th and 5th starters doing there jobs.

As the Mets enter the 4 game set against the Rockies tonight with Mike Pelfrey on the mound the 2 starters  the Mets were most concerned with going into the season are doing there jobs.

So far Chris Young has given up 2 runs in his 2 starts with a 1.46 ERA . He has kept his hit count down to 6 hits in 12.1 innings and is 1-0. He deserved a win last night but the bullpen took it away.

Chris Capuano also won his 1st start so the 4th and 5th starter are 2-0. The first 3 starters for the Mets are 1-3 and have given up 22 runs in 28+ innings.

Mets need to get some length out of Pelfrey who got rocked in his outing against the Phillies pitching only 2+ innings.

Mets brought up Izzy and Iggy after yesterday's game. They DFA Blaine Boyer who didnt even last the first home stand at Citi. He had 2 loses already and a ERA over 10.00.   Igarashi had a save already in Buffalo while Jason Isinghausen was in Pt St Lucie. Mets will go with 13 pitchers and hamper Terry Collins on the bench with only 4 players since Lucas Duda was sent down. Once Bay returns they will go back to a 5 man bench.

Will Pelf be the Big Pelf of early last year tonight? Or will he continue to flounder?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chris Young Tries To Stay Perfect On The Mound & At The Plate: Mets Lineup V. Nationals

Today Chris Young takes the mound against Jason Marquis and the Nationals. Young will try to keep his record perfect, along with his batting average.

I will be going to today's game with #1 son, Metsfan97, his friend, and friend's father.

This will be metsfan73's first visit of 2011, and although the Mets haven't been stellar, I am looking forward to the game. I will be adorned in my classic white Mets jersey (no name or number), my Mets NY necklace, and my famous Mets socks from 1986 (yes I still have them!). The head will be with the classic blue hat with orange button on top.

Today's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes-SS
2. Harris-LF
3. Wright-3B

4. Davis-1B

5. Pagan-CF

. Duda-RF
7. Emaus-2B

8. Thole-C
9. Young-RHP

Jason Bay, Ronnie Paulino and Izzy

The  Mets have some decisions to make in the next couple of days. Jason Bay stint on the DL expired yesterday. The Rib cage strain that warranted a trip to the DL has made the climb back a slow one which of course was expected.  Bay hit off a tee yesterday and today is expected to see some live pitching from some of the Mets coaches down in Pt St Lucie. If all goes well Bay might be ready to join the team when the Mets hit the road next weekend for a 3 game set against the Braves.

Ronnie Paulino stint on the suspended list is over .  He of course is dealing with Anemia. It is likely that he might be put on the DL sometime today. Like after I post this blog post which seems to happen to me frequently. He will join Bay for some hitting at Pt St Lucie today.  Update-Paulino moves to the 15 day DL

Izzy is ready to role and has no back issues. He and the Mets agreed for a 2 week stint in extended spring training for Izzy. Week 1 is over but no word of a call up. Blaine Boyer who bet Izzy out for the last spot has been up and down in his outings so far but its only 1 week into the season. -Update- Izzy joins Mets and Boyer DFA'd

Mets play the Nationals in the rubber game today with Chris Young on the mound.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pagan Back In The 2 Hole For Mets Home Opener 2011: Mets Lineup V. Nationals - April 8, 2011

Today the Mets make their 2011 home debut.

RA Dickey will take the mound against the Nationals, looking to stop the Mets 2 game skid. Angel Pagan will thankfully be moved back to the #2 hole.

Mets Lineup:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Pagan - CG

3. Wright - 3B

4. Beltran - RF

5. Davis - 1B

6. Harris - LF

7. Emaus - 2B

8. Thole - C

9. Dickey - RHP

Opening day tickets at Citi Field to be had starting at $12.00

The Mets have there home opener today at spacious Citi Field. R A Dickey gets the start. If you still interested in going just go over to Stub Hub where you can score some tickets starting at $12.00 as of 845am this morning. Tickets are available via instant download. Of course that doesnt include parking and the obligatory shake shack run .

The  Mets have opening day festivities plan and will have good old Met broadcasting Icon Ralph Kiner throwing out the first pitch. 

If I didnt feel like dealing with fri night rush hour traffic back to east Long Island I would consider going since the weather looks good. Game starts a bit after 4PM which means Mex wont be happy driving back to Sag Harbor unless he will be stating in the City. 

Mets are concerned that tickets are not selling and I think that concern is warranted. Tickets for Tuesday nights game against the Rockies can be had for $4.00 bucks. 

For now I will enjoy the festivities on my couch with a nice six pack after doing some painting. Rooting for David Wright to get a hit with the bases loaded and Jose Reyes to break his 6 game streak without a walk.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Manny Acosta heads to Buffalo

The Mets Mr Acosta was Designated for Assignment before the beginning of the season, passed through waivers and was out righted to Buffalo.

The soon to be 30 year old was squeezed out of the Mets bullpen with Blaine Boyer getting the last spot in the bullpen. He had a ERA of 2.95 last year for the Mets once he was called up. He was in 41 games in 2010 with a 9.5 K/9

 Source baseball-reference

Mets Matinee: Rubber Game Mets Vs. Phillies - April 7, 2011

The Mets look to rebound from a tough loss last night to the Cheesesteaks. The Mets will oppose All World Ace Roy Halladay, he of the no-hit gem in the NLDS last October.

Jon Niese will get the start for the Mets this afternoon at 3:00.

Mets lineup:

1. Jose Reyes - SS

2. Willie Harris - LF

3. David Wright - 3B

4. Ike Davis - 1B

5. Angel Pagan - CF

6. Lucas Duda - RF

7. Brad Emaus - 2B

8. Josh Thole - C

9. Jon Niese - P

Mike Pelfrey and game calling with Josh Thole

No one really thought that Big Pelf could be a force like Santana as he claimed the #1 role for the time being. Well 2 starts and Pelf has proven that fact.  He was lost last night against the Phillies and was shellacked for 7 runs in 2+ Innings. The Mets tied the game so Pelf was off the hook . After the game Pelfrey was chattering how he was getting beat by the Phillie hitting his curveball and whined about the pitch selection. He said that he should have shaken off the Mets young catcher Thole a couple of times. He said he might have thrown 2 or 3 split fingers. 

Pelf is on the mound not Thole and if he doesn't like the pitch selected then he should shake it off. He claims he likes to nod and go. Well you know what if you have conviction then shake Thole off. No reason for a so called number 1 to just have no game plan of his own.  Pelf luckily didn't get the loss last night but he deserved it.Lets see where the so called #1  is against the Rockies at home on Monday. No excuses just pitch like you actually deserve being a fill in #1.

Mets box score

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wright Looks To Continue Hot Hitting, Big Pelf Goes For First Win, Harris Starts In LF: Mets Lineup Vs. Phillies - April 6, 2011

Tonight Mike Pelfrey makes his second start of 2011 searching for his first win. Pelfrey only lasted 4.1 innings on Opening Day in Florida, where he exhausted himself by hurling over 90 pitches and surrendering 5 runs. Tonight Big Pelf will look to redeem himself.

David Wright, who his hitting a scalding .412 with 1HR and 4 RBI, looks to continue his hot hitting.

Willie Harris will be starting in LF against the Phils Joe Blanton.

Tonight's game will kick off at 7:05:

1. Jose Reyes, ss

2. Willie Harris, lf

3. David Wright, 3b

4. Carlos Beltran, rf

5. Angel Pagan, cf

6. Ike Davis, 1b

7. Brad Emaus, 2b

8. Josh Thole, c

9. Mike Pelfrey, rhp

Source: Adam Rubin

Mets & short swings Pummel Hamels and the Phils

First off nice job by Chris Young with keeping Ryan Howard off guard with being able to neutralize him while Young was still in the game. He did what he needed to do on the mound as well as at the plate. Young became first Mets pitcher to have 2 hits in an inning. It only took 50 years for that too happen and he did it with his first 2 at bats. Mets bats were alive again as they beat the Phillies 7-1 Box Score

Now it might be early for this but kudos goes out to the Mets new hitting coach Dave Hudgens who has seemed to get his philosophy in the heads of some of the Mets hitters. To hear Ike Davis talk about short swings in his approach against Cole Hamels is something you know is from Dave. The Mets always seem to have a field day with Hamels anyway but cant remember the last time the Mets had 2 games in a row where it was basically over early. David Wright looks like he has taken some shorter swings as well as leveling out his swing. He has started off the season on fire with 4 hits and 2 rbi’s last night.

Let us see what the Mets game plan against Blanton is tonight who seems to do well against the Mets.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mets vs Phillies lineup for April 5th. Hairston gets start

The Mets start the season battles against there division rival the Phillies tonight. They split the season series last year 9 a piece. The Mets will have Chris Young making his Mets debut against Cole Hamels.

ScottHairstom gets the start in Left field tonight since he has 3 homers against the lefty Hamels. The rest of the lineup tonight will have Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Beltran, Hairston, Davis, Emaus, Nickeas, Chris Young.

Mike Nickeas gets the start so the Mets can have another righty in the lineup. Carlos Beltran will get a taste of the Philly faithful in right field tonight. Glad to see him getting a start. Wasnt sure they would have him start in the cold misty weather the Philly area will have tonight. Temps could dip down into the 30's.

Mets History: An Ounce Of Respect, Please

Yesterday marked the 87 birthday of former Dodger great, Mets manager, and should be Hall Of Famer, Gil Hodges.

Hodges suffered a fatal Heart attack on April 2, 1972 – two days before his 48th birthday.

Hodges will be forever linked to the Brooklyn Dodgers as a standout Gold Glove first baseman, as well as the Skipper of the 1969 World Champion Mets. Hodges accomplishments, which should have earned him enshrinement in Cooperstown, is truly deserving of greater acknowledgement by the Mets.

When the Mets were preparing to open their new ball park in 2009, they let the fans know that they had sold out, naming the stadium Citi Field instead of a much more deserving Gil Hodges Memorial Park.

The Mets negated to give tribute to their history during the first year in the beautiful new ballpark, deciding to pay homage to Jackie Robinson instead of his teammate, who was a Mets player and manager, Gil Hodges. There was much Brooklyn Dodger history to be found, but very little Mets history.

With the 2010 season, the Mets decided to add some Mets history to the stadium, and did a nice job. The Shea Bridge, Gil Hodges VIP Entrance along 1B, Tom Seaver VIP Entrance along 3B, etc although an acknowledgement, were less than adequate. While naming an entrance after Mets greats might seem nice, it is a slap in the face of those who paved the road of Mets History.

The most appropriate name for the Mets new home is Gil Hodges Memorial Park, or more passionately coined by me, GHMP.

I realize the Mets are in financial dire straits, and are being paid in the neighborhood of $20-$25M/year for the naming rights, but doesn’t it seem as if the Wilpon’s prostituted the new stadium to the highest bidder?

If there is some financial backer out there who is willing to infuse the Mets with some much needed money, it would be nice to see the Mets cut ties with Federally Bailed Out Citi Bank, and rename the ballpark after something Mets related: Gil Hodges Memorial Park. Has a nice ring to it; It’s classy; it’s historical; it’s Mets; IT'S DESERVED.

Wasted breath might have been spent on this subject, but as Hodges deserves enshrinement in Cooperstown, the Mets should show much owed respect to the man who brought credibility to fledgling franchise, and name the park after Hodges.

The Mets are remiss to retire numbers, and in many ways don’t show proper respect to those of past Mets generations. Small strides have been made, but not enough. It’s time we let the Wilpon’s and Mets know that as fans, we would like proper respect paid to those who shaped this franchise.

There is no better way of doing this than to respectfully rename the Ball Park. It’s not hard. I’ve been calling the Mets digs GHMP since 2009.

Source: Baseball Reference